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Spacelab Features Archive 2013
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New Music From Brooklyn: Throw Vision
If you layered some jazz basslines, wandering funk harmonies, and modern keys in an indie rock setting, you’d end up with something like Throw Vision. The LP, called In I, is a beautiful debut album fueled by gorgeous vocals, powerful lyrics, vocals and melodies, admirable group dynamics and clever songwriting.
Dirty Work: Uncle Albert / Admiral Hipster
It turns out McCartney made a true “indie pop” album and no one knew it until recently. The songs on Ram soundtrack an element of “indie” culture that is too smart for its own good.
Artists Who Should Gain More Recognition and Respect in 2013: Those Who Made It Great
I love Frank Ocean. I love Kendrick. I love Grimes. I love Tame Impala. I love a lot of the artists featured on the top artists, albums, songs, and lists on various websites. But I’m also tired of reading the top lists from last year. They're repetitive, arbitrary, and sometimes boring. So I'm spreading thanks and gratitude to the underdogs: the music artists that made it an interesting and worthwhile year and should gain more recognition and respect in 2013.
Big Data: Top Paid Music Subscriptions for Streaming Music Sites

Find out who landed where on the list, and tell us what services you use, and who you think will make the cut or drop out of existence in 2013.

Best Music of 2012
You're expecting an ordered list, aren't you? I’ve compiled so many end-of-year retrospective lists and frankly I’m sick of ‘top ten’ ranking. But there is nothing wrong with dazzling, and plenty of albums released this year dazzled the pants off me.
Thinking Beyond Pop: Alta Mira
The self-described “post-pop” band Alta Mira (from the Albany, NY region) were a welcome discovery this past year, a rare treat of a band who quickly grew to become on of my favorite “new” groups. There are only so many albums you can put on when you need a pick me up, are entertaining friends with wine in the kitchen, just want to rock or are daydreaming.
The Top 12 of '12: 12 Albums That Were Better Than "Wrecking Ball"
I present for you: 12 Albums Better Than Wrecking Ball.
Pandora Radio VS Musicians: What's Going On Here?
We need to get over music as a product and rethink the entire music industry. Pandora and musicians have the same frenemy ... an outdated music industry that's clinging to the past.
Dirty Work: Hip to Be Dead
I’ve noticed, as I become more active and addicted to using Twitter, that it's a great place for the music snob (nerd, record collector, know-it-all, etc.) to read and participate in lively, short & sweet debates concerning beloved bands, new songs, controversies, and more. Musicians are being compared to and/or name-dropping the Dead, from rockin' lo-fi beardos (Woods) to indie-experimentalists (Animal Collective). The hipster quotient for the Grateful Dead is on the rise. What's going on here?
Dirty Work: Political Science Playlist on Election Day
When I was in high school I was on the newspaper staff. I wrote music reviews and editorials (surprise, surprise!) and once specifically outlined some of my favorite “political” music. It’s election day and I’m going through my favorite political jams and finding little has changed (except I’m older) since I wrote that high school paper editorial. The working man is pissed!
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