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Top 5 Cool Social Events: The New Principle of Travelling


Walk down the main street of your local town and ask anyone. Which are your interests? Everyone, and I mean everyone, will surely mention traveling. What is it about traveling that makes it so much desirable? Why do so many of us beckon for the time to book our tickets, pack our bags, and just leave our everyday life behind to see new places? Traveling is a form of freedom. Freedom from our routine chains, our 9-5 desk jobs, our deadlines, meetings, and stressful doctor appointments. We long to go out and socialize with people and attend social events. To feel happy and part of something bigger.





So, if you are feeling like this too, stay with us as we are going to talk about the top 5 cool social events you simply must attend once during this thing we call life.

San Francisco International Film Festival

This is simply the longest running film festival in the US. The SFFILM has featured films from around the world since 1957. If you think of films as an evolutionary art form or as means for social change, this is the place to go. Here you will also indulge in the works of your favorite producers and you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet people with the same interests as you. Being a cinephile of more revolutionary works is unique and rare, so here is where your future film peers are gathered. So, book your tickets for the San Francisco International airport, and ensure your way to the festival with your private SFO airport transfer service. Maximize your time at the festival by minimizing your traveling times.






Rio Carnival, Brazil

Annually held in Rio, this is the most famous, fabulous, and colorful carnival in the world. You probably have seen it on the news or in videos throughout the various social platforms, so you have some basic idea of its nature. This carnival features parades with enormous and elaborative floats, imaginative costumes, samba music, and of course, endless street parties. This event attracts millions of visitors around the world. If you are the joy of the party back home, or the person that just cannot stop partying, this is your place. Book an AtoB airport taxi to immerse yourself in the infectious energy and enthusiasm of the other millions of partygoers around you and let your body go with the dance flow for as long as you can endure!




Oktoberfest, Germany

If you stay in Munich between late September to early October, and you like beer, well, you are in luck. This is when the world’s largest beer festival takes place. In the rare case that you are not a beer fan, you can take an AtoB airport taxi and dive into the wide variety of the traditional Bavarian food, music, and of course, cultural events. Swim in a sea of pretzels, sausages, schnitzel, and of course, beer! This event is as big as it gets, so plan your stay in advance. When you feel that you satisfied your hunger with some kilos (or pounds) of bratwurst and you’re sober enough to walk around, Oktoberfest also hosts live concerts, carnival rides, and horse races. We generally suggest spending one day exploring the fairgrounds, and the other staying in the beer tents!




Diwali, India

The Festival of Lights is one of India’s most significant festivals and one of the major holidays of Hinduism. This is a celebration of victory of light over dark and good over evil. During this five-day festival, you’ll eat a lot, watch hundreds of fireworks explode, be dazzled with the colorful decorations, and exchange gifts with your loved ones. But one thing will stand out of the whole event. The image of the hundred lighted lamps floating in the dark sky of the night. Reserve an AtoB airport transfer to come here and see such a spectacle, when the world around them and the time stops for a few moments. They transition to a realm of the surreal and they start thinking that all these lights are in essence wishes that fly to fulfill their master’s needs. A single night there, and that moment will be engraved on your mind forever.





Chinese New Year, Around the World

It is also known as the Spring Festival which is celebrated in any country with an established Chinese community. During this social event you’ll see dragon and lion dances, parades, fireworks, and exchange of small red envelopes called hongbao which represent prosperity and good luck, but don’t be amazed if you find money inside! After all, Chinese wish to each other “Gong Xi Fa Chai”, which roughly translates as “wish you enlarge your wealth”. This is not “Have a good year”! So, book an AtoB airport taxi, dress in full red, scare away your evil spirits, get rid of your bad fortune, and prepare to eat lots of dumplings!






And here it is your list of the top 5 cool social events worldwide. From America to Asia, pick your destination and be one with what these cultures have to offer. Wherever your interests lie, you’ll surely find a place to satisfy the need to travel!

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