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This Week's Full Album Streams is a new feature at Spacelab: a guide to full album streams available online. There's more available to sample then there's time to listen to, so dig in and check back for periodic updates throughout the week as more discoveries are made.



Listen to the new Spoon album They Want My Soul, in its entirety, via iTunes Radio.



The Raveonettes surprised everyone last week by doing an unannounced release of their new album Pe'ahi. It's streaming in full on their YouTube.



There are four new albums over at First Listen from NPR Music: the new Adult Jazz album Gist Is is being compared to Zappa for the modern age, in a time when listeners are being constantly fed a barrage of short-term attention span, hook-filled indie rock and electronic music. Adult Jazz begs your patience in ways that Sigur Ros does and rewards you repeatedly over time.


Spider Bags offer their Frozen Letter, and the noise guitar squalls at the start deliver a new happy-step-get-down that transforms punk into more of punk-sounding honky-tonk hoe down.


Christopher Denny's If The Roses Don't Kill Us offers a similar but different take on the Americana for the post-No Depression set -- his vibrato voice and banjo plucking hearken back to the late 1800's and early 1900's in the way that Tom Waits does.


The Panopticon album Roads To The North is the project of Austin Lunn -- it takes black metal and 90's hardcore and makes it all sound wimpy in comparison to the sounds he conjures. This album is for your angriest moments. Not for the timid.



Pitchfork Advance albums will be listed on Tuesday when they are released.

If any of you have any other sources for weekly full album streams, please post them in the comments section, it helps for more variety. And thanks!
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