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By: Morgan Y. Evans
October 7, 2015

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MC Lars is has built an improbable life for himself through having guts, imagination and a good energy flow with fans.

It was good times to pick the brain of the rapper about festivals vs small clubs, being a "guest" in hip hop and his newest crazy verbal cartoon stampede of a record "The Zombie Dinosaur" LP.


Spacelab: The creation of this record has such an interesting story and I only know bits and pieces! How's it feel after four years to have a new release that received such insanely strong fan crowdfunding?

MC Lars: I feel really thankful that my fans have been so supportive through everything.  I plan to release things more regularly after this drops.  Big thanks to Kickstarter and the 1,000+ fans who pre-ordered the new album through it.

Spacelab: Spacelab is a very festival-centric site and we cover many genres. I thought you'd be perfect for this because you don't seem afraid to tackle anything.
Do you like festivals or small club shows better?

MC Lars: Thanks!  I like small club shows better because there's a better energy with the audience, but I'm always down to rock festivals.  Warped this summer was one of the best we've gotten to do.

Spacelab: Yeah, I heard your Warped shows this year were off the chain. My favorite lyric on this record is probably "keep it underground like TMNT". I know that's dorky and their are better lyrics on here but...I'm an old school turtle fan. What were your honest thoughts on the recent remake? I am hoping Stephen Arnell from Arrow will improve the franchise as Casey Jones.

MC Lars: Thanks for pointing out that lyric!  I got it from my friend Hot Karl, a.k.a. Jensen Karp, and he gave me his blessing to use it.  I thought the new TMNT remake was great, I loved how they had the turtles quoting Wu-Tang and I though the CGI was awesome.  Everyone was telling me how horrible it was, but when I finally saw it, I was really impressed.  Looking forward to the sequel.

Spacelab: So you've got some dope guests on this. How'd it feel to have their contributions and to realize this madhouse Zombie T Rex vision?

MC Lars: Thanks!  Was honored to have so many talented people in the mix on this project.  Big shout out to Watsky and Kool Keith, two of my favorite rappers who did amazingly on this record.

Spacelab: Does it feel awesome to be in your thirties and on your fourth record with a fan base who get you? Also, how often does the rapper race thing come up these days? I feel like clearly rap came out of African American culture and no one disputes that, but these days I think as long as you are respectful to the roots (unlike some cats who never heard of Jungle Brothers or Tribe)...shit, I think you're more legit hip hop than some mainstream shitty non white rappers!

MC Lars: I feel very fortunate to still be doing this into my 30s for sure.  It's interesting when I do workshops at schools, because young people these days don't remember a time before Eminem.  I think race doesn't plan into the culture as much as respect.  I understand that I'm a guest in hip-hop, and because of that, I need to work as hard as I can.

Spacelab: Well put. I laughed a lot at the hipster mom song as my ex girlfriend is a Waldorf teacher (which has some great techniques in their curriculum for some kids) and I also used to live in Brooklyn. What inspired that jam?

MC Lars: Thanks!  "Hipster Mom" is a follow-up to 2006's "Hipster Girl".  I imagined with the character from that song would be doing ten years later, I went on Facebook and crowd-sourced questions about hipster parenting.  Am really proud of that song.  Jessie Vukoson reprised her role as the hipster character, and coincidentally, she just became a mom too.

Spacelab: I loved the "Sublime With Rome Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime" jam, which sounds more like Sublime than they do now. No offense to those dudes, but for real. It rarely works. I gotta say I like some new Alice In Chains which I NEVER thought possible without Layne but I feel you 100% on Dead Kennedys without Jello Biafra. Just pure turds.

MC Lars: Thanks!  In this fragmented culture, the music industry seems to cash in on nostalgia more and more.  I wrote that song to point how how disappointing it is when you go to see one of your favorite bands and the line-up is completely different.

8.Are you really doing a tv show soon? I like the Adidas spider idea.

MC Lars: For sure!  Stay tuned!  And thanks for your support, see you at one of the upcoming shows!  

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