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Here's 3 Reasons Why The Stereolab Reissues Will Be Awesome

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Stereolab are reissuing the classic albums from the Elektra Records days, with vinyl pressings that will be of better sound quality than previous reissues. There’s no formal outline of a release schedule yet, but in a recent interview with Mark Radcliffe on BBC 6 Music, Laetitia Sadier spelled out some of the reasons for a new focus on reissues. Check out the interview below, and here’s three reasons why these reissues should be spectacular:


It's The First Of Many Vinyl Reissues From Stereolab

We’ll get a steady stream of reissued offerings from Stereolab, in a continuing stream of reinvigorated vinyl.


The Quality Of The Stereolab Reissues Will Be Better Than Previous Reissues

Laetitia Sadier said that last year’s reissues from 1972 Recordings were awful, and this time the focus will be on sound quality: “What I do know is we're going is that we're going to re-release some records — all the Elektra records will be re-released. Remastered and rereleased on properly made albums, vinyls, because there was an edition on a label called 1972 or something. They took the masters from the CDs, so of course it sounds terrible and people were complaining. So all we could say to people was, 'Don't buy them, do not buy that.”


It's Stereolab!

Given that the future of Stereolab is likely to follow the same path as 80’s/90’s co-peeps Sonic Youth by being on hiatus (and are reissuing albums as well #), any new Stereolab action is awesome. They might be previously released, but it’s an opportunity for fresh Stereolab listening sessions.


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