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Trentemøller is getting ready to release an EP of remixes from his Lost album. It included collaborations with Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), Sune Rose Wagner (Raveonettes) and Jonny Pierce (The Drums). The EP will be called Reworks.


The album is not what you would normally expect from Trentemøller, as it deviates more into shoegaze and indie pop territory. He's cool with the idea of never doing the same thing over and over again.


“People wanted something similar to the last album, but if you’re getting to the point of listening to people and what they think of your sound…Well, that’s not for me.”


Trentemøller Remixes are coming from T.O.M. and His Computer on the song "River Of Life," Toydrum on "Come Undone," and Jenny Wilson and Unkwon on "Deceive" -- Trentemøller will also remix the song "River Of Life." The Reworks EP will be released via Trentemøller's own In My Room recording label on Sept. 1.


Trentemøller Is Doing A Remix EP Called Reworks
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