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Katy Perry VS Taylor Swift

Bad Blood Blah: Why Super Villain Katy Perry Is Better Than Taylor Swift

By: Morgan Y. Evans
June 10, 2015

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Ok, let's start this off right. The best thing about Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video was by far Zendaya doing high kicks in a #Chromat Double Stripe Running Pant get up. Kendrick Lamar, like Snoop or Weezy, is wasted in more commercial songs where their true grit and brilliance gets muted. I think Hova is good at it, but Ludacris (think his cameo in Ciara's "Ride") is by far the best at crossing into pop and r&b songs, being a bit goofy and gangsta but also having fun.


Katy looked like a classic beauty on the cover of Harpers Bazaar and I'd rather watch Sucker Punch than "Bad Blood".XLIX, yo. Taylor Swift does amazing things like generously giving fans her money, being America's sweetheart or by inspiring failing country artists to get more poppy. It was awesome when Taylor was produced by JEFF The Brotherhood's dad.I genuinely know that "Shake It Off" was an epic pop moment and like that song, but that follow up single from 1989 (actually the year of "Bat Dance"), was horrible. Katy Perry even has crazier ex-boyfriends (R.Brand, Elmo). I could give a shit about a Selena Gomez cameo. I'm the kind of person that has dance parties to All Girl Summer Fun Band and N.W.A. in the same play list, and I'm a 37 year old bi-sexual white male.


Here we go. "Blank Space" was fucking horrible. Like shitty 2015 pop rip off with way more money thrown at it of Lorde's groundbreaking bedroom production and entitled white girl rap cadences and appropriations that she gets away with because she's Taylor and not Iggy whats her face who Azealia Banks hates. Tangent, actually Iggy Azalea doesn't bother me as much as Taylor since no one really takes her seriously like Swift , (no offense Iggy and T.I.).


Even the popularly supported for her dare to be yourself and heavyset, talented "All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor appropriates from black culture the same way and wrote a god awful follow up single "Dear Future Husband" that relies on 1950's tropes. How about DO tell you when you're being crazy, Meghan? Equal rights means let's all be honest, not tell a girl it's all gonna be fine if she is "acting crazy". It's ok to be crazy sometimes when it comes to being yourself, as Bebe Rexe's awesome (and my favorite) pop single of the summer "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" asserted in proper context, but let's acknowledge it's ok to also tell people things will be ok but they've gotta face it when they are being a little overboard or dramatic. Us metal fans and artists get mocked for going full bore into the realms of madness, so pop stars shouldn't get a free pass regardless of gender.


Before you cry "Haters Gonna Hate", Taylor fans...I interviewed teen metal band Unlocking The Truth recently and an 11 year old black boy told me how nowadays music of all kinds should be for everyone.This is profound and true. I can't understand Azealia Banks rage, as I'm not a black woman or African American, but I can appreciate and have empathy. And I also think in 2015 EVERY form of culture has been appropriated by different ethnic groups. People of all stripes love latin music, hard rock, R&B, old school hip hop. So I'm not really upset when Iggy Azalea white girl raps, just that it sounds like shit compared to Lady Sovereign (who would cut Iggy down in a split second).


Katy Perry has more originality in her cleavage than Taylor has ever kicked out. Perry also has done more important things like boost up the LGBTQ community and brought anthropomorphic sharks into meme beach land. I like Swift as a human but always thought she played it way too safe and that's why she's not one of the "cool kids" in my book as much as Perry or even fucking Paris Hilton, who admittedly goes pretty fuckin' hard/Yolo! Though again, Paris could show people that being rich and entitled doesn't mean you have to be completely self-absorbed, but when does that ever happen? So Swift has her on that category with a way more altruistic bent. But I'm a fan of women like Jennifer Herrema, Christine Davis of Christian Mistress, folk singer Liv Carrow and (especially lately) once in a generation Tearist chanteuse and comedian/actress Yasmine Kittles. Women who are just fucking epic on so many levels as human beings but without letting the corporate side of the industry compromise them as much. If you watch the ascent of Swift and evolution of her style it all is really more calculated than a college level math class, not to take anything away from her voice or natural charm or the kindness she bears for her fans.


But seriously, Katy Perry can command crowds with the confidence of Bruce fucking Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Have you seen her kick ass HBO tour special? It was even classy when she told her fans to plant a Kale garden and she kept it pretty low key when a fan told Perry that Katy was her favorite singer and Perry joked "Oh, I thought you meant that OTHER girl." But yes, backtrack...planting kale!


Perry seems more interested in pushing herself than studying demographics like Taylor's producers are. "Roar" is way more empowering than anything Swift ever put out and comes with a magical, giant fucking lion! I feel like Jehovah's Witnesses show up on Perry's doorstep and the lion roar doorbell incinerates them, but that could just be some weird fantasy I had before it was replaced with Katy's champion jungle girl outfit.


"I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything," is a really good lyric for anyone to reflect on and similar sentiments were expressed in Orange Goblin's hard rock masterpiece "Stand For Something" from the UK beer guzzling stoner rock band's epic Eulogy For The Damned record. "I went from zero to my own hero," is also genius in simplicity and brain branding.


Ahhhh, Katy Perry is so much better! Taylor, I want to see you seriously bug the fuck out and make your Metallica/Lou Reed "Lulu" record, your "Dark Horse", your Blondie "Plastic Letters". Heck, I'll use a recent example like UK popstress Jennifer Davies' "Lapse Of Time" EP, which was excellent AND attached to fashionistas. And by all this Taylor... I mean freak out a bit more but not in the "Bad Blood" way clearly aimed at targeting comic book cinema and pop star feud crazed youth. Learn from the Eminem mistake that feuds waste air you could be spending writing something relevant like "Mosh", "Cinderella Man" or "Not Afraid". Riot Grrrl will always trump Spice Girls, know what I'm sayin'?


Singing off and hoping if they do make the rumored "Bad Blood" movie that Perry will be the super villain and sharks and Golden Lion can battle Taylor's R&B femmebots, but only if the rap cameo is R.A. The Rugged Man. Hey, let a guy dream.



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