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The Rebirth of Cool: Radiohead Is Back This Fall
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News to start your week out right: Radiohead is going to start writing, recording and playing shows as early as this Fall. Look for the band to work some Radiohead magic while rolling out new songs, road-testing them at music festivals and live gigs in 2015.



The band is a slow-moving machine, but garners lots of momentum. We first dropped news of this at Spacelab back in April and a recent Jonny Greenwood interview on Saturday with Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 6 gave another confirmation that it's going to happen with Greenwood pointing out that "We're going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing and recording and see how it's sounding."

He went on to point out that the Radiohead guys are using the Summer to take it easy and roll with the Summer break vibe before going into what's usually an intense period of writing, recording and touring behind the Radiohead machine.

"It's all up in the air at the minute. Thom's just come back from touring Atoms For Peace and he's having some quiet time. I'm sorry to be vague but we're all just taking it easy at the moment. Just enjoying being at home and hanging out really. But at the same time, the vibe is very much Oxford and all good! It's like that." (Quotes via NME)

Pitchfork was quick to shout out all of the projects that Radiohead peeps have had going in the meantime: "Radiohead took a year off, and in that time, Thom Yorke focused on Atoms for Peace, Jonny Greenwood worked with orchestras, Philip Selway prepped a new solo album, and Colin Greenwood did some charity work. But when summer's over, the boys are getting back to work."
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