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This Week's Full Album Streams is a guide to full album streams available online. There's more available to sample then there's time to listen to, so dig in and check back for periodic updates throughout the week as more discoveries are made.


The New York Times' Press Play feature is previewing the new FaltyDL album In the Wild this week. FaltyDL creates music that's been called IDM, future garage and dubstep. The sounds are interesting.



NPR's First Listen is offering seven albums this week:


Cymbals Eat Guitars are back with their new album Lose. They combine indie rock with the strange cocktail combination of noise and shoegaze and the occasional punk edge. They have a deep sound worth checking out.

Bishop Allen combine indie pop with indie rock, folk and even a general alternative approach on their new album Lights Out. The band has a very dynamic sound, check it out here.

If you dig folk, punk, blues or garage you should check out the new self-titled album by Benjamin Booker.

Kimbra has always had a fresh take on combining soul with alternative pop that sounds different than the regular glut of Britney, Rihanna, et al. Her new album The Golden Echo is available here.

Bebel Gilberto is known for unbelievable Brazilian / bossa nova sounds and has become legendary with a dedicated following. Check out her new album Tudo.

Imogen Heap is known for her indie / electronic vocalist approach and is another artist who has grown a huge and dedicated following. Find out why on here new album Sparks.

Check out futuristic love songs from Orenda Fink on her new album Blue Dream.



Jason Feathers is a project with Astronautalis and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and is currently streaming at Pitchfork Advance. The project includes S. Carey from Bon Iver and Ryan Olson GAYNGS. For the Bon Iver diehard looking for something that doesn't sound like Bon Iver, this is it. Listen here.


Also at Pitchfork Advance: Ninja Tune recording artist Moiré has fresh electro-acoustic sounds with the album Shelter.


Get your doom metal fix with Pallbearer on their new album Sorrow and Extinction.


It's not really an album, but it's worth mentioning here: Stereogum is running St Vincent's full show at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. It's a full 90 minutes.

If any of you have any other sources for weekly full album streams, please post them in the comments section, it helps for more variety. And thanks!

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