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Wayne Coyne On Twitter and Instagram: It Gives The Inside Story

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Flaming Lips and Electric Wurms singer Wayne Coyne loves how apps like Twitter and Instagram have transformed the media into a more responsive and shape-shifting entity, allowing everyone to create a narrative out of what they find online.


"I know the power of these silly things like Twitter and Instagram. Anybody can go on there and if they want to make a story out of it, they can. They don’t have to call you up or be a publicist or anything," He said in an interview with Paste.

He's not talking about creating false narratives or adding to the hyperbole of the hyper-reactive media echo chamber, he's talking about different perspectives and people commenting on their viewpoint and offering it up via the cloud:

"I think it was three or four years ago at least, when I noticed people were doing that in the newspapers and the free entertainment things around Oklahoma City. They wouldn’t really do an interview with Lady Gaga, but they could write articles about her all day because it’s on her Twitter and Instagram, so it must be true. But I thought that was great, because you could just start to say, “I think this is interesting today. I’m doing this and if you’re interested, you can see what I’m doing.”"

And of course Wayne Coyne is the Twitter master, as he's shown over the years providing all sorts of insight on the Flaming Lips’ recording sessions, practice sessions, and the daily life of himself as a musician. Few people have used Twitter as well as he has, showing how the simplest elements of what happens behind the scenes can make for an interesting story and let fans know what goes into the music instead of just  delivering a final product that speaks on its own.

"I think with a group like The Flaming Lips, I think seeing how we do it, seeing what we started to do, and then three weeks later, here’s what it ends up being, if you’re a young artist wondering, “how do you do stuff,” I think it’d be wonderful to follow us. We started to do this, and that didn’t work out. It’s great to be able to change your mind. You’re not a fool if the idea didn’t work out. That’s what all art is.""
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