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Best Music of 2012  
You're expecting an ordered list, aren't you? I’ve compiled so many end-of-year retrospective lists and frankly I’m sick of ‘top ten’ ranking. But there is nothing wrong with dazzling, and plenty of albums released this year dazzled the pants off me.  
Thinking Beyond Pop: Alta Mira  
The self-described “post-pop” band Alta Mira (from the Albany, NY region) were a welcome discovery this past year, a rare treat of a band who quickly grew to become on of my favorite “new” groups. There are only so many albums you can put on when you need a pick me up, are entertaining friends with wine in the kitchen, just want to rock or are daydreaming.  
The Top 12 of '12: 12 Albums That Were Better Than "Wrecking Ball"  
I present for you: 12 Albums Better Than Wrecking Ball.  
Pandora Radio VS Musicians: What's Going On Here?  
We need to get over music as a product and rethink the entire music industry. Pandora and musicians have the same frenemy ... an outdated music industry that's clinging to the past.  
Dirty Work: Hip to Be Dead  
I’ve noticed, as I become more active and addicted to using Twitter, that it's a great place for the music snob (nerd, record collector, know-it-all, etc.) to read and participate in lively, short & sweet debates concerning beloved bands, new songs, controversies, and more. Musicians are being compared to and/or name-dropping the Dead, from rockin' lo-fi beardos (Woods) to indie-experimentalists (Animal Collective). The hipster quotient for the Grateful Dead is on the rise. What's going on here?  
Dirty Work: Political Science Playlist on Election Day  
When I was in high school I was on the newspaper staff. I wrote music reviews and editorials (surprise, surprise!) and once specifically outlined some of my favorite “political” music. It’s election day and I’m going through my favorite political jams and finding little has changed (except I’m older) since I wrote that high school paper editorial. The working man is pissed!  
Dirty Work: Dispatch  
Today, I want to use this installment of this particular thread to highlight albums that made my GB list, but didn't make the cut for full-length articles.  
Dirty Work: Black Flag  
Henry Rollins screams at the opening of Black Flag's second full-length album My War and first after almost three years of legal battles that prevented them from releasing any music under the band's name. It was their war for sure, but it was also a conflict between those who challenge the established order and those who want to maintain the status quo. Black Flag's 1984 album My War is a monster from a band that has come to define the indie-80s in America's fertile underground.  
Music Festivals: Consumer America?  
It was early morning on January 13 and I clicked on the Coachella home screen button, “Buy Tickets” I was exuberant as I would be able to attend Coachella for the first time. Unfortunately, it came up to the waiting page. So I waited for ten minutes. But soon enough, ten minutes became thirty minutes and thirty minutes became an hour. And after four hours of waiting ...  
Slideshow: Shambhala Festival  
Shambhala - a weekend of pleasure and music. | PHOTOS  
EDM Is The New Global Language  
Just like the 60’s had rock, the 70’s had disco, the 80’s had new wave, the 2000’s have electronic music. It can be soft and heavy, melodic and aggressive, intimate and intense, beautiful and repulsive, minimal and epic -- a tangle of contradictions. The experience at electronic music festivals is all too personal and intimate and is becoming the universal language all across the globe. | WITH VIDEO  
Dirty Work*: Taking an in-depth look at the trashy "bad" albums in a great band's history and finding the gems.  
I've long been a fan of great "bad" albums. As a teen obsessive music fan hungry to hear, purchase, and read about every record I could, I developed an interest in going much farther in my listening than just the acceptable - mostly universal - cannon of "classic" albums. I love the agreed upon's like The Beatles Revolver, The Clash's London Calling, and Marvin Gaye's What's Going On? Of course there's nothing to disagree with or really debate with these titles. They are top to bottom amazing, important LP statements that all music fans need to know intimately. Where does a fan go to when the acceptable list of classics is exhausted?  
INTERVIEW: Adam Wills from Bear In Heaven  
The psychedelic Brooklyn- based trio, Bear In Heaven, have rocked the New York music scene since 2003; incorporating sounds reminiscent of synth-driven 80’s music and experimental drum-heavy accents of King Crimson. With the release of their recent album, I Love You It’s Cool, they have reached to new musical heights as they produce lo-fi sounds of ambient nature filled with authentic teenage-ridden angst. Spacelab recently had the opportunity to talk with Adam Wills, Bear In Heaven’s guitarist, and discuss their musical progression as artists, his hate for guitar solos, and his timidity at playing the guitar.  
5 Videos: Director Chris Cunningham  
He's an ultra creative video director with a rich history behind him ... with videos inspire huge amounts of creativity and innovation. | VIDEO  
5 Videos: Flaming Lips at the Noise Pop Music Festival  
The Flaming Lips performed a show of epic proportions, performing The Soft Bulletin in full at Bimbo's 365. | VIDEO  
5 Videos: The Noise Pop Film Festival  
Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story, 'Upside Down' - The Creation Records Story, RE:GENERATION, Andrew Bird: Fever Year and Blank City. | VIDEO  
5 Videos: Bjork and Five Biophilia iPad Apps  
For those of us still harboring an extreme like for Tricky's Maxinquaye, here's good news: that album has been reincarnated as Leila. | VIDEO  
Anarchy in the USA: Tyler, The Creator’s New Brand of Punk  
How does one shock a desensitized generation raised on Grand Theft Auto and Tarantino-brand violence?  
Los Campesinos! Conquer America!  
By the time they tore into “You! Me! Dancing!” at 12:11 a.m., the band was presiding over a New York City crowd. Read the full account with music and videos.  

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