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A Guide to Festivals: Everything a Student Needs to Know

  By Joanne Elliot  

Spring break and summertime are the only times that busy college students get to relax. Festivals, traveling, and other activities make up most of your time during these periods, so let's learn how to stay organized, do as much as possible and return to your college refreshed and with one more experience up your sleeve. Let's consider festivals in detail.




What to Know Before Hitting Up a Festival? 

Festivals are great events to visit. A number of performers (read: musicians) show up, do their best to entertain the music-hungry students, and leave you for months talking about the event itself. However, they can also be strenuous on both your nerves and your wallet, so some planning is necessary. 


Yet another thing to consider is how to finish your school work in time. The last thing you need is to be thinking about school while your favorite band is blasting their music. Good writing skills help a ton, but not everyone has them. For these reasons, again, meticulous planning is necessary. 

Planning is the Key 

As we’ve said before, planning is the key to a successful visit to a festival. Most issues that happen during festivals happen because there is a lack of it. The same is true especially if you travel abroad, as in to visit the Glasgow Festival or the EXIT festival, some of the biggest music festivals in Europe. When planning, pay attention to: 

  1. The performers, as you want to see as many as you can
  2. The timing
  3. The accommodation
  4. The funds available
  5. The things to pack

Consider the Costs 

Considering the costs before traveling to the festival destination is a must. This type of planning will let you see how much money you have and how much you can reasonably spend without overrunning your budget. If you are on a budget that you may need to stretch, consider: 

  • Purchasing tickets months in advance 
  • Booking accommodation early enough 
  • Checking out travel blogs for local places that have good but affordable food
  • Plan on what food and alcohol you may want to bring in.

Consider Accommodation 

Considering the accommodation early enough is also a must. This way, you can save money and ensure that your stay is super comfortable. Some prefer to camp — in this case, carry your tent with you and pack lightly. 

Consider School Work, Too 

Leftover school work can be a deal breaker for most visitors to a festival. For this reason, you can hire the best paper writing services and have them help out with your school work. You can have these services do prep work for you, such as study note making and maybe an assignment or two. In the meantime, you can relax and have the best time of your life. 


If stretched with cash and time, you have to learn how to prioritize. This means going to the events and performances that you can actually afford and using your tickets to the max. With money, you may have to sacrifice some comfort to have money for better tickets, as well as to unlock more stages. 

Take Extra Cash 

Taking extra cash with you is always a good idea, especially if the Internet is down and they cannot take your credit card. For this reason, always have some cash on you but make sure you keep it hidden. Theft is common in festivals. 





Final Considerations 

With our tips and tricks, you will know everything there is about festivals. Whether you travel abroad or would like to visit a festival in your home country, make sure you plan early and stay safe. Bon voyage, and have the time of your life.

Joanne Elliot 

Joanne Elliot is a meticulous planner. She believes that good preparation is the key and tries to better herself and her skills daily. This is the only way that she can stay on top of her busy days but is also how Joanne manages to keep a cool head even when things get red-hot.









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