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Do Games Like Guitar Hero Have Any Educational Value?


Guitar Hero is a video game series created by RedOctane and Harmonix. It was later bought by Activision and then developed by Neversoft. This is a great game for music students who need to develop their attention and effort throughout different tasks.


For most music students, it’s boring to learn to play new instruments. That’s especially true for those who require them to have great skills. This is an educational tool that can be used to teach musical concepts.





Is Guitar Hero good for learning guitar?

For most music students, Guitar Hero is like strong cologne. Most of them enjoy playing this video game as it motivates them to practice their musical instruments. It’s easier to grasp musical concepts if you can experience them firsthand. You need a supplementary module and practice strategies to guide you on how to self-correct. The supplementary module can include different tools for listening and evaluating your performance. Evaluating your performance helps to build on your self-determination.


Probably, everyone studying guitar dreams of becoming a hero in real life. A lot of effort is usually needed to be the best later in life. That includes being the best also in your research paper essays. To achieve this, you need to practice with great instruments. Virtuoso playing musical instruments often seems to be a superpower, and even in hero essays examples, students often mention it. The free essay samples will give you ideas on how to become a guitar hero and achieve what you want.


One of the greatest challenges with learning to play guitar is catching the rhythm. You will find yourself playing tunes that don’t match your singing melody. Kids playing this game must understand that the game alternates between the lead and rhythm sections. Though, this entirely depends on the song.


With time, you will fully understand how to link your video game skills with playing a real guitar in your music class. You will be exposed to different types of notes you learned in class.


The scrolling fret bar is great for kids playing this video game as it guides them through the songs. That’s why teachers encourage music students to play this video game. It’s one of the best ways to qualify as a guitar hero in your music career. What you become depends on the effort you put in.



How to become a real-life guitar hero

Do you feel like shredding that guitar like a pro? If so, practice. This is the only way to become a real-life guitar hero. Below are tips for students on how to become a real-life hero.



Learn how to double strum

To be a great guitar hero, you must learn to double strum. This is going up and down with the strum bar. Almost every song you will play will need a double strum. That’s because there are too many close-together notes. It’s challenging to hit all these notes while strumming in one direction. Double strumming is a skill that takes time and effort to master.


After playing your video game, pick your best song and try this skill. For instance, you can pick School’s Out Guitar Hero song. Whenever necessary, double strum in one direction. Then, try your level best to move completely to double strumming.



Be good at hammer-on and pull-off

While in your early stages of playing guitar, you will notice that there are different ways to sound notes better. It’s not just about plucking them! The best techniques for this are the hammer-on and pull-off techniques. These two complement each other so nicely. They are ever-present in guitar music.


To be a real-life guitar hero, you need to be able to hammer on with both index and middle fingers. You can also do this with the middle finger and pinkie or index and ring fingers. On the other hand, pull-off is the opposite of hammer-on. These two tie notes together smoothly, ensuring no silence between them.



Play against friends

Friends can be the best teachers when it comes to playing guitar. You can start with simple songs as you progress to the hard ones. This way, you will be forced to do things you can’t usually do. Every time you try hitting a different note, you will become better at another skill.


Though, don’t beat yourself up. You can play simple songs and be great at them. Friends will show you where you are messing up. They will give you some extra tricks they may have that will make you a great real-life guitar hero.




Games like Guitar Hero have great educational value for music students. The more you play guitar learning video games, the more skills you will learn. Being a real-life guitar hero means you can deliver what the music needs. A great guitar player plays with authority. And this authority comes through practice.

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