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Music News Archive 2012
Indie, Alternative, and Electronic Music News

Best Music of 2012
You're expecting an ordered list, aren't you? I’ve compiled so many end-of-year retrospective lists and frankly I’m sick of ‘top ten’ ranking. But there is nothing wrong with dazzling, and plenty of albums released this year dazzled the pants off me.
Voodoo Experience Announces 2013 Dates
Music + New Orleans + Halloween. What's not to like?
Moogfest Announced for 2013
Tell us who you want to see at the show.
OH YEAH: New Music From Yeah Yeah Yeahs in 2013
It's all DNA upgrades.
Autechre Announce Exai, Big Number Eleven
It's gonna be a good year next year ...
The Top 12 of '12: 12 Albums
That Were Better Than "Wrecking Ball"
When I thumbed through the recent issue of Rolling Stone's "Best Albums of the Year" list, I had to laugh; though I like Bruce Springsteen's music, his 2012 album Wrecking Ball was far from the crowning achievement of the year, as Rolling Stone claimed. With that in mind, I present: 12 Albums Better Than Wrecking Ball.
Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Shuts Down the Tate Modern Web Site
Kraftwerk breaks the web ... also watch the video for the aptly titled "Spacelab" live from a performance.
Governors Ball Music Festival Moves To 3 Days
Continuing the festival trend of expansion for next year, Governor's Ball expands. Tickets go on sale this week, find out more.
Members of Can Are Releasing an EP Under the Name Cyclopean
So you say you're into Can, but their box set Can: The Lost Tapes just isn't doing it for you right now? Good news ...
Iceage Have Announced Their New Album You're Nothing, Which Is Really Something
Iceage are ready to jump forward with their new album You're Nothing, which sees the band trying to rewrite the standard notion of the "short aggressive rock song," according to the press release. Wasn't that what punk was all about?
New Music From Phosphorescent With Muchacho, Listen To A New Track
It's official: Phosphorescent has a new sound.
Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Film Experiment Is Getting A Theater and DVD Release
This is a phenomenon we've all seen over the past couple of years -- iterative releases of songs or videos before releasing them all into one handy collectors package. These are the good times.
Beats + Dre + Trent Reznor Streaming Music Service Spells The Death of MOG
Find out why the Beats + Dre + Trent Reznor collaboration on the new streaming music service called Daisy is likely to spell the death of the MOG streaming music service as we know it 2013.
Make It Stop: T in The Park Announces
Yet Even More of 2013 Lineup
It's been a week of daily lineup announcements from the T In the Park Festival, get caught up on the lineup additions and find out about tickets that go on sale tomorrow here.
SXSW Expands Music Lineup for 2013
Daedelus, Foxygen, The Joy Formidable, Ra Ra Riot, VietNam, The Warlocks and The Whigs all top an amazing addition of acts. Check out the complete listing.
SXSW Updates Music Panels Lineup
Big Data, the realities of operating an indie label, and friends with benefits in social media all top the updates to SXSW's music panels.
The Killers Added as Headliners for T In The Park
They're added on the heels of yesterday's lineup and headliners.
Dirty Work: Reading the Writing That Rocks
I grew up reading magazines like Guitar World and Rolling Stone for the long-form articles about bands, significant movements (punk), and the making of songs/albums. That was when the people who were writing about music worked as journalists for magazines and newspapers while those who wrote for a smaller audience (like zine makers) were mainly enthusiastic hobbyists. Today with so many music sites, blogs, Twitter, and comments sections, we’re all hobbyists! Glorified amateur rock writers.
The Cave Singers Drop The Bomb On Naomi
It's just that kind of a day.
Thom Yorke's Atom For Peace Gets Amok
Release Next Year
Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has talked the talk on his new Atoms for Peace album, which is called Amok. It's arriving via XL Recordings in the US and there's even talk of an Atoms for Peace tour next year.
New Order Just Announced the
Release Date For Lost Sirens
New Order has just announced plans for the release date of the album Lost Sirens, due out next year.
Turntable.FM Has Relaunched as Piki, Bye Bye Turntable.FM
Remember Turntable.FM? It would be understandable if you didn't. What became the hottest new digital music happening since the OG original Napster quickly faded away a little over a year ago. Now the people that started Turntable have launched Piki, a cocktail of social media and streaming music.
T in The Park Festival Names Headliners for 2013
And who do you think they are?
New Music On the Way from Burial
It's a 12" single out before the end of the year!
The Pirate Bay Spins The Promo Bay
Into Full-On Web Site
Has The Pirate Bay gone legit?
New Grimes Visions Bonus Discs Announced
Since Visions Is Album of The Year
Hmmm .... how to celebrate? More Grimes discs, of course!
Why? Announce North American Tour
for Mumps, Etc in 2013
Dates are shaping up for the Mumps, etc. tour in February and March.
SXSW Festival Lineup Announcement Coming This Week
We should see the second wave of bands announced next week.
Reading Festival Announces Initial Lineup for 2013
Bands today, tickets tomorrow.
Leeds Festival Announces Initial Lineup for 2013
Same deal: bands today, tickets tomorrow.
Sonar Festival Adds Kraftwerk in 3D, Vatican Shadow and More to 2013 Lineup
They just announced the initial lineup for the multimedia festival ...
New Music From Low: The Invisible Way - It's a War-Love-War Thing
New music is coming from Low, with the album The Invisible Way on Sub Pop Records on Mar. 18/19. #It hits up big, heady issues like class warfare, intimacy, big war-type wars, love, the war on drugs .... oh and archeology. There was a good love-war-love thing going until they threw in archaeology, but I guess every album needs a curveball.
REVIEW: Rage Against The Machine - XX
OK, so one problem I've always had with a band that is all about Marxist, third-world rebellion is that it's existing in a capitalist, democracy and a major label environment on top of that. The band always knew they were part of the "machine" they raged against, so the argument that they infiltrated the very beasts they wanted to bring down ... cough ... still, they became fairly big/successful rock musicians off this album so ... do you consider this as rebel music or entertainment? | COMMENT
Bjork is Doing a A Paris Residency
for Her Biophilia Tour
The Bjork machine keeps moving on its Biophilia Tour, this time announcing a six-day residency in Paris, with four shows at Le Cirque En Chantier and two shows at Le Zenith. The second location will feature Bjork in the round, and apparently it's the first time this has happened at Le Zenith.
Find Out Why Pissed Jeans New Album Honeys Will Make You Happy + Get Release Details
Are you happy/depressed/detached/whatever right now? Get the deets for the new album and hear their newest song.
Jamie Lidell Announces World Tour
And he seems to be on an anti-button-pusher crusade ...
REVIEW: Crystal Castles - III
On their last two albums Ethan Kath’s explosive synths and Alice Glass’ staple wail placed them at a limbo in-between of dark obscure electro and blogosphere stardom. Yet, in their newest album, (III), the duo seems stuck in a dystopia of discontent, frustration, and despair as disharmonic and angst driven electronic melodies define the album.
A SBTRKT Live Album Is Happening In December
The word on the street is that part of it might have been recorded outside of London earlier this year.
Mogwai Announce New EP and Album
They've got the sounds, you want them and a French TV show has them. Find out more.
Tame Impala Announce Tour, Watch a New Live Performance Video
Their Australia-Asia-North America tour has been laid out. Dig the dates and watch a new live performance video to see what they'll be like when you go to the show.
The Stone Roses Will Headline the Isle of Wight Festival
They'll wrap up the first night of the show.
AraabMUZIK Is Working With Diplo and Skrillex
Plus more guest spots on new album.
WU LYF Break Up Over The End of the World
This isn't the first time the band has said that they're breaking up -- they did in the Spring only to continue as a band.
Myspace Music Relaunch as Myspace 2.0 Leaked
If you're laughing at Myspace's chances right now you're looking backwards in time, instead of forwards and recognizing the trend.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Return With Fuzz-Blues-Feedback on New Album Next Year
Fuzzy guitars, blues licks, atmospheric feedback.
After Going Down, Demonoid Tracker
Comes Back Online
Its tracker has resurfaced operationally and looks like Demonoid might be staging a come back.
Jamie Lidell Cranks the Bass and Goes Freestyle On New Album Due Out Next Year
The man-machine will style and define the new funk prophecy with fresh sounds from his new home studio.
Sasquatch! Festival Announces Dates
and Tickets for 2013
I know, you're already seeing yourself at The Gorge for next year's show ... find out what's happening for events and how to get tickets, which are going on sale soon.
Pandora Radio VS Musicians: What's Going On Here?
We need to get over music as a product and rethink the entire music industry. Pandora and musicians have the same frenemy ... an outdated music industry that's clinging to the past.
Bonnaroo Tickets Go On Sale In 10 Days
It's almost that time ... find out how to hook up.
Snowball Festival Announces Dates and Prime New Location
The electronic music festival has moved on from Vail to a new location ... but you can still go skiing.
Suuns Announce New Album Images Du Future, Listen To the First Single Now
New album and a song preview, find out more.
Yo La Tengo Update: New Album Fade and Tour In 2013
Yo La good news ... find out more and where they're playing.
Ultra Music Festival Announces First Lineup Addition
Find out whos in ...
Bob Mould Concert Film "See A Little Light"
Begins On Kickstarter
It's from the Bob Mould tribute show from earlier this year, with tons of great guests and benefits to contributing. Find out more.
John Digweed Is Releasing An Epic Five Hour DJ Set Called "Live In London"
Four discs from his Bedrock Records show earlier this year.
Austin Psych Fest Announces 2013 Lineup
It has some of the names you know ... and some new ones. Tickets are on sale, find out more.
The Thermals Announce New Album, SXSW Shows
The Thermals will emerge from the Portland scene this year with a new album with Jogn Agnello and shows at SXSW!
Dirty Work: Hip to Be Dead
I’ve noticed, as I become more active and addicted to using Twitter, that it's a great place for the music snob (nerd, record collector, know-it-all, etc.) to read and participate in lively, short & sweet debates concerning beloved bands, new songs, controversies, and more. Musicians are being compared to and/or name-dropping the Dead, from rockin' lo-fi beardos (Woods) to indie-experimentalists (Animal Collective). The hipster quotient for the Grateful Dead is on the rise. What's going on here?
Google Changes Up YouTube Channels Approach, Find Out How
They're cutting support for some while funding new channels. YouTube found out that some channels worked well, while others were flat. Find out which ones didn't work and who's getting fresh support.
New Sigur Ros EP Happening on New North American Tour
It's a good time to be a Sigur Ros fan in North America as they've just announced a new tour and tour-only EP with unreleased material. Welcome to the day and age finding incentives to get people out to the show ... the tour EP is fast-becoming the next big thing.
Menomena Are Doing a Winter Tour for Their Album Moms
They're continuing the slog onward ... a bunch of new shows for their spectacular album Moms.
REVIEW: Soundgarden - King Animal
Soundgarden are back with a quality collection of songs that won't embarrass them (or fans) and even if they fail to reach the heights of their peak work, they add to their catalog a few tunes that can sound right at home on stage with the classics.
SXSW Music Names First Acts for 2013 Lineup
Thurston Moore, Amon Tobin, Alt-J, Coldcut, Marnie Stern, Turbo Fruits and Why? all top the lineup ... see the complete list so far.
Illum Sphere Update: New MP3, New Album, New Label Home on Ninja Tune
He has a lot in the works ... find out more and listen to a new song.
Electric Daisy Carnival Tickets Just Went On Sale
It's for Vegas, baby! They'll go faster than fast ...
Dave Grohl is Joining Queens of the Stone Age
Foo Fighters are on hiatus, so why not?
New Music from Prurient: Cold. Goth. Dead. Awesome.
Recalling the days of Peter Murphy, Kraftwerk and early industrial music from (pick any of your favorite early players and insert their name here), the new Prurient album is something to look forward to. Find out more and listen to a preview.
Kevin Shields Threatens to Release New My Bloody Valentine Album Again
New music before the end of the year, says Kevin Shields ...
Pandora Radio Sues ASCAP to Lower Royalties, Musicians Want More Money. AWKWARD
Pandora Media, who runs the uber-popular Pandora Radio, has sued publishing royalties powerhouse ASCAP in the interest of paying lower royalties to songwriters. Sound evil? The NMPA (National Music Publishers Association) thinks so.
REVIEW: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Psychedelic Pill
I feel like I've written the words "epic grunge" before, but never have I thought that phrase as many times during one album, er DOUBLE album, as I have during my spins through the multi-colored ride of Neil Young and Crazy Horse's new album Psychedelic Pill.
All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Curated by TV On the Radio Names Lineup
Shabazz Palaces, CSS, El-P and more top the initial lineup. Find out who's in.
All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Curated by Deerhunter Adds Many Friends to the Lineup
Animal Collective and various AC solo performances, Laetitia Sadier from Stereolab, Dan Deacon and more. Check out a complete lineup.
Stones Throw Records Offers Cassette
Compilation with Dntel, Sun Araw, Odd Nosdam
Great new music from Los Angeles this week and next year ... check out a preview.
Efterklang Movie The Ghost Of Piramida
To Premeire at Two Film Festivals
It follows the release of their album Piramida and is starting out big ...
Darkstar Announce Release Date for News From Nowhere, Check Out New Songs
They're jumping from grime into garage and beyond.
iTunes Release Date Could Be Affected By Apple Radio Streaming Music Service
The new Apple Radio streaming music service could be playing a role in the delay, and it’s possible that the new Apple Radio could involve an open apps development potential like Spotify apps.
Don't Go Postal: The Postal Service Goes Platinum
It's sad to hear recent comments from Ben Gibbard that The Postal Service won't be recording any new music ... but it's good to hear that the album Give Up has officially gone platinum, according to news today from Sub Pop Records in Seattle.
Google Play Adds Scan And Match to Streaming Music Service, Plus Warner Music Group
For the Android people and Google Play nation ... good things are coming your way soon.
New Snowden Album No One In Control Announced, Check Out Remixes Now
Post-punk shoegaze band Snowden is back with all sorts of new music.
They Live In Brooklyn, Baby: The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2012 Lineup
Hurricane Sandy moves  out, BEMF moves in.
REVIEW: Bon Iver / Anais Mitchell @ Brewery Ommegang
It was very commanding yet welcoming, a thrilling example of performers at the top of their game, grateful for their success and inclusive of their audience while still evolving.
Sea Wolf Live Stream Webcast Happening Tonight
Indie pop from Dangerbird Records and the live stream is happening tonight. Find out where and how.
The Ruby Suns Announce New Album Christopher, Drop New MP3
Indie pop band The Ruby Suns are releasing a new album on Sub Pop Records next year, titled Christopher, that includes what Sub Pop is calling "high-fi, meta-disco, and headphonic roller-skating jams." Serious or ironic joke?
DeVotchKa Are Releasing Their First Live Album EVER, Check Out A Preview
They went all out for the album.
Yo La Tengo Announce Tour For New Album
Yo La Tengo are back! But did they really ever leave?
The Walkmen Release Videos From New York Show Done By La Blogotheque
They did a live stream on Spotify of a show in New York this year, now they're releasing videos ...
Esben And The Witch Announce New Album + MP3
The spooky band is back, find out details from the new album and get a free MP3 of a new song.
Dig This: New YouTube InVideo Promotion Feature Lets You Promote Your Videos
Indie bands and movie directors should check this out ... YouTube just launched a cool new way to feature a link to your latest masterpiece in all of your old YouTube videos and audio streams, and it's called YouTube InVideo promotion.
I'M NOW: The Story of Mudhoney Movie Arrives Next Week
Check out how to watch it online or get the DVD.
T in the Park Early Bird Tickets Announced
T in the Park early bird tickets are going on sale soon. Find out when and how.
Noise Pop Festival Announces 2013 Dates
The Noise Pop Music Festival is a torch bearer of noisy indie pop that has been around for over a decade. They've just announced the dates for 2013 ... find out more about what's on tap for next year.
Gain Access to ACL Festival 2013 Early Bird Passes
Find out what you need to do to get in on early bird tickets for Austin City Limits 2013 before the deadline.
You Too, Can Get a Giant-Sized Ian Brown Box Set For the Holidays
The Stone Roses reunion has been good all the way around, but are you really getting enough Ian Brown in your daily music diet?
REVIEW: GR - "Low-Born"
Definitely recommended for the speed freak rock fan that lives somewhere deep down inside us. Listen beware -- I'm curious to know how an entire album of this insanity would play.
SXSW Is Going to Las Vegas, Baby! It's SXSW V2V!
This brings a whole new definition to your wildest party exploits happening at SXSW ... because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? That means you can go completely wild at the new SXSW Las Vegas in 2013, it might actually be encouraged. So it is for SXSW Las Vegas, formally titled SXSW V2V, with four days of panels, workshops and hedonism in America's city of sin.
REVIEW: Outer Minds - "We Are All Stone"
60s revivalism, tripping the acid flashback electric guitar jangle never seems to go out of style. Why? Is it the hippie-free love high times nostalgia that just refuses to die a peaceful death?
Squarepusher Live EP KCRW Session Out For a Limited Time, Hear One of The Songs
Now that the epic awesomeness of Squarepusher's Ufabulum has been unleashed on the world, he's moved ahead with other projects, namely his new KCRW Session, a live performance from the famous KCRW public radio station in Los Angeles.
Frightened Rabbit Have a New Album Coming
It will be the follow-up to their recently released State Hospital EP, and they're working with producer Leo Abrahams. Find out more and watch an interview.
REVIEW and PHOTOS: Grimes and Myths @Basilica, Hudson, NY
Grimes’ dream pop and dark wave blend with scarcely tangible vocals might seem kitschy on paper, but she means it and it is perfect for this cold, autumn weather. Just because it's so listenable doesn’t mean it is bad.
Glastonbury Festival Is Launching New Shangri-La Theme and Revamp in 2013
The famous Glastonbury Shangri-La area is going through a new creative spark, killing off most of the old story line and working through a new theme that will happen over the next four years. Find out waht's in store.
School of Seven Bells Are Releasing Their Tour-Only EP Put Your Sad Down
Now we all get a chance to hear it.
REVIEW: Royal Trux - Accelerator
On 1998's Accelerator RT recorded a wonderfully bizarre noise album that has start to finish killer songs on it. Drag City is reissuing the album and I highly recommend seeking it out.
PVT Announce New Album, Check Out Their "Throbbing Vintage" New Song
It uses found-sound samples and "throbbing vintage drum machines," so it sounds like we are off to a fast and interesting start.
Dave Hartley From The War On Drugs Has New Music Arriving as Nightlands Next Year, Listen to A Preview
It's an echoey indie pop kind of thing, reminiscent of 70's California pop.
New Grooveshark Goes Live With Tools For Independent Musicians and Social Media Upgrade
If you're and indie musician, check out what they're offering to help you with your cause. If you're a listener, you get better recommendations on music and social tools to see what your circles are listening to.
REVIEW: Police Teeth - Police Teeth
The guys in the band clearly put their collective cojones into aggressive Mission of Burmaesque "indie" rock, but about half way through the album I started looking around, thinking to myself, "What else could I be doing? Isn't it time I queue up Nude for Satan on Netflix?"
Ultra Music Festival Moves to TWO WEEKENDS for 2013
The Ultra Music Festival 2013 dates are March 15 - 17 AND 22 - 24. That's right, the Ultra Music Festival is going to two weekends and tickets go on sale on Oct. 17. There's an announcement happening today and you can catch the live stream announcement.
Saint Etienne Are Reissuing Massive Casino Classics Remix Album
St Etienne are reissuing their massive compilation Casino Classics, a two-disc effort that includes remixes from the likes of the Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Underworld and more.
Xbox Music Player Release Date Is Happening Tuesday
So this Xbox Music thing seems to be really happening ... anybody using one will have access to a new streaming music service being rolled out by Microsoft starting Tuesday.
Ulrich Schnauss Plots New Album for Next Year, Listen To An Advance Track Now
He's back! Find out what he's been up to ...
New Toro Y Moi Album: Underground VS Pop
Chaz continues experimenting with new directions.
Dinosaur Jr. Is Releasing a Live Album Called “Chocomel Daze (Live 1987)” To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of You’re Living All Over Me
It was from a stellar European tour.
The band doesn't waste time setting up any arty notions, they get right down to the pummeling on the first tune "Headache" and don't let up for thirty minutes.
New Releases Coming From New Order
There's the outakes album coming out this Fall and the possibility of new music next year.
BBC Starts iPlayer Radio As a Dedicated App for iPhone, iPad, Android
Now you get it as a dedicated app, or even in the browser.
Rage On This: Rage Against The Machine Announce 20th Anniversary Box Set
A good soundtrack for your next #Occupy party or just for the get up and go Rage fan.
REVIEW: Tame Impala - Lonerism
It would be cheap misunderstanding to coin Tame Impala with the common adage, “They’re just 60’s revivalists.” While Lonerism still retains some similarities to their debut, Innerspeaker, as they expand upon their psychedelic sonic palate, Lonerism is more confident, less tangential, more compelling, and overall just a better album.
New Bjork Remix Album: Bastards
Death Grips, Omar Souleyman, Hudson Mohawke and more. Find out who's in and when it will be released.
Blur Will Headline Both Primavera Sound and Primavera Sound Optimus In 2013
Maybe it's going to be the year of Blur?
Mogwai Remix Album A Wretched Virile Lore Gets Release Details, Listen to A Song Now
New music is on the way, listen to one of the songs from the album.
REVIEW: Total Control - Scene From A Marriage
Shambling acoustic strums open the tune, setting up a rustic (folky) impression, but that is all misdirection. Electric guitars and full band "alternative" volume crashes the scene.
Bikini Kill Is Going To Rerelease Their First EP On Their New Label Bikini Kill Records
Punk riot-grrrl band from the 90's Bikini Kill is moving forward on their promise to reissue their back catalog with the announcement that they're starting with their first self-titled EP from 1992.
Glastonbury Festival Tickets Sell Out, Tickets Set New Record
There's still a chance to get tickets, though ...
Domino Announces Remix Compilation With Tons of Good Electronic Music Artists: Motion Sickness
It includes match ups like Tricky and Maya Jane Coles, Four Tet and Joy Orbison, Hot Chip and Daphni, Clinic and DFA among others. | STREAM
BBC Working On Streaming Music Service Called Playlister
The Beeb wants to expand the iPlayer to include a music service.
Dirty Work: Dispatch
Taking an in-depth look at the trashy "bad" albums in a great band's history and finding the gems.
Today, I want to use this installment of this particular thread to highlight albums that made my GB list, but didn't make the cut for full-length articles.
REVIEW: Ceremony - “Everything Burns”
Nostalgia for angst guitar-rock? This song is for you.
Austin City Limits Webcast Schedule Announced, Night Shows Too
Austin City Limits has announced its livestream webcast schedule for this year, and Night Shows as well. See who plays when.
Treasure Island Festival Silent Disco Lineup Announced
They announced the Silent Disco lineup, check out who's playing when.
REVIEW: Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes
While it still retains Flying Lotus’ electronic jazz staple, the album ventures into atypical, otherworldly concepts that somehow remain memorable and relevant.
Richie Hawtin Is Doing New CNTRL: Beyond EDM With Loco Dice and Others
Richie Hawtin has been a part of electronic music for a long time, and know he's giving back to the community by rolling out a new traveling daytime lecture series/live show tour thing with the hope that he and his peeps will offer inspiration for the next generation of DJ's and electronic music provocateurs.
Happening This Month: New Godspeed You! Black Emporer Album
It sounds conflicted. It sounds awesome. It sounds like a Godspeed You! Black Emporer album.
Green Man Festival 2013 Early Bird Tickets Are On Sale
Get in while you can. Find out the details on a limited number of tickets.
Lollapalooza Brazil Announces 2013 Lineup
Following on the heels of Lollapalooza Chile, they've named names. Find out who's on the list.
REVIEW and PHOTOS: The Kills & Black Bananas - “Converse City Carnage” at Hudson River Park’s Pier 63
Hazy brained yet sharp as daggers, Black Bananas are really clicking live with their post-RTX material at this point. Read the full review and check out great photos from the performance. | PHOTOS

Lollapalooza Chile Announced Their Lineup,
Tickets Are On Sale

You should see who's playing!
Dave Sitek (TV On the Radio) Is Starting A New Label, Trent Reznor Is The First Release
Dave Sitek from TV On the Radio wants you to know that he's not just a musician and producer, he's also starting a recording label today called Federal Prism.
New Box Set From The Jam : The Gift Gets Release Details
Jam out to the new deep box set from The Jam.
Decibel Festival Begins Today
Dig electronic music? The Decibel Festival kicked off today and goes all weekend long. Find out more.
CMJ Marathon Announces Third Wave
of Bands for 2012 Festival
The CMJ Music Marathon named their third wave of lineup announcements today, adding names like Ghostface Killah, Dum Dum Girls, Eleanor Friedberger, Born Ruffians, Dent May and more. Check out the complete lineup and find out more about one of the season's biggest music gatherings.
New Bad Brains Album Features Adam Yauch Tribute
The classic seminal punk band Bad Brains has a new album coming out called Into The Future, although it looks to their classic past as much as it does to the future.
Crystal Castles Announce New Album: III, Release "Wrath of God" Free MP3 Download
III is short on titles, but hopefully big on music, it's an effort from the band that will wee keyboard player Ethan Kath enforcing an analog only mindset by abandoning computers for the recording and getting new synthesizers and keyboards.
Brian Eno Announces New Solo Album: LUX
Brian Eno has announced his first solo album for Warp Records. Not wanting to start things off on the wrong foot, he's setting out to create a four song, 75 minute group of songs.
REVIEW: YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN - "John, I'm Only Dancing"
Paper Bag Records is releasing a free download covers compilation titled Paper Bag Records vs. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders of Mars. Find out how it's going.
New Myspace Experience Focuses on Music, Playlists And Actually Looks Pretty Good
Myspace is back ... and their getting ready to go live with a revamped Myspace music and entertainment experience soon. It actually looks good, and it should be interesting to see how it turns out.
Grooveshark Goes Global With New HTML5 App
Grooveshark has definitely found it's groove lately, and their HTML5 app is now available in most countries arounf the world.
REVIEW: Animal Collective - Centipede Hz
The band you love to hate ... or maybe the band you love to love. Animal Collective is one of the few bands out there that combines daring inventiveness with their own distinctive sound.
Feist Wins Polaris Prize for Metals
She had lots of competition too, find out more.
Andrew Bird Announces New Hands of Glory EP,
Listen to A New Song
A new EP is on the way this Fall, check out a new song. | STREAM
Animal Collective Announce New Applesauce EP
A new single is on the way, hear a song now .... | STREAM
Trent Reznor On the How To Destroy Angels EP
In November & New Album Next Year
New music is on its way!
The Replacements Movie Color Me Obsessed
Hits DVD In November
Color me impressed, it looks like a good movie.
Dirty Projectors Announce New "About To Die" EP
With A New Video
Single or EP? We report, you decide. Also, check out their new video, out today.
Treasure Island Festival Night Shows Announced
Araabmuzik and SBTRKT are part of the list ... find out who else.
Mount Moriah Signs to Merge Records With
2 New Albums Soon, Hear A Preview
Mount Moriah ... It's an underground music story for sure, straight out of the music mecca of Chapel Hill, NC, Heather McEntire (Bellafea) and Jenks Miller (Horseback) got together as Mount Moriah as way to escape the trappings of their current bands. The post-punk Bellafea and psych metal of Horseback naturally led to ... the combination of rock and folk music. It's a natural progression, right?
Stereolab To Reissue Vinyl of Dots and Loops
and Emporer Tomato Ketchup
The band that redefined Kraut as interpreted through indie rock, and THEN went on to reinterpret lounge and jazz through electronic music -- STEREOLAB is reissuing their two most classic and most commercially successful albums on vinyl. These of course are Emperor Tomato Ketchup and Dots and Loops (which you can stream in full after the jump). | STREAM
Sam Prekop Talks on Innovation with The Sea and Cake, Listen to A Demo
The band used a new process of reworking songs other band members had rewritten to take them in a fresh direction. Listen to a demo of one of the songs on the album Runner. | STREAM
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Signs to Jagjaguwar Records, Check Out New Music
Jagjaguwar Records have signed Portland band Unknown Mortal Orchestra, in a week of numerous indie label signings, including Jagjaguwar sister label Dead Oceans. As for Unknown Mortal Orchestra, they'll roll along a common approach ... | STREAM
Governor's Ball Festival Announces 2013 Dates
Find out the skinny on next year's show.
All Tomorrow's Parties Announces 2013 Festivals and Tickets, Curated by Deerhunter and TV On the Radio
They've laid plans for two ATP festivals for next year ... find out more about the lineup plans and tickets.
Merge Signs William Tyler and Reigning Sound
They've landed two new bands, find out more about each.
Dead Oceans Signs Night Beds
Dead Oceans gets Nashville-fried with the addition of Night Beds, a indie folk music project led byWinston Yellen from Nashville. | VIDEO
SXSW Music Ticket Deadline on Friday
Register by noon CST on Sept. 21 to get in on lower SXSW ticket prices.
Bonnaroo Announces 2013 Dates
It's a different weekend than last year ... find out more and watch videos from the festival.
Mercury Music Prize Short List Announced with Django Django, Field Music and More
The word is in ... find out who made the list.
The Twilight Sad Announce US Tour For No One Can Ever Know: The Remixes
Scottish post-rock band The Twilight Sad have just announced a US tour for November, one that is in support of their new remix album No One Can Ever Know" The Remixes.
ATP I'll Be Your Mirror New York Launches Mix Tape
The ATP I'll Be Your Mirror festival in New York starts on September 21st, today they released the official ATP New York mix tape. Listen to or download the mix and get the skinny on this year's show.
iPhone 5 Release Date Is Sept 21, Features "The Best iPhone We Have Ever Shown"
The new iPhone 5 release date rolled out today, and it's Sept. 21 as predicted. The iPhone 5 rumors proved to be spot on, most of what was theorized came true. Apple is calling it their fastest Phone rollout ever ... plus there’s a massive iTunes redesign coming as iTunes 11.
New Grooveshark App Is Only The Beginning, Grooveshark Says
If freedom's just another word for nothin' left lose, then Grooveshark might actually turn their recent run-in with the Google Play app store into a win.
Watch David Byrne and St Vincent on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
They two hit Late Night to perform two songs.
Pirate Bay Gets Censored By Google
They've been blacklisted but still show up in some searches.
New Sonic Youth Live Album Coming ...
From A Cassette Tape
The live show happened as Sonic Youth was doing the Bad Moon Rising tour of the US, and true to analog form at the time, it was recorded on 4-track cassette. Talk about tape hiss to add to the whole experience ... should be awesome.
Rare Mudhoney Video Getting a DVD Release in Berlin Independent Days Festival from 1988
Rare early footage from when they were still an up and coming band.
Moogfest Adds Death Grips and More
Lineup additions include Death Grips, Andy Stott, Harold Budd and more.
Musicfest NW In Photos: Day Four
The Hives, Milo Greene, Girl Talk, AU and more all head up the day four experience in Portland at Musicfest NW.
The New Spotify App: Browser Only Experience
Use Spotify? They might be changing the way you'll use the service, and it's probably for the better. Find out why.
Apple Streaming Music Service Could Be Happening As Pandora Radio Rival
With the iPhone 5 release date quickly descending upon us comes the news of a new Apple streaming radio service a la Pandora Radio, which is to say like Pandora but not coming from Pandora.
New Yo La Tengo Album Next Year With Tortoise's John McEntire
But the songs may have already started to morph beyond the recording for the live show ...
Blitzen Trapper Announce Fall Tour With Brandi Carlisle, The Head and The Heart
They will be playing many, many shows ...
Elbow Confirm New Album Is Happening, Play iTunes Festival
They already have ten songs ready to go.
Robert Pollard Premieres Jack Sells The Cow Track By Track, Check Out "Up For All That"
The ever-prolific Robert Pollard is spending time in between Guided By Voices albums releasing more new solo material, this time in a new album called Jack Sells The Cow. He'll be releasing a new song for streaming each day
Musicfest NW In Photos: Day Three
Day three was jam-packed with Beirut, Menomena, A-Trak, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Fucked Up, Black Mountain, Moon Duo and more. Check out photos and review of the days events.
Musicfest NW In Photos: Day Two
Purity Ring, These United States, Passion Pit, Omar Souleyman, Tanlines and more make up day two at Musicfest NW in Portland.
Musicfest NW In Photos: Day One
James Oborne hits the music festival in Portland all weekend long, check out photos from the first day.
REVIEW: Bob Mould - Silver Age
Silver Age finds Mould, along with drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Jason Narducy, in amazing form, comfortable with himself, yet still angry enough to critique the world around him. Singing and playing at a high level, the trio recall both Sugar and Husker Du in their attack and blazingly vibrant pop sound, but they have the knowledge of years of rocking behind them to know when to lay back and when to lean in.
Glastonbury Festival Ticket Prices Announced for 2013
They have this system of registration first, buying tickets second. Get up to speed on what you have to do and the deadlines involved.
Dirty Work: Black Flag
Henry Rollins screams at the opening of Black Flag's second full-length album My War and first after almost three years of legal battles that prevented them from releasing any music under the band's name. It was their war for sure, but it was also a conflict between those who challenge the established order and those who want to maintain the status quo. Black Flag's 1984 album My War is a monster from a band that has come to define the indie-80s in America's fertile underground.
REVIEW: Cat Power - Sun
Here we are at the tail end of summer and THE summer album (ok, maybe not "the" summer, but DAMN close to it) has been delivered. Leave it to the last minute right? Cat Power (er, Chan Marshall) suffered dark times between her last release (2008's covers collection Jukebox) and this one, but she's ready to embrace the light and joy of living out in the sunshine with her aptly titled new album Sun.
Bestival 2012 is Sold Out, Webcast
Happening This Weekend
If you were hoping to make it to Bestival this upcoming weekend (Sept. 6-9) tickets have sold out. The good news if you wanted to go but didn't get a ticket (or live in another part of the world) is that there's a Bestival Webcast happening on YouTube. Find out more and listen to Bestival podcast that features music from this year's lineup.
Happening This Weekend: Electric Zoo Festival
The Electric Zoo will enter its third year as New York's go to electronic music festival for dubstep, electro and more.
Happening This Weekend: North Coast Music Festival
The North Coast Music Festival calls itself "Summer's Last Stand" ... it happens Labor Day weekend in Union Square Park in Chicago, a festival to wind down the Summer festival season with three days of electronic music and hip-hop.
Happening This Weekend: FYF Fest
Headliners Refused, M83 and Beirut and more in State Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles.
Happening This Weekend: Bumbershoot Festival
It's the 40th Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, at the Seattle Center. It includes live music, comedy, theatre, dance, film, literary and visual arts.
Happening This Weekend: End of the Road Festival
The End of the Road festival was developed by Simon Taffe and Sofia Hagberg, who joked about how awesome it would be to put together their “perfect” festival with all of their favorite bands. The Larmer Tree Gardens is an intimate setting between North Dorset and Wiltshire, and is a mere two and a half hour journey from the heart of London and close to the famed Stonehenge.
Decemberists Side Project Black Prairie Will Release A Tear in the Eye is a Wound in the Heart
It includes appearances from fiddler Annalisa Tornfelt on vocals and John Moen on drums. Check out the live vide performance of the song "How Do You Ruin Me" and peep the tour dates. | VIDEO
Kim Dotcom Might Be Creating A Mega Platform
An Auckland court just released almost $5 million for him, and a recent Twitter barrage is showing signs of where Megaupload is going, namely a Spotify-like platform that will let app creators tap into a larger Megaupload platform.
Grooveshark Is Back, Baby
The so-called rogue app has been given the thumbs up for Google Play ... no word on the iTunes Store yet.
REVIEW: Wilco / Lee Ranaldo Band
Live at Brewery Ommegang
You can't kill the real deal. What makes someone devote their lives to unorthodox music, or chasing dreams op family, American glory or devoting daily faith in working to create their own business? Hopefully the answer is passion and integrity. | REVIEW AND SLIDESHOW
Iceland Airwaves Announces Final Lineup for 2012
The ultra cool festival is complete! Find out more.
Music Festivals: Consumer America?
It was early morning on January 13 and I clicked on the Coachella home screen button, “Buy Tickets” I was exuberant as I would be able to attend Coachella for the first time. Unfortunately, it came up to the waiting page. So I waited for ten minutes. But soon enough, ten minutes became thirty minutes and thirty minutes became an hour. And after four hours of waiting ...
Exitmusic Announce World Tour With Stops at Moog Festival and Iceland Airwaves
It's what every band fighting for more exposure would kill for ... a headlining tour. Exitmusic are heading out on exactly that this Fall, playing shows in the US and Canada with a run through Europe. | VIDEO
Kode9 Tour Dates Announced for September
Kode9 has dropped nine tour dates for the US for September, a rare chance to check out the scene and potentially new music. His song "Xingfu Lu" dropped on Hyperdub last month and portends the possibility of new music at the shows. | STREAM
Oneida Return From the Ocropolis With A List of the Burning Mountains, Listen to A Preview
The ultimate meditation on noise and space. | STREAM
Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces Nite Shows with A Place To Bury Strangers, Cadence Weapon and More
Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest has announced the schedule for its FunFunFunFest Nites, the night shows or aftershows that happen during the wee hours, at places around town and away from the festival.
reKiosk Offers A New Platform for
Indie Musicians and Authors
reKiosk is taking a cue from both the spread of social networks, blogs and indie publishing to create a new platform for indie musicians and writers to sell their wares.
Creamfields Festival Was Cancelled Due to "Severe Flooding"
Rain, rain and more RAIN.
New Kid 606 Album Lost in the Game Due Out In September, Hear "New Boss Same as Old Boss" Now
It's a vibey kind of thing that moves away from the IDM and glitch-oriented sounds he's known for. | STREAM
The Next Big Streaming Music Services
Move: Spotify Canada
Just like its movie counterpart Netflix, streaming music service Spotify is going meta on the global expansion ops, this time sneaking across the Canadian border to set up shop.
Dan Friel to Release EP on Thrill Jockey, Hear a Song
Thrill Jockey Records, the Chicago home of experimental music, will release a new EP from the electronic noise punk wildman Dan Friel on Oct. 16 with Valedictorian/Exoskeleton. | STREAM
Daughn Gibson Signs to Sub Pop, New Music Soon
Post-Chillwave electronica styled with northwest folk leanings, an interesting combination indeed. | STREAM
iTunes Festival Adds The Killers,
Countdown to September
10 days and counting until the start of the iTunes festival, playing live in London and on Apple devices everywhere. The Killers were added to the lineup today, and join the likes of Jack White, Band of Horses, Deadmau5, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Frightened Rabbit, Hot Chip and more.
New Album from Clinic in November,
Listen to Free Reign Now
It's the first new music since they released Bubblegum and you have free reign to listen the the album sampler. | STREAM
New Ty Segall Album Cover Surfaces,
Listen to a Song from the Album
Ty Segall is releasing his new album Twins on Oct. 9 on Drag City, and today we get the full album cover ... it's a twist on the promotional photo that's been floating around online. Get a peep and listen to a song from the album. | STREAM
ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror New York Adds Frank Ocean
He'll headline Friday night, as chosen by Greg Dulli. Find out more.
CMJ Lineup Announced for 2012
It's the first wave of performers, and there's more to come.
Rdio Lands TuneCore and CD Baby for Rdio App
Use Rdio? Your library just got a lot bigger.
What Legal Problem? Grooveshark
Lands Ten New Labels
Even though streaming music service Grooveshark is currently in an ongoing lawsuit known as Grooveshark VS Universal Music Group, it's cruising into deeper waters by landing ten new recording label agreements to license new music.
The New Soundgarden Album Now
Has A Name and a Video
The new Soundgarden album now has an official name and a video preview: the new album is called King Animal and has a release date of November 13. Check out the song "Worse Dreams." | VIDEO
We Were Promised Jetpacks US Tour for September
Scottish indie rock/post rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks have announced a series of US shows for September. Find out more and watch a video from the band. | VIDEO
Thrill Jockey 20th Anniversary Shows Announced with Tortoise, Pontiak, Trans Am and More
The Chicago-based experimental music label Thrill Jockey is celebrating 20 years of bringing us great new music with shows with great Thrill Jockey acts like Tortoise, Pontiak, Trans Am and more.
King Tuff Tour Dates Announced with The Intelligence, Poor Moon, Mike Watt + The Missingmen
The garage-psych sounds of King Tuff will be spending most of October and November on the road, with dates in support of his self-titled album. Look for shows with The Intelligence, Poor Moon, Mike Watt + The Missingmen, Man or Astro-man and Natural Child.
Silversun Pickups Add Tour Dates for Fall
It seems like Silversun Pickups have been on tour for Neck of the Woods for most of ths year (if not forever), but the hardest working band in music is adding more dates this Fall.
Dan Deacon on Redefining the Studio Experience and the Live Experience
He worked with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony last year and it changed the way he makes music. Also, hear a song from his new album America, due out next week. | STREAM
ATP Nightmare Before Christmas Announces More for 2012 Lineup
Mono, Neurosis, Prinzhorn Dance School, Melt Banana and more top the list of additions ... find out more. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
CMJ Announces Second Wave of Panels for CMJ 2012
A second round of panels were announced on August 16th, including names like "A New Wave of Electronic Phonic," "Advanced PR Techniques for the Digital World" and "I Stream, You Stream, We All Stream…For What!?" | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Soundgarden Let the New Album Release Date Fly
Still no name yet ... but now we know when and where.
DJ Shadow On Why Soundcloud Is Better Than the 1990's Way of Testing Out New Music
DJ Shadow on why Soundcloud vs old school music showcases is a better environment to test out new music. PLUS: preview his new Reconstructed release via -- you guessed it -- Soundcloud. | STREAM
Streaming VS Downloading: Why Streaming Is Losing the Battle But Winning the War
In the streaming VS downloading debate: streaming is catching up.
Orbital Announce New Tour Dates for September
Orbital are playing some newly added North American shows in September and October. PLUS: check out a live video. | VIDEO
SXSW PanelPicker Is Open for 2013 Festival
The SXSW PanelPicker democratizes the SXSW panel experience ... part of the panels are crowdsourced, then voting happens to decide on the final sessions. That voting is now open until the end of the month.
New Music From the Jonny Greenwood The Master Movie Soundtrack
The MAN is back with another film soundtrack from a Paul Thomas Anderson movie, the last time the two worked together was There Will Be Blood. | VIDEO
Ramona Falls Are Touring with The Helio Sequence
It's a Portland thing. Find out more and watch a video. | VIDEO
P.O.S. Announces New Album We Don't Even Live Here, Listen to a Preview
Minneapolis represents with a new P.O.S. album called We Don't Even Live Here.Find out more and listen to some new music. | STREAM
We Were Promised Jetpacks Announce Tour Dates
See where they're playing and watch a video. | VIDEO
London's iTunes Festival Announces 2012 Lineup With Jack White, Deadmau5 and Hot Chip
Word has hit the street about the 2012 iTunes Festival in London (+ Apple devices everywhere), and this year's event looks as good as ever.
Glastonbury Festival Might Get The Stone Roses as Headliners In 2013
Although the Glastonbury Festival took a break this year to give way to the 2012 Olympics, things are underway for Glastonbury 2013 and who might land in the lineup. Festival organizer Michael Eavis is excited ...
The Twilight Sad Are Doing A Remix Album: No One Can Ever Know - The Remixes
Remixes include work from Com Truise, Liars, Breton, Tom Furse (The Horrors) and more, not to mention a preference to rework the song "Sick."
Ben Gibbard Announces Tour for Former Lives
New US tour dates for his upcoming solo album Former Lives.
REVIEW: Fergus & Geronimo - "Roman Tick"
Fun and neo-psychedelic chaos. | STREAM
Reading and Leeds Music Festival Organizer Announces Brand New Micro Festival
The micro festival ... it's the new black. Or the new All Tomorrow's Parties.
Amazon Cloud Player Arrives on Sonos, Spotify on Amazon Kindle Fire
If you use the Amazon Cloud Player as your "music in the cloud" option, you can now consider Sonos devices for your music pleasure
Japandroids Announce US Tour Dates,
Launch New Video
They're going to be touring for the rest of their lives and they're doing it with ex Mika Miko band members... also check out their new video for "The House That Heaven Built." | VIDEO
Watch Grizzly Bear on The Colbert Report
You know you'll be there.
Grimes Hits Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday
Spacelab Collective: August 13
Animal Collective will broadcast their new album Centipede Hz on AC Radio next Sunday, and Demonoid is gone baby gone.
Virgin Mobile Freefest Announces 2012 Lineup
Jack White, Skrillex and NAS head up the lineup, get tickets on FreeFriday. Find out more.
Moogfest Tickets Are On Sale
Because you dream about hearing droning, gurgling synthesizer-based music played by your favorite bands.
ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror Melbourne Festival
Tickets On Sale Today
Get em' while they're hot!
In the Grips of New Music From Death Grips This Fall
The second album of the year from Death Grips has been officially announced ... plus a new song on the Adult Swim singles series.
iPhone 5 Release Date for September
Features Unibody iPhone 5
The iPhone 5 release date could be on us with the favored September 12 announcement from Apple only a month away. A new iTunes is likely to happen at the same time. | VIDEO
New Cat Power Tour Dates
The new Cat Power album Sun is getting closer to its release date, now new tour dates have been thrown on the table as well. Check out shows all over North America with shows in Mexico City as well as Toronto and Montreal; in the US she sticks mostly to the coasts and the south ... a wise move given that the tour dates are for October and November.
Ted Leo Announces Tour with Aimee Mann
New tour dates today, and his new album is on the way soon. | VIDEO
REVIEW: Bob Mould - "The Descent"
Bob Mould is as Mouldy as ever on his new single "The Descent" from his forthcoming studio album Silver Age (Merge - Sept. 4th). "The Descent" is everything Mould fans want: loud ringing guitars, tightly built vs-ch-vs structure, melodically singsongy, and above all GOOD ROCK.
Deadmau5 Unplugged: It's Time To Chill, He Says
Deadmau5 might be offline for a while ...
Kim Dotcom Trial: Dotcom On
the Raid of His Home by the FBI
Kim Dotcom on getting punched in the face during the US-led raid of his home in January ...
Zoe Keating on Why Spotify Is
Great for Listening, Bad for $$$
Spotify: it's the new radio, not the new CD.
Busdriver Expands Tour Schedule, Releases new video
Busdriver will be touring in Europe and then southern US shows, as announced today. Also released today: the new Busdriver video for "Utilitarian Uses Of Love" created by Chris Coats. | VIDEO
Poor Moon Adds Tour Dates with Beach House
Sub Pop folk band Poor Moon have scheduled more Fall tour dates with labelmates Beach House. The band is supporting their self-titled debut album that will be released on Aug. 28. Download or stream their song "Birds." | STREAM
Balmorhea and Their Ambient Americana
The New Yorker calls Balmorhea "slow burning, wordless, and ambient Americana," so check it out for yourself and post your thoughts. | STREAM
CMJ 2012 Panels Announced
The CMJ Marathon draws closer (as does Fall, not to freak anyone out), and they've announced an initial set of panels for CMJ 2012.
Last.FM Gets a Redesign
Last.FM has rolled out a redesign on many of its pages ... All in all it's a great new layout, it's clean and simplifies the user experience, giving the site a fresh and modern look.
REVIEW: Redd Kross - Researching the Blues
Redd Kross is back ya'll! After fifteen years of no new studio material and thirty-four years after being infected with a punk urge to rock, the McDonald brothers deliver Researching the Blues (Merge). The album is perfectly in step with today's growing nostalgia for garage pop/rock as well as just being a great excuse to rock.
Interpol / Julian Plenti Guy Paul Banks is Releasing a Solo Album, Listen to a MP3
Interpol vocalist/guitarist Paul Banks is releasing a solo album called Banks on Oct. 23 via Matador Records. Check out his new song "The Base."
Skrillex Compares Electronica to the Ramones
in Interview
"People called them illiterate musicians."
Bob Mould Releases New MP3 From
New Album Silver Age
Bob Mould is BACK! But he never really left.
Britt Daniels of Spoon Talks About
His New Band Spl:t S:ingle
It includes members of Telekinesis/Verbow and Superchunk/Mountain Goats.
Toro Y Moi Announces Tour Dates
Toro Y Moi has announced a handful of shows for this month and next month, following an appearance at Lollapalooza over the weekend.
Outside Lands Music Festival Sells Out
of Tickets for 2012 Lineup
San Francisco's Outside Lands festival happens next week, and word has just come through that it's sold out! Find what you're missing (a lot) or what you're seeing (a lot) if you have tickets.
Moogfest 2012 Lineup Announced, Tickets On Friday, Electronic Music-Heavy Lineup
It's a decidedly more electronic music-based lineup than some previous years, where the lineup focused on indie rock and more organic-sound type of bands. I guess Moogfest organizers have gotten rid if their guitars and bought turntables instead. Check out a complete lineup.
Buy CMJ Tickets By August 13 to Save $50
You have one week left to save cash-money.
Electric Zoo 2012 Tickets Are Going Fast
Certain types of tickets have sold out, others are going fast.
Leeds and Reading Festival 2012 Lineup Update
Here We Go Magic was forced to "cancel Europe in August," Future of the Left will fill the magic void on the NME/Radio 1 stage.
Indie App Creators Face the Same Challenge
as Indie Musicians
Freemium vs paid, so called big music labels vs indie labels or unsigned artists. How can artists "get found" with so much noise?
Beware the Torrent
Torrent tracker and index Demonoid was hit by a denial of service attack (DDOS) and starting downloading viruses to users via advertising.
Soundcloud Is Making A Move Into the Spoken Word
Soundcloud is clearing the skies for "radio news professionals, podcasters, and indie storytellers" in an attempt to expand into the spoken word.
The Stone Roses are Working on a New Album
The magic is back.
Lollapalooza Live Stream 2012 Schedule for Saturday
The Lollapalooza live stream video webcast is on for Saturday, the schedule includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Washed Out, Fun., Alabama Shakes, and Neon Indian (among others); all set for the Lollapalooza webcast. | VIDEO
INFOGRAPHIC: How Much Do You Stream Music Now, Compared to Last Year? Most Stream Less
Worldwide trends show that music streaming is happening less than in 2011. Has the novelt worn off?
Amon Tobin To Release Two Fingers Album,
Check Out A Preview
It has all of the Amon Tobin elements spun in a completely fresh way. | STREAM
Les Claypool and Primus Are Doing a 3D Tour
Quad Surround Sound and original 3D content for this tour. No confirmation on whether audience members will be 3D or 2D.
Regina Spektor Announces Tour Dates
Regina Spektor has announced her Fall Tour, playing shows with Only Son as the opening act.
Spacelab Collective: August 2
Les Claypool and Primus are doing a 3D tour, and Regina Spektor is going on tour.
The Luyas Announce New Album Animator,
Out on Dead Oceans
Dream Pop band The Luyas are set to release their latest album on Dead Oceans ... the album is titled Animator and the release date is Oct. 16. There's a dark influence on this album ... the band received word of a death during the recording sessions and it had an impact on the sound and shape of Animator.
Green Day Live Large with The Studio Albums Box Set
They're going to make everyone go to Best Buy to get it, so it's a box set at a big box retailer in a big way. | VIDEO
Google's Nexus Q Music Player Gets an Upgrade
If you ordered one -- you might have to wait, but hey, it's because they're going to make it better.
Moogfest Will Announce Its 2012 Lineup
and Tickets on Monday
The Moogfest lineup will be announced on August 6th and Moogfest tickets will go on sale on August 10th. Weekend passes, daily general admission tickets and VIP tickets will allow access to all shows and venues.
Stephen Colbert Announces Colbchella -
Watch the Video
Stephen Colbert is bringing back Colbchella for its second showing as a music festival with acts like Grizzly Bear, the Flaming Lips, Grandmaster Flash (!) and Santigold. Watch the video and find out about tickets, as well as TV performances. | VIDEO
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group Announces World Tour
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group is touring for their brand-spankin' new album Octopus Kool Aid, plus listen to music from the album. | STREAM
SXSW 2013 Tickets Are On Sale
Prices go up in November, tickets are for SXSW Music, Interactive and Film.
Treasure Island Festival Adds Joann Newsom to Lineup
A music festival in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, the Treasure Island Music Festival is a small, two-day offering that brings in some of the best acts available in music today.
Bassnectar Drops the Bass on New Tour Dates
"Hide yer kids, hide yer wife; we’ll be stampeding through the cities listed below with no brain left unmelted ..." | VIDEO
Corin Tucker Band Drops New Single AND Tour
Corin Tucker is gettin' the Corin Tucker Band back together for a west coast tour, plus she's also released the song "Neskowin" today. | STREAM
Mountain Goats Fall Tour Transcendental Youth Announced
Mountain Goats have announced their Fall tour today, in support of their upcoming album release of Transcendental Youth on October 2nd. The tour starts a week after that. | STREAM
Boomslang Festival Announces 2012 Lineup
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jeff Mangum, Das Racist and Deerhoof. Find out more.
Thurston Moore ... Joins Another Band
Thurston Moore is spreading his (post?)-Sonic Youth Wings with another project, he's joing the black metal band Twilight.
SPIN Magazine or SPUN Magazine?
"Whether Spin, an alternative music magazine founded in 1985, will disappear in printed form altogether is unclear."
Flip-Flop: Century Media Returns to Spotify
Could this be the beggining of a new trend of labels reversing their hasty Spotify pullouts?
Why? Announce New Album Mumps, Preview New Music
It's going to be all Why? Why? Why? for the rest of the year. Find out why. | VIDEO
Jason Lytle of Granddady Announces New Album Dept. of Disappearance, Listen to a Song
New album, new song and Grandaddy reunion shows. | STREAM
Matt and Kim Announce Tour Dates
Lightning starts to strike this week.
Al Jourgensen From Ministry Collapses
Onstage Over the Weekend
Old school industrial guy Al Jourgensen from Ministry collapsed onstage in Paris over the weekend, immediately raising false allegations of drug use or drinking.
Universal Music Might Get Rid Of Mute Records, Parlophone and Ministry of Sound
Universal Music has been looking to takeover EMI for a while now, and new details have emerged on how that might take shape.
Guided By Voices Announce Another New Album Release for This Year
Guided By Voices or guided by album releases? GBV just laid out plans for their third album this year, with more on the way.
Animal Collective Announce New Animal Collective Radio, Starts This Weekend
Animal Collective start their new Animal Collective Radio this Sunday night. Find out more.
The Stone Roses Just Wanna Be Adored
AWESOME footage of the Stone Roses playing their classic song.
TorrentFreak vs RIAA and Offline Swapping vs Megaupload
The RIAA says that 65% of all music files are not bought music files, and most come from offline swapping instead of Bit Torrent or P2P. Where do you get your music from?
Aaaaaand They're Back: Pinback and Their New Album
Find out when and watch their new video.
Crystal Castles and HEALTH are Touring
In what's going to be one of the best shows going this Fall, Crystal Castles are touring with HEALTH.
New Tame Impala Song: "Elephant"
Tame Impala released a new song called "Elephant" today, from their upcoming album Lonerism. | STREAM
The Sea and The Cake Announce Album,
Drop New Song
You can have your cake and listen too when The Sea and The Cake release a new album titled Runner this Fall. Listen to the first track available from the album with "Harps." | STREAM
The Antlers Announce New Shows
The Antlers released their new EP Undersea this week, so it's time for -- a TOUR!
Outside Lands Schedule Announced
If you're going to be there, you should check this out -- if you're not going to be there, you should still check this out. | 2012 FESTIVAL GUIDE
Austin City Limits Schedule Announced
Three days of fun in the sun in Austin with some of the best music in the country. Find out who and when. | 2012 FESTIVAL GUIDE
Slideshow: Sled Island Festival
Feist, Craig Finn, Nardwuar, Andrew WK, NoMeansNo and more.
REVIEW: Laetitia Sadier - Silencio
Put this on and paint a masterpiece of your own, write a manifesto, make some love not war or something.
Exitmusic Begin Tour
Find out where and watch their live performance. | VIDEO
Mountain Goats Release “Cry for Judas”
To remind us of their new album Transcendental Youth in the Fall. | STREAM
Hot Chip, The Olympics and YOU
Hot Chip dropped their "How Do You Do" video today, with the reminder that "they've also been selected to soundtrack the London 2012 Olympics. | VIDEO
Lollapalooza Live Stream Webcast Schedule Announced
Who's in? Three days of live stream broadcasts, with lots of archived material if you miss it when it happens. | VIDEO
REVIEW: Sugar - Copper Blue and Beaster
Sugar carried on the work of Husker Du, creating a sound similar to what became the early 90s grunge era, but apart from the junkie metal vibe and closer to that of pop songwriting. Mould's not a poet, but he is a lyricist of empathy and emotive power that few can match.
Sony Walkman Releases 2 New Android Music Players
Anybody who knows what the connection between a pencil and the old school Sony Walkman in the days of cassette tapes can rest assured that your first portable music player lives on today in the digital realm. Now there's two brand new Walman players for Android.
Deluna Fest 2012 Announces Layout for Festival With Video
Check out the layout of the grounds in the new fly-by video. The beach-side festival is always good with DJ and side stages.
Reading and Leeds 2012 Festivals Announce BBC Introducing Stage Lineup
Check out the who's who of the acts the Beeb is calling next year's best music. | READING FESTIVAL | LEEDS FESTIVAL
Snowden Announce First New Album in 6 Years
Austin Music City faves Snowden are returning from a six-year hiatus on albums with No One In Control. Listen to the first song and find out more. | STREAM
New MP3 from Fergus and Geronimo,
New Album and Video
NEW, the word of the day. Good band. | VIDEO
Django Django Land Label Deal, Storm the US Soon
Check out new music and find out more about the album. | VIDEO
AC Newman: New Album, No Title, No Release Date
There IS a tour, and the album deets will be released eventually.
Spacelab Collective: July 24
New MP3s and album information from Fergus and Geronimo, AC Newman announced an album with no name and no known release date yet, while Django Django have landed a US recording label and will release an album soon. | VIDEO
Dan Snaith Annonces a Non-Caribou Project Release: JIAOLONG from Daphni
"I’ve been building a modular synthesizer, which plays a prominent role on this album. It growls or screams when I don’t expect it to."
Rdio Android App Gets UX Upgrade
New music freaks will dig the fact that new releases are now shown in a streamlined grid view for better browsing. Overall, the new Rdio app seems like more of a user experience upgrade than anything else, but UX is that all important special sauce that separates the men from the boys in the streaming music services game ... either the experience is good or users stampede to one of the many other music services out there.
REVIEW: John Frusciante - Letur-Lefr
Best known as a former Chili Pepper, Frusciante has also had an active musical career outside his funky mega famous ex-band, but this EP isn't exactly what I was expecting.
Frank Ocean Opens Up
Uncomfortable issue: sincere message or cheap marketing ploy?
Kid Koala Gets All Robert Johnson on New Album 12 Bit Blues: Hip hop meets the blues via electronic music
So much for the Deadmau5 "button pusher" thing.
Silversun Pickups Announce Fall Tour
Silversun Pickups announced a Fall headling tour today, with shows lined up for September with School of Seven Bells and Atlas Genius as opening acts.
Bat For Lashes Release Video and NSFW Album Cover
The new Bat For Lashes album The Haunted Man will be released on Oct. 15, and today we get our first taste of new music and and the saucy NSFW album cover. Check out the video for "Laura."
Deerhoof Announce New Album Beakup Song
PLUS preview new music from the album
Yesss: Sebadoh Returns with new EP
Dig Bubble and Scrape? You'll love the new EP, says Lou Barlow.
Father John Misty Announces Tour
Announces Tour Dates
Sub Pop band/guy Father John Misty is going on tour this Fall in support of his album Fear Fun. Find out more and listen to a track from the album.
Epitonic Launches Record Label
Remember the classic (and OG original) "music discovery" web site Epitonic, that blazed a trail in the 2000'a turning everyone on to great new music? After disappearing for a number of years, the site came back last year and has today announced a new Epitonic recording label.
Classic David Lynch Movie Eraserhead
Soundtrack To Be Released
The classic David Lynch movie Eraserhead will see its soundtrack released via Sacred Bones Records.
Spacelab Collective: July 23
Father John Misty has announced a tour, Epitonic is starting a recording label and the classic indie film Eraserhead is seeing its soundtrack released with extra art work.
Elbow Has Created Dead In The Boot (Not Outakes) As a Side Release
The EP will tide everyone over until a new album is released.
Underworld to Will Release Isle of Wonder 2012 Olympics Music After Opening Ceremony
That time has come ... the Olympics will take over lives for a few weeks and Underworld is part of that. Find out more.
Coming Soon: Lollapalooza Live Stream and Festival
The Lollapalooza music festival is less than two weeks away ... check out our overview of what's in store. A complete lineup, after shows and ticket information, and how to find the Lollapalooza live stream.
iPhone 5 Release Looks for An October Release With iWallet
What a difference a week makes. Last week the iPhone 5 release date chatted had trended towards August, now it's moved back into a more reality-based October launch. We've got talk from Verizon on why that's possible, new reports of a thinner and more vibrant screen technology, as well as some verifying of the cool new NFC technology for iWallet. There's more too, check out the week's happenings. | VIDEO
Jack White Expands Tour Schedule
Jack White has expanded his set of Blunderbuss tour dates, see where the new shows are. | VIDEO
Stars Release New Single on Soundcloud
Listen to "Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give it." | STREAM
Matt and Kim Announce New Album Lightning
Find out more and watch the video for the lead single "Let's Go." | VIDEO
Daily Motion Expands Video Services
Have YouTube fatigue? Tired of Vimeo? You might want to check out the newly revamped Daily Motion for your band's next live stream webcast or video launch.
Megaupload Lawsuit Judge Steps Down
Controversy because he called the U.S. "the enemy," and delivered a paper at a conference against the current state of copyright law. So what's the problem here?
Yesss: New Flying Lotus Details for Until the Quiet Comes, Due in October
New music, new tour and new guest appearances, living large.
DJ Shadow Announces Two Epic Retrospective Releases: The Reconstructed Series
One for the fan and one for the SUPERFAN. | STREAM
S.S. Coachella Festival Cruise
Announces Lineup and Tickets
S.S. Coachella - two cruises, one lineup, awesome time. The people who brought us the famous Coachella Festival have just launched a new festival on a boat and it's called S.S. Coachella. Check out a lineup and find out more. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Turbo Fruits Announce Butter Tour,
Check out “Harley Dollar Bill$”
Turbo Fruits have announced Fall headlining shows that coincide with the release of their album Butter (release date Sept. 11). Check out their new single “Harley Dollar Bill$.” | STREAM
Azure Ray Announce New Album, Preview New Music
Azure Ray have announced a new album called As Above So Below. Check out the lead single “Scattered Like Leaves” and peep the tour dates. | MP3
Polaris Prize 2012 Short List Announced
The Polaris Music Prize announced their 2012 Short List today, narrowing their list to ten acts that will vie for the 2012 Polaris Music Prize. The Short List finalists were announced at an event in Toronto, and it included names like Handsome Furs, Grimes, Cadence Weapon, Japandroids, Feist and others who will vie for the Polaris Prize. Check out the full list after the jump.
REVIEW: Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan
There are several gorgeous and palpable moments in this album which The Dirty Projectors nail perfectly. But at times the album meanders without much reward.
Ben Gibbard (Death Cab, Postal Service)
Is Releasing a Solo Album This Fall
They're not leftovers, he's saying. All are tracks from throughout his career that didn't fit in with what he was currently doing. They'll be released this Fall.
Spacelab Collective: July 17
New Flying Lotus with Radiohead's Thom Yorke and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult are going on tour.
New Arcade Fire Album Coming in 2013
It was announced on Twitter over the weekend.
All Tomorrow's Parties Nightmare Before Christmas Announces Initial 2012 Lineup
Curated by "Shellac of North America," ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas winds out the festival year. The inital lineup announced today includes Wire, Mission of Burma, Arcwelder and more. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
iPhone 5 Release Date: New iPhone 5
Concept Pictures EMERGE
The iPhone 5 release date guessing has taken a serious turn towards the earlier, with new theories talking about an iPhone 5 release that’s been bumped up earlier to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S III. There’s talk of an August 7 iPhone 5 release date, which is different than the earlier theories that favored September or October. This would include the iOS6 release date as well, and new iPhone 5 features have emerged based on concept pictures shown after the jump.
Radiohead and Pink Floyd Members Slam Copyright Law
"You thus legitimise one of the most problematic forms of embezzlement adopted by some collecting societies ..."
Pandora Radio Down Under: Expanding
Into Australia and New Zealand
It seems that the great race is on for for all of the streaming music sites to expand globally.
TEN KENS to Release ONE New Album: Namesake
Toronto band Ten Kens (the band in which you buy one Ken and get nine for free) are getting ready to release a new album. | VIDEO
Outside Lands Festival 2012 Announces Night Shows
San Francisco's Outside Lands festival has just announced its night shows for this year, creating a hedonistic after-festival party land for everyone to see more performance by the acts from the festival. They'll play out at The Independent, California Academy of Sciences, Rickshaw Stop and Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Check out a full lineup.
Fun Fun Fun Fest Announces 2012 Lineup and Tickets
Run DMC, Santigold, Refused, De La Soul, Edward Sharpe, David Cross and Explosions in the Sky head up the lineup, and tickets go on sale today.
Ultra Music Festival Can U Feel It Video
On UMF TV Starting July 15
Remember the super-vivid live stream of the Ultra Music Festival earlier this year? Maybe one of the best live concert videos I've ever seen, and by live I mean live broadcast as opposed to shot and edited. They debuted a movie at the festival, with footage from the previous festival, called Can U Feel It. That movie goes live on the web this Sunday, find out more.
Another Day, Another Robert Pollard Album
Because you just need one more.
Sun Airway Announce Soft Fall Album, Check Out the Song "Close"
New album this Fall, new song today. Find out more. | STREAM
Nathan Fake Has A New Album
Steam Days
Coming in August
It's all real, he's returning with his first new album in three years.
Garbage Add More Tour Dates
They're not ready to throw it all away just yet.
eMusic Creates Woody Guthrie Map
It shows 20 of his best songs, have you viewed your daily infographic today?
Okkervil River Hit the Road in August
They're gonna take over your town.
Black Moth Super Rainbow Goes Kickstarter for New Album Cobra Juicy
Adding on to the momentum by recent successful Kickstarter campaigns of Amanda Palmer and Dirty Laundry TV is the new album by the ultra-experimentalist Black Moth Super Rainbow, titled Cobra Juicy. | VIDEO
Looking for More: Where Do You Go When the Blues Isn't Enough?
Jack White VS The Black Keys in how to keep your influences fresh and your music on the move.
REVIEW: METZ - "Headache"
When I see the Sub Pop label these days I don't think of Fleet Foxes, I still think of Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Mudhoney. I think of Seattle coffee junkies (real H junk heads too of course) and rain rain rain depressions channeled into thuddy heavy rock music. | STREAM
In a Band? This Is Why You're Not
Getting Paid By Spotify
The nexus of Spotify to recording labels to band payouts. Exposed.
BUZZMEDIA has bought SPIN magazine in an abundance of names with capital letters and the kind of momentum that has made BUZZMEDIA the fourth largest publisher of digital content for music. They've gone a buying rampage lately -- check out all the sites you visit that are owned by BUZZMEDIA. You might be surprised enough to use all capital letters in your reaction ...
Foxygen Announce Tour Dates, Ironic YouTube Video "VHS Version"
Find out more and see the video. | VIDEO
Beth Orton Announces New Album Tour and Video
It's the daily trifecta.
Dan Deacon Debuts More New Music
Listen to his new song "True Thrush" now. | STREAM
Stars Announce North American Fall Tour
Find out more and how to get tickets.
Check Out the New Foals !K7 Mix Tape
Hear 10 minutes now, it's available later this month. | STREAM
REVIEW: Mission of Burma - “Dust Devil”
Mission of Burma are releasing the album Unsound this week. "Dust Devil" is the first single from said album. When I first heard it I thought, "MoB never suck." The Burma's simply have IT. | STREAM / MP3
Rdio VS Spotify: Rdio Invades Sweden and Finland
Rdio continues its global expansion with a new move into Sweden and Finland, and might even unfold into Asia. The move into Sweden is right into the home territory of Spotify, so the Rdio VS Spotify battle should be a good one.
Dirty Projectors Tour Begins for Swing Lo Magellan
They're set to play shows from now through the beginning of November. The tour is in support of their new album Swing Lo Magellan, which arrives this week via Domino Records.
From The Basement Goes 3D, Will Be
Available in the U.S.
For the purists who might scoff at the idea of From The Basement cashing in on the 3D gimmick, given the long-standing integrity of the show (not too mention stellar production values, dig this from the show's organizers on why they went the 3D route ...
Grizzly Bear Drop New Info on Their
Upcoming Album Shields
They've unloaded more details on the new album, find out more and hear a song. | STREAM
iPhone 5 Release Date with iPad Mini:
Why You Want a New iPhone 5
With each passing week, the iPhone 5 release date chatter gets more lively, honing in what features will be part of an iPhone 5 release. This week was no let down as we heard talk about the iWallet that builds on the NFC Airdrop feature, doubled down on the quad-core processor and added an iPad Mini to boot. It's supposed to launch with the iPhone 5 and could make for an interesting holiday shopping season for both mobile phone and tablet buyers. | VIDEO
Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Burning with 2012 Release Date
For the growing legion of Amazon Kindle Fire people ... the second wave is coming, according to a new report this week. The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date should be sometime in the fourth quarter of the year, after August and September production schedules in Quanta. NPD Display Search analyst Richard Shim dropped the data on what he sees working his way through the building process, revealing these Amazon Kindle Fire 2 specs.
Xbox Music Player and Streaming is Happening, with iTunes Download Store
The new Microsoft Xbox Music will unload a new Xbox music streaming service and download store soon. They're working to license their music for the ultimate trifecta of music services: an Xbox music streaming service like Spotify, a paid download store and cloud-based storage to compete with iTunes and iCloud, and monthly and annual subscription plans.
Settled: The Strokes ARE In the Studio
Working On a New Album
We hit a split a while back on whether The Strokes were working on a follow up to their last album Angles. Billboard had said yes, while Pitchfork had confirmed with the band's management that the answer was no. We can throw another vote in the ...
Dead Oceans Label Launches
Subscription Service: Dead Oceans Sounds
Dead Oceans is fresh on the list of streaming music services with their new subscription service. Find out more.
Android Phones and Tablets to Get Music Upgrade
Have an Android phone or tablet? Android is often called out as being a poor platform for music apps and playback, but that looks set to change starting later this month.
Night Moves Signs to Domino, Check Out New Music
Minneapolis band Night Moves has signed on with Domino Records for the release of a new album called Colored Emotions. Find out more and hear a new song.
Pitchfork Festival Live Stream Announced
This year's Pitchfork Festival live stream will be in full effect over the July 13 - 15 weekend, with a webcast via YouTube and their Pitchfork channel. Check out acts like Godspeed You! Black Emporer, Grimes, Dirty Projectors, Japandroids, AraabMuzik and more if you're at the festival in Chicago, and watch select acts on the live stream.
Now It's Official: MOG Sold to Beats,
Streaming Music Site Still Happening
They've made it really real.
New Music In August From Four Tet With New Album
A new full album next month, preview new music now | STREAM
Blur Unloading Two New Songs on Twitter
Today is the day! Get the skinny on time of performance and how to find the live stream.
Use MOG for Streaming Music? Things are About to Change for You
MOG is about to be sold to Beats, the maker of THOSE high-end headphones you see people wearing everywhere.
Kim Dotcom's Busy Week
The Megaupload founder is supposed to find out more in his running court case, plus it's expected that his new Megabox service will arrive soon.
Austin Psych Fest Announces 2013 Dates,
Lineup and Tickets Soon
It's a way out time, with past performers including The Black Angels, Roky Erickson, Spectrum, Crystal Stilts, A Place to Bury Strangers and more.
Minotaur Shock to Release Orchard, Check Out A New Song With "Saundersfoot"
Continuing along the live vs. button pusher meme, electronic music artist Minotaur Shock (a.k.a. David Edwards) is going to release an album that's largely performed live in the studio vs just merely sequencing tracks. | STREAM
Google Launches Nexus Q, a Social Streaming Media Player for Android and Google Play
And it looks like it's from the future.
Swans Expand Tour Dates
Now with more shows added! They'll hit the US in October.
Aphex Twin Announces A New Remote Orchestra Show
Aphex Twin has announced a show that will feature his 'Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array' and will be remotely directed by Aphex Twin in what he calls his the Remote Orchestra. | VIDEO
The Hives Announce Lex Tour for Lex Hives
The Hives have just announced a US Tour in support of Lex Hives, their new album. They're mostly west coast shows in September in places like Portland, Seattle and LA, but they'll also go to Vancouver and the midwest as well.
Efterklang Announce Piramida Album and
Met Show + Tour
They've been to the Russian Arctic and the Sydney Opera House, so why not the Met and a Fall tour? It's the next logical step. | VIDEO
Radiohead Announce New Tour Dates
They've added new shows to replace recent cancellations from the Toronto stage collapse.
Corin Tucker Band Releases New Song
"Groundhog Day" from their new album Kill My Blues. | STREAM
REVIEW: Holograms - “Monoliths”
The new single “Monoliths” from Swedish punk band Holograms is the best Joy Division song I’ve heard in a long time. | STREAM
Vans Warped Tour Preview 2012
I remember my first Van’s Warped Tour. It was back in 2005 on June 26 at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater Lot. It was my first music festival where I had my first rundown with sweaty dudes, obnoxious drunks, self-conceited fans, excessively belligerent moshers, and boring sideliners. I probably looked like another punk-angst ridden teenager, dressed in nothing but black and my worn-out Nirvana shirt, I still had a great time and was able to revel in those few hours of my newfound freedom.
Divine Fits Detail New Album A Thing Called Divine Fits
Find out more about the new album from Britt Daniel (Spoon) and Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade) PLUS listen to new songs from the album. | VIDEO
REVIEW: Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse
What’s so impressive about this album (besides the sex) is how Ty Segall Band is able to have such a multitude of influences without being overwhelmed or dominated by them. Too many bands nowadays put reverb on … well … everything, in an effort to create a retro aesthetic that often holds them back from making anything new. Ty Segall is clearly influenced by older rock n’ roll (and yes they use reverb heavy vocals), but they don’t let these influences become the crux of their band.
Pretend That You Still Love Me.
Ween through the prism of time
A few weeks ago Aaron Freeman – known professionally as Gene Ween – told Rolling Stone that his seminal rock duo and/or superfluous and irreverent experiment Ween had reached an endpoint. “It’s time to move on,” he said, “I’m retiring Gene Ween.”
REVIEW: Chelsea Light Moving - “Burroughs”
The impact of Sonic Youth on American rock music cannot be overstated. They brought together the extremes: experimental NYC art & noise and pop culture - and made them hip enough for the hardcore kids. The band was a template for both their peers and followers so, with the band on hiatus, fans were left wondering what the next move would be. All the band members have side projects and solo albums, but we hadn't heard from Thurston Moore for a while. Moore is back now, and roaring out electric scuzz-jive with a brand new band called Chelsea Light Moving.
Voodoo Experience Expands 2012 Lineup
The Voodoo Experience Festival in New Orleans has added more acts for the show this Fall, including names like Jack White, Silversun Pickups, Neil Young, Kaskade, Skrillex, Bootsy Collins and more. Check out the full ineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Justice Announce Big Tour
Justice are about to kick off a Summer series of shows, in Europe for the first half of the Summer and North America and Australia for the second half, timed to coincide with their newly released New Lands EP. | STREAM
Dead Can Dance Announce New Album, Preview a Track
New album, new song and a world tour. Find out more.
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Announce
New Album Meat and Bone
Find out more and check out the lead track from the album. | STREAM
Blur Set to Debut New Music Next Monday
They'll play in London and announce on Twitter, find out more in a video. | VIDEO
FYF Fest Tickets Are Now on Sale
Find out more and connect to buy tickets.
Kim Dotcom Twitter and Interview Reveals
He’s Still Launching Megabox
Remember the whole Megaupload drama that played out a while back? It turns out that the story gets deeper as TorrentFreak has revealed that Kim Dotcom has plans to release a new download service called Megabox, which will pay artists for downloads. Looking to go legit? | VIDEO
REVIEW: A Place to Bury Strangers - Worship
APTBS sound like way too many other groups from the past and they waste the duration of a full-length tinkering with toys instead of writing memorable songs. For me the only great thing about this group is the guitar noise...which kills.
Thurston Moore Gets His Mojo Back with New Band Chelsea Light Moving + MP3
Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth has a new band called Chelsea Light Moving, the first official post-Sonic Youth hiatus project that Moore's been involved in (barring a solo release). This is a band proper though, and Chelsea Light Moving have just announced a new album and offered up the quirky and noisy new song 'Burroughs' to quell the masses. | MP3
iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors Include Dock Connector and Big New iPhone 5 Size
Would you use the new iPhone if it was bigger than the previous one? This week’s news and rumors are pointing to some interesting ideas, like a bigger phone to go with a bigger screen size, a new dock connector, and Foxconn talks big on the release and a removable lens. Would you use any of these?
Minus the Bear Announce Infinity Overhead,
Check Out a Preview
New album and a video preview. Find out more. | VIDEO
Radiohead Cancel Shows Due to Stage Collapse
Radiohead are canceling a bunch of shows following last week's stage collapse in Toronto. Find out more.
Washed Out Announces West Coast Tour with The Shins

The already full Washed Out tour adds more shows.

Stars Announce New Album The North,
Check Out the first single "The Theory of Relativity"
Check out the new song and find out more.
Simian Mobile Disco Release New Video for
“Your Love Ain’t Fair” and Tour Dates
Simian Mobile Disco have just released a new video for their song “Your Love Ain’t Fair,” and announced a series of shows in support of their new album Unpatterns.
Glastonbury Festival Announces Tickets Dates for 2013
Glastonbury is off this year, but they've just announced the on sale date for for 2013 tickets. Get in!
Mono Announce New Album For My Parents,
Check Out A Preview
Find out more and check out the For My Parents album preview below, as well as a video for Mono's performance in London. | VIDEO
No Age Are Jumping In On An Anti-Walmart Rally
The effort is due to Walmart getting a permit for a Chinatown store before the LA City council banned chain stores from the area, and it seems that there's deals in smoke-filled rooms happening. Other bands include Tearist and LA Fog.
Yoko Ono, Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are Doing YOKOKIMTHURSTON in September, Check Out A Video
Find out more and watch them perform live.
Check Out Steve Aoki's tour Rider: Free Stuff
Steve Aoki has a tour rider (just like anyone else) that includes free hotels rooms, free liquor, cake and clothes; plus his famous inflatable boat.
REVIEW: Can - "A Swan Is Born"
One of the most innovative groups to come out of the Germany's Krautrock scene of the late 60s/early 70s, Can's music is the sweet spot where electronic tinkering, modern classical, and rock music collide. The band's influence on The Fall, Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, and many others makes the band's studio creations all the more interesting because the strange grooves the group concocted sound as potently original today as they sounded alien in their own time. | STREAM
The Tallest Man On Earth Announces Tour Dates
The Tallest Man On Earth (Kristian Matsson) has announced a long list of tour dates in support of his new album There’s No Leaving Now, and his label Dead Oceans is adding a new bunch of North American shows. Check out the live experience in the video and see the list. | VIDEO
XBox Music Tablet Announcement Rumored for Today
Use XBox Live? You might want to ... there's an announcement happening at 3:30 PST today that is supposed to unveil a new tablet computer to rival the iPad that uses the new XBox Music and XBox Live streaming.
The RETURN of Cat Power
Cat Power is returning after a six-year hiatus with new material -- the new album is called Sun on Sept 4 on Matador Records. There's a new video for the song "Ruin" and a MP3 too. | VIDEO / MP3
Corin Tucker Band Announces New Album
Sleater-Kinney nation: The Corin Tucker Band is coming out with a new album. Find out more.
STRKR Announce Tour Dates and MusicfestNW Appearance, New Music
STRFKR have announced a bunch of shows for later this year, centering around their MusicfestNW appearance in Portland. The band is also working on a new album, so it's likely that these shows will reveal new music. | STREAM
SIGNED: Metz Signs to Sub Pop
Toronto minimalist post-punk band METZ have signed to Seattle's Sub Pop Records, and will release a full-length album. Check out a preview and one of their songs. | VIDEO
Nine Black Alps Return with New Album Sirens, Check out the Song "Breathe"
They have a heavy-duty and energy-filled new song called "Don't Forget to Breathe," which you can download and watch in a video in the band's rehearsal space. The video is really good for what looks like an impromptu recording session in a basement rehearsal space. This is definitely the get-up-and-go track of the day. | VIDEO
Wayne Coyne on the New Flaming Lips Album: "I think it could be the best Flaming Lips records that could ever be made"
Of course he's totally biased on the subject, but he's talking big songs, big arrangements, big productions, big mixing.
Polaris Music Prize Names 2012 Long List: Grimes, Cadence Weapon, Japandroids and More
Is YOUR favorite band / singer on the list?
Mount Eerie Announces Ocean Roar,
Check Out "Pale Lights"
Mount Eerie, a.k.a. Phil Elverum, works in a self-built studio he calls The Unknown. He's releasing his second album this year with Ocean Roar, check out advance music from the album and see where the tour is going. | STREAM
Warp Records Signs Experimental Electronic
Music Act Mount Kimbie
They made the announcement today on Twitter, check out their video for the song "Carbonated."
Dan Deacon Is Touring for His New Album
, and He's Touring For It In .... America
Download his new song "Lots" and find out more.
David Byrne and St Vincent are Collaborating
On an Album and a Tour
It includes a tour and "ten collaborative tracks and two written by each musician individually.
Bon Iver Is Covering “Who Is It” by Bjork On an Upcoming iTunes Session
It happens next week.
Frank Zappa Reissues Are Coming
Gail Zappa is large and in charge now.
Sondre Lerche Announces Tour with Bootlegs
Norwegian indie pop songwriter Sondre Lerche is celebrating his 30th birthday with good news: 1) he's going on tour and 2) he's releasing a live album called Bootlegs on Sept. 4. There's more ... Mona Records will reissue Sondre's first four albums - Faces Down, Two Way Monologue, Duper Sessions and Phantom Punch with bonus tracks and out takes.
The Raveonettes Announce Dark New Album Observator
The Raveonettes have been to Hell and back. Or, to fit more to their story, they've been to LA and back. This translates into what sounds like an exciting new album in Observator, one with a great back story and could possibly translate into a new definition of the Raveonettes sound. Sune Rose Wagner tells a tale of new west coast horizons after an exit from dark and gothic storm of New York, looking for warm sun and LA vibes. The NY storm came with him instead.
Stereolab Alum Laetitia Sadier is Releasing A New Album Silencio and Going On a North American Tour
Find out more and check out a song from the album. | STREAM
The Hood Internet Go Legit
Free the sample from persecution! The Hood Internet are releasing their first album of completely original material in September, titled FEAT.
Explosions In The Sky are Working on a Film Score
A new interview tells of new music when their tour is finished.
New Music and Tour Coming Dinosaur Jr With
I Bet On Sky
New music and new tour, Find out more.
Mogwai Announce Remix Album A Wrenched Virile Lore, Get an MP3 of "How To Be A Werewolf" RMX by Xander Harris
Find out more and get your first download. | MP3
The Strokes Are Working On A New Album
And they're working with producer Gus Oberg, says Billboard. Or are they? Pitchfork says no.
Lollapalooza Schedule and Aftershows Announced
Lollapalooza has released its interactive schedule for the 2012 festival, allowing you to peep the lineup and book an itenerary for the three days of shows. They've also lined and and announced some of the Lollapalooza Aftershows, so that when the festivals official day is done, you can still go out and see your favorite artist at a club in Chicago. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Spotify Android People, You Get a Big Update
The Spotify / Android nexus just got better with the release of an updated Spotify app for Android phones and Android tablets. Lots of new features: Last.FM scrobbling, improved navigation, Android 4.0 .. find out more and get your download.
REVIEW: Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel
The Idler Wheel is so damn good; it makes an Apple album seem worth waiting seven years to hear. Actually, I don't think I could take a ride on Apple's emotional roller coaster more frequently than once a decade. Her songs are just so naked. Should we really be in on her secrets? She is the kind of musician who is unafraid of confronting feelings that terrify her.
REVIEW: Metric - Synthetica
I heard several influences peeking through, ranging from pop to punk-alternative with sprinkles of some of the best modes and pacing of the 80's. I would keep 5 out of 10 of these songs in my music rotation, but it would've been nice to hear more grit and heavy spots in some of the songs.
The Head and the Heart Announce Fall Tour
with Blitzen Trapper
They're opening shows for Blitzen Trapper and will have Curtains For You opening some of their own headlining shows.
The Helio Sequence Announce New Album
Negotiations, Check Out a Video Preview
New music, a tour and a video preview. | VIDEO
Wye Oak Announce Tour with Dirty Projectors
The best part: NEW MUSIC.
Animal Collective Announce
Centipede Hz
Tour for North America
Animal Collective have announced a tour for their upcoming album Centipede Hz, which includes a stop at the now famous Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland.
Domino Records is Launching a Subscription Service: Domino Drip
It sounds like a great way to get unexpected new album releases from bands you might have overlooked, as well as Domino bands that you already like. Here's what you get for $10 a month ...
iPhone 5 Release Date: iCloud and Safari 6 at WWDC with iPhone 5 Rumors Eyed for Future
Who’s tuning into what’s happening at Apple’s WWDC this week? So for it looks like Safari 6, iOS6 and iCloud ... what would YOU like to see Apple drop on us at the conference? ALSO: Check out a new video of what looks like the iPhone 5 ... if it's a fake, it's a good one. | VIDEO
Grimes Announces Mythical Gymnastics Tour With Shows on Full Flex Express and with Flaming Lips
If you like it Grimey then this is your Summer ...
REVIEW: Savages - “Husbands”
In the wake of dub-step and other electronic styles crossing the Atlantic, my fellow American brethren have been obsessed with anything 80’s sounding. The retro-mania of today’s music scene has been a bit more general for sure, but its focus has without a doubt been fixed upon rehashing the sounds of the 80’s. | STREAM
REVIEW: Grizzly Bear - “Sleeping Ute”
Like many Grizzly Bear tunes, this track evolves into a gorgeous piece that is completely different from the first half of the song -- the second half of “Sleeping Ute” is basically a different track. | STREAM
Bob Mould Announces New Silver Age
Album for September
He's got a new album, tour dates and a release date for Silver Age.
SIGNED: Paper Bag Records Bags Moonface,
The Luyas and Tim Hecker
It's a big week for Paper Bag Records ... they've bagged Moonface, The Luyas and Tim Hecker. Moonface is the current musical incarnation for Spencer Krug, The Luyas and Tim Hecker. OH! And they're celebrating ten years this year .. find out more.
Dirty Work*:
Taking an in-depth look at the trashy "bad" albums in a great band's history and finding the gems.
I've long been a fan of great "bad" albums. As a teen obsessive music fan hungry to hear, purchase, and read about every record I could, I developed an interest in going much farther in my listening than just the acceptable - mostly universal - cannon of "classic" albums. I love the agreed upon's like The Beatles Revolver, The Clash's London Calling, and Marvin Gaye's What's Going On? Of course there's nothing to disagree with or really debate with these titles. They are top to bottom amazing, important LP statements that all music fans need to know intimately. Where does a fan go to when the acceptable list of classics is exhausted?
MOG Music Gets in Ford Vehicles
with Voice SyncApp
Use Mog? Drive a Ford? Starting today, a new feature lets you talk to the MOG app while driving to control playback of your music.
Grizzly Bear Announce New Album and
Drop "Sleeping Ute" Single
They're back - new album, tour and single. Listen to the future of Grizzly Bear. | STREAM
Liars latest album is titled WIXIW (pronounced "wish you") and it is not, contrary to NPR's claim, "the best Radiohead album since Kid A." On first spin it does remind the listener of Thom Yorke's gang of magicians because the songs are moody electronic introverted man machine music. The comparisons should end there. This is a different band with a different outlook.
REVIEW: Sigur Ros - Valtari
Valtari's opening song, "Eg Anda," starts off with a melancholic drone riddled with long and slow strokes of violins, that abruptly stop to clashes of atonal piano. The rupture of a euphoric buzz soon tapers off as Jonsi's clear and hypnotic vocals serenely glide into the song.
XBox Music Is a New Streaming Music Player for XBox SmartGlass: Zune Is Dead
Got an XBox? Life is good. Got a Zune? Life is bad.
PiL Tour Happening in North America
This Year for New This Is PiL Album
Public Image Limited peeps in North America will be happy to know that the band is coming stateside this year for a tour.
New John Peel Festival of New Music
Will Focus on Emerging Talent
The legacy of John Peel lives on in the new John Peel Festival: it's all about finding new music.
The Antlers Announce New Album
on Anti- Records, Check Out a Preview
New music, new album new label. Taste a preview and find out more. | STREAM
Review: The Sasquatch! Music Festival in Photos
Photographer James Oborne was on the scene and came back with some incredible shots from the inside. | PHOTOS
The Walkmen Announce Summer Tour
It kicks off this Friday with a live stream webcast on Spotify, and includes shows with The War On Drugs and Florence and the Machine. The tour goes through October.
Apple TV Set Can Redefine the
Connected TV Experience
The Apple TV set  seems to be getting renewed interest again after last week's AllThings D conference. The latest news point to the idea that an Apple TV update might be part of a combined package, with both the set top box and an Apple TV set as part of an overall vision for the connected TV. | VIDEO
iPhone 5 Release Date Next Week, or
iOS6 Release Date? iPhone 5 Might Wait
With the WWDC happening soon, the iPhone 5 release date is waiting to explode. We could see a release date for iPhone 5 at the conference, but it’s possible that the iPhone 5 won’t even see any action at all ... remember last year? Check out the week's news and a couple of videos. | VIDEO
The Walkmen Announce Live Stream Webcast
On Spotify for June 6
The Walkmen will do a live stream webcast of their Bowery Ballroom show from New York via Spotify ... signs of good things to come if Spotify gets into the live stream business. Find out details.
Mogwai Will Headline the Green Man Festival
They’ll head up the Friday night lineup of huuuuge lineup set to make the festival the biggest ever.
Yeasayer Announce Tour Dates
On the heels of the recently announced new Yeasayer album Fragrant World comes the promised tour dates. The band will head head out to US cities mainly in June, August and September.
Dominick Fernow (Prurient) Announces New EP September Cell on New Label Bed of Nails
Dominick Fernow, a.k.a. that guy who does Prurient, Vatican Shadow, Cold Cave as well as the Hospital Productions label, is at it again. This time it's under his Vatican Shadow project ...
REVIEW: The Walkmen - Heaven
For a band to stay together ten years is quite an accomplishment. To have the same group of players record to record, gig to gig is a testimony to friendship and unity. To make solid album statements and grow without hitting a brick wall is a rare feat.
iPhone 5 Release Date: Concept Video Reveals Projector and Keyboard as iPhone 5 Features
The new iPhone 5 features revealed in this video are pretty friggin cool, even if they are just a rumor at this point. The idea behind this projector  would be totally revolutionary and useful.
Beck Signs to Jack White's Third Man Records
Beck is the latest in a growing list of people who have signed on the Jack White's Third Man Records, he has a release coming out this Spring. Hear advance music now! | STREAM
Review: King Tuff - "Bad Thing"
King Tuff is alive again and it has arisen out of the misty post war ether of the early sixties…I think. While I’ve recently been questioning the retro mania that is today’s music scene I didn’t question it while listening to King Tuff. | STREAM
Blitzen Trapper Add More U.S. Tour Dates
Blitzen Trapper have expanded their Summer tour schedule, with new dates in July in places like Charlotte, Knoxville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis, among others. The tour is in support of the previously released American Goldwing and includes a few shows with Wilco.
End of the Road Festival Announces Comedy Lineup
The comedy amphitheatre in the woods expancs with an international lineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Afghan Whigs Were on Jimmy Fallon Last Night
Afghan Whigs performed “I’m Her Slave” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. | VIDEO
Check Out The New Band From Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade) called Divine Fits
They’re talking of a new album to be released later this year and a series of live shows, so it should be interesting to see how the new band dynamic plays out.
Yeasayer Announce New Album Fragrant World, Tour Is Happening
Yeasayer will release a new album titled Fragrant World on Secretly Canadian this Summer. It's a new batch of songs from the band that they’ll be performing on tour  this Summer, in places like Nashville, Louisville and Kentucky.
Austin City Limits 2012 Announces Lineup, Tickets
The Austin City Limits Festival announced the 2012 lineup today, with Jack White, The Black Keys, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Bassnectar, Thievery Corporation, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.
Review: Jeff the Brotherhood - “Sixpack”
"Sixpack" is the title of said single and its a beer soaked anthem readymade for summertime pool parties. | STREAM
MUSIC REVIEW: Joey Ramone - ...Ya Know?
Joey Ramone was the heart of one of the greatest bands of all time and his unimpeachable integrity as a singer and songwriter permeates ...Ya Know?. This album is by no means a compilation for casual fans of the "hey ho! let's go!," but geared more for those who love and identify with the humanity in the voice of Joey know? | STREAM
Dirty Projectors Unveil Swing Lo Magellan
Artwork and Details
Find out more about the release, peep the album cover, and listen to a track from the album.
Voodoo Experience 2012 Lineup Begins
with Green Day, Skrillex
Hit NOLA for the festival, stay for Halloween in a city known for its attachment to all things occult and pagan ... sounds like a great week.
Bonnaroo Festival Adds More Acts, Schedule Is Active
Check out who's in -- additions include Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, GZA performing Liquid Swords, DJ acts and more.
Squarepusher Announces World Tour for Ufabulum
The Squarepusher tour for his new album Ufabulum was announced today, with an update from the previous announcement that moves across the U.S. and Europe for the rest of the year. “I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive” said Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher about the release. The entire Squarepusher tour was ‘conceived, written, designed and played’ to be played live live by Tom Jenkinson.
Deluna Fest Adds Diplo, Bob Mould Doing
Copper Blue
, OFF! and More
The Deluna Fest updated its lineup for the 2012 festival today, adding six bands and four DJ acts to the schedule. Bob Mould will do his full album performance of Copper Blue from Sugar, OFF! will be there as well as Redd Kross.
Sigur Ros Announce Valtari Hour,
A Sigur Ros Live Stream Webcast
Sigur Ros have announced the Sigur Ros Valtari Hour, a rolling one-day webcast / live stream deal in which the band will broadcast a live stream every hour, on the hour.
Coachella 2013 Tickets Go On Sale This Week,
Dates Announced
Yep, it's already happening. This year's Coachella is barely over with and already tickets for the 2013 are set to go on sale this week.
Animal Collective Announce New Album
Centipede Hz
, Watch a Video
They have a new album and video out: the release date will be at the end of the Summer. Find out more.
Music Review: Lee Hazlewood -
The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, and Backsides
Thanks to artists like Beck and Sonic Youth, Hazlewood's name was kept alive and his recordings became easier to find after a time when they were obscure. Light in the Attic is starting another Lee-revival with the recently released compilation The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, and Backsides (1968-71). The set gathers tracks he recorded after creating his independent Lee Hazlewood Industries label.
Music Review: Squarepusher - “Drax 2”
In the 90s it seemed, at least for short while, that electronic music was going to replace 'rock' bands and pop as the sound of a younger generation. I seriously considered chucking the guitars and educating myself on the ins 'n' outs of programming and synths, etc. Then I realized the two can coexist.
Music Review: Beach House - “Myth”
“Myth” appeals to their aesthetic as it is encompasses their distinct sound, but is somewhat of an outcry for them to employ something musically different and leaves you questioning if they're becoming a cover band of themselves.
Music Review: Cornershop: “Milkin' It”
Cornershop follows the "everything but the kitchen sink" mentality when it comes to channeling their influences so if ya don't like one track, chances are you'll dig the next.
Bumbershoot Festival Names Skrillex,
Fishbone, Blitzen Trapper and More to Lineup
Blitzen Trapper, Damien Jurado, Fishbone, Jane's Addiction, M83, and Skrillex all top the lineup. Find out more and see a complete lineup.
CBGB Festival Names Lineup with
Craig Finn, Cro-Mags and More
The famous New York club CBGB is now going to return as the newly-minted CBGB Festival. With a tagline of "Get Ready. Get Loud. Get Heard," the CBGB Festival will happen over the dates of July 5 - 8. It will be held in about 30 venues in New York and play host to about 300 bands and will include a major event at Summerstage in Central Park. Craig Finn, Guided By Voices and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are part of the show, find out more.
Music Review: Cornershop: “Milkin' It”
Cornershop follows the "everything but the kitchen sink" mentality when it comes to channeling their influences so if ya don't like one track, chances are you'll dig the next. | STREAM
My Bloody Valentine album & EP Happening This Year
"I listened to the stacks of CDs and thought, 'Shit, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the compilation. I decided it would be insane not to finish it."
iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors Reveal New
iPhone 5 Concept Pictures
This week’s recap of iPhone 5 rumors include some great new concept pictures of a thinner, bigger phone; along with other great concepts like a projector and a new dock connector. A projector!
Spotify iPad Arrives, Download Available
Now in App Store
And you actually thought you would get something productive done tonight ...
New Beak> Album On the Way This Summer
Geoff Barrow from Portishead is certainly keeping himself busy with a handful of projects lately ... a new Portishead album, Drokk and now Beak>, his experimental project of electronic / ambient music.
REVIEW: Brian Jonestown Massacre
“I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand”
"I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand" is classic BJM to my ears. Plus its title is a pun on a classic Beatles song...somewhere Noel Gallagher is thinking, "why didn't I write that?"
REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine - “Good For You”
Half of the cool bands on the planet have been influenced the sound of My Bloody Valentine in one way or another, so the temptress words of "previously unreleased" coming before anything My Bloody Valentine is forbidden fruit in the most formidable way. So what happens when we bite the apple?
My Bloody Valentine album and EP Happening This Year
"I listened to the stacks of CDs and thought, 'Shit, this is better than the unreleased tracks on the compilation. I decided it would be insane not to finish it."
INTERVIEW: Adam Wills from Bear In Heaven
Spacelab recently had the opportunity to talk with Adam Wills, Bear In Heaven’s guitarist, and discuss their musical progression as artists, his hate for guitar solos, and his timidity at playing the guitar.
REVIEW: Beach Boys - “That's Why God Made the Radio”
Where to begin with a piece of music this BAD? Can someone die from a sunscreen OD? I don't know. It would surely be less painful then listening to the brand new reunited Beach Boys single, "That's Why God Made the Radio." THEY'RE BACK!
INTERVIEW: Adam Wills from Bear In Heaven
Spacelab recently had the opportunity to talk with Adam Wills, Bear In Heaven’s guitarist, and discuss their musical progression as artists, his hate for guitar solos, and his timidity at playing the guitar.
REVIEW: David Lynch - “Noah’s Ark” (Moby Remix)
Ah, the annual Record Store Day bonanza of freaky slices of vinyl in all shapes, lengths, and sizes blew in from out of town this past weekend leaving us music fans left to make sense of all the tunes we stuffed in our canvas bags. What the hell kind of drugs were we smoking? Moby, that bald bespeckled vegan, dropped a remix of a David Lynch tune called "Noah's Ark."
REVIEW: Shivery Shakes - EP
Stylistically Shivery Shakes is a surf pop band with clear influences from The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. Their debut self-titled EP intros us to this style with the tracks Temporary Vacation and Wait.
Google Drive Surfaces on Android Phone in Video
What could be great about the Google Drive for the Android Nation is the ability to have their own version of Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, or any of the other variants that are sure to arrive in the next 18 months. This would create a great nexus to tie between a desktop / laptop computer, an Android Phone or tablet, and even into the living room experience as people tie their TV to the internet for a home theatre set up. You’d get all of your media (music, movies, TV shows et al) in one central spot that you can use anywhere.
To iPad Mini or not to iPad Mini?
Rumors of Release Date Jump
For all of the people with an industry-centric view right now that make claims like Apple doesn’t need to do an iPad Mini because: 1) Steve Jobs said no, 2) iPad dominates the game so why launch another one or 3) there isn’t any more room for a new product in the tablet market, or my favorite 4)they’ll do it to *crush* the competition. Those all make sense until they don’t -- which is to say, new products and ideas come to fruition all of the time whether focus groups or market demand asks for it.
iPhone 5 Release Date Could Be Late 2012 Due to Troubles in Production
The iPhone 5 happenings for the week include a pushed back release date due to production troubles, a thinner iPhone because of new in-cell touch panels and liquid amorphous metal alloys, and a fresh new iTunes 11 with better iCloud use. Sound juicy? Find out more!
Outside Lands Announces Lineup
Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Jack White, Foo Fighters are all in, other names include Skrillex, Sigur Ros, Explosions In the Sky and more. Tickets are on currently on sale. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
DeLuna Fest Announces Lineup
Just announced today with a lineup that includes Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Band of Horses, Guided By Voices and Florence and the Machine. Tickets are on sale. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
REVIEW: The Walkmen - “Heaven”
To the band that dared cover Nilsson's Pussycats album in its entirety, I say, "Hello there. Whatcha got cooking?" | STREAM
Sasquatch Schedule Announced for 2012 Festival: See Who's Playing When
The 2012 Sasquatch Music Festival has announced the schedule for the festival, with a full four day alignment of who's playing when and at what time. It shows gigs across all five stages: Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Banana Shack, Yeti and The Maine Stage.
REVIEW: Bear in Heaven - "Reflection of You"
Brooklynites who never seem to stop working, BiH are sure to have a hit (#1 w/a bullet) with this track. | STREAM
Blawan and Analogue Cops Will Release Parassela Project Vinyl, Listen to a Preview
Blawan and The Analogue Cops are working on a project called Parassela that will release new music at the end of the month. | STREAM
Domino Records Announces Smuggler's Way Mag with Flexi Discs of Unreleased Music from Dirty Projectors, Real Estate and More
It's like a web site, only organic and offline!
Top 10 Cities In the U.S. With the Best Music Scenes
Take out three of the major cities with massive music scenes - New York, Los Angeles and Nashville -- and how would the rest stack up? Some of the other names might surprise you. Who did they miss?
Bonnaroo Festival Announces Comedy Lineup
Aziz Ansari, Steven Wright and Marc Maron all head up the Bonnaroo Comedy lineup. Find who's on the list. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
REVIEW: Moonface (w/Siinai) - "Headed for the Door"
Moonface is a chameleon whose given name is Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown). The first song from the record titled "Headed for the Door" is available now and its quite ... | STREAM
New Walkmen Album Heaven Due This Summer,
Watch a Preview
NEW MUSIC from the Walkmen ... find out who make a guest appearance on the album. | VIDEO
Sonar Festival Adds James Murphy, New Order, Die Antwoord and More With 40 New Acts
The Sonar Festival has added over 40 new acts to the lineup for the multimedia festival, including New Order, Die Antwoord, James Murphy, Daedelus doing the Archimedes Show, a new Cornelius project called salyu x salyu and Pretty Lights, among others. Check out a complete lineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
BLOC Festival Sells Out Of Express Tickets
The Bloc Festival has sold out of express tickets, leaving only regular tickets for this year's show. Find out more and check in on the complete lineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Pukkelpop Festival Lineup Adds Bjork, The Stone Roses, Foo Fighters and More
Pukkelpop Festival has decided that show will go on after last year's stage collapse during a storm ... and they've announced a great lineup with headliners Bjork, The Stone Roses and Foo Fighters. Other names include the reunited Bloc Party, Flux Pavilion, The Big Pink, The Black Keys, Buraka Som Sistema, Modeselektor and more. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Green Man Festival Adds Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Tune-Yards, of Montreal and More
The Green Man Festival has added Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, Tune-Yards, of Montreal, King Creosote & Jon Hopkins and more to the 2012 lineup, as well as announcing the comedy lineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
End of the Road Festival 2:54, Deer Tick, Mark Lanegan Band, Tickets Are On Sale
The End of the Road Festival has added 2:54, Deer Tick, Mark Lanegan Band, Still Corners, Van Dyke Parks, Concrete Knives, Lawrence Arabia and more for their 2012 lineup. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
REVIEW: Canyons - “When I See You Again”
Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Remix
"When I See You Again" has been remixed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner. Zinner's take on the track is to expand on the sunny beach vibe of the original, adding reverb to the drums and makes an ...
Raveonettes EP Into The Night in April,
Preview a Track Now
Raveonettes have a new EP set to pop on April 24, titled Into the Night. It seems as if we might be in the EP era, with artists choosing to do more frequent collections of less songs ... definitely an interesting choice when you consider a lot of albums in the CD era were 3-5 interesting songs packaged with more tracks to stretch it into a full album. | STREAM
Toro Y Moi Goes "Retro" with New Album June 2009
Let's jump in the way back machine and travel to a time that was a simpler era, one where musicians weren't so apt to create the sophisticated sounds that they do today. Ladies and gentlemen ... I'm talking about ... 2009. | STREAM
Benicassim Festival Lands Bob Dylan, Robyn Hitchcock and More
Bob Dylan has been added to the Benicassim FIB Music Festival lineup, along with Jessie J, Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3, Agoria, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Arveene & Misk. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Lollapalooza Tickets Have Gone On Sale
Lollapalooza tickets have gone on sale ... they're the early-bird three-day tickets, and they're going on sale for ... | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Pitchfork Music Festival Adds Flying Lotus, Dirty Projectors and More to 2012 Lineup
The Pitchfork Music Festival added some newscts to the 2012 lineup today, with the addition of Sleigh Bells, Dirty Projectors, Flying Lotus ... | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Caribou Announce Shows with Radiohead Tour
Caribou is back, with shows on the Radiohead tour and new music next year.
New Liars Album Gets Release Date,
No Title, More Confusion
“If we aren’t confusing people, it’s not us. If we aren’t confusing ourselves with what we do, then we’ve failed.”
New Sigur Ros Album Valtari On the Way, Listen to a Preview with the Song 'Ekki Múkk'
New album and a preview of new music from Sigur Ros ....
Ultra Music Festival Live Stream on Spacelab This Weekend
The Ultra Music Festival kicks happens this weekend... and if you're not going to be there ... we've gotcha covered. There's an Ultra Music Festival live stream webcast happening with a live video feed to cover the action. | VIDEO
Ultra Music Festival 2012 Preview: Live Stream, Video & Lineup Plus Tickets and After Parties
Get the DL on the Ultra Music Festival lineup and tickets, alongside live stream and webcast information, then find after parties.
Ultra Music Festival 2012 Live Stream and Video Feed
The 2012 Ultra Music Festival kicks off tonight ... and if you're not going to be there ... we've gotcha covered. There's an Ultra Music Festival live stream webcast happening with a live video feed to cover the action. | VIDEO
Outside Lands Music Festival Announces Dates
They've announced the dates for this year's festival in Golden Gate Park, who would you like to see in the lineup?
Mutek Music Festival Announces Initial Lineup
The Mutek Festival puts Montreal on the Techno map. It features minimal techno artists from all over the world in a 5 day festival of beats and workshops. They feature about 100 performers and panels, workshops, and events at a variety of locations, all set to start on Wednesday and continue through Sunday. They've announced the first wave of acts, and tickets are on sale. Find out more.
Shows I Saw the Last Song of at SXSW
During SXSW this last week there were dozens of amazing bands at the headlining shows. I saw absolutely none of them. But don’t worry; SXSW is famous for being accessible by even the lowest of paupers.
The Flaming Lips Announce Meta-Sized Record Store Day Double Album with Lots of Guests
Talk about the ultimate release for Record Store Day: Flaming Lips have brought the A-Team of indie and alternative music (plus a few others) to a full-on, Flaming Lips massive called Heady Fwends, some of which were foreshadfowed on the Wayne Coyne Twitter. Names on the collaboration include Prefuse 73, Nick Cave, Neon Indian, Chris Martin (yes, THAT Chris Martin), Bon Iver, Ke$ha and Biz Markie and more.
Spotify vs iTunes Subscription Music
Service Rumor Heats UP
The latest in the saga of iTunes vs Spotify is the the story that streaming music service Spotify is going to be taken on by an Apple streaming iTunes subscription music service. SXSW brought fresh talk of the rumors, and I know this one has floated around since Apple acquired Lala a few years back.
YouTube is Webcasts of Bonnaroo,
Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits
If you're not going to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza or Austin City Limits this year, you'll still have a good chance to catch them on a live stream webcast brought to us by YouTube and Dell.
You Can't Keep The Pirate Bay Down:
They're Going Drone
You can't keep the Pirate Bay down because like every other rogue outfit in the world -- they're getting GPS controlled drone aircraft. This means that TPB would be hosted by flying servers? Too crazy? Find out more ...
Jack White Adds More Shows to Blunderbuss Tour
Fresh off of his stop at SXSW, Jack White has laid down more shows for the Blunderbuss tour. Are you going?
Brian Jonestown Massacre Will Release Aufheben in May, Listen to "I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand"
Brian Jonestown Massacre never rusts ... and never fades away. Check out the deets on the new album and listen to the the vintage sounds of the new song "I Wanna Hold Your Other Hand." | STREAM
The Raconteurs Will Release Live At Montreux 2008 DVD
It's out in June ... can't wait for a fix of live Raconteurs? They also have a live portion of their web site dedicated to online video and audio from shows. Find out more.
Lollapalooza Ticket Prices Will Rise in 2012
The good news: Lollapalooza just secured a deal to stay in Grant Park through 2021, so it looks like the music festival isn't going anywhere. The not so good news: this will probably make ticket prices go up. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
CBGB Returns With the CBGB Festival
in New York on July 4
The demise of CBGB in New York was lamented by pretty much, well everybody except the Bowery Residents Committee. There was talk by CBGB founder Hilly Kristal of bringing the club back in some way before his untimely death. That day has finally come.
Massive Attack are Recording With Damon Albarn From Blur / Gorillaz
Massive Attack appear to be in the studio recording, according to posts on the Massive Attack Facebook last week. Guests in the studio included Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur) and Richard Russell (XL Recordings).
Hot Chip Announce Tour for In Our Heads, Watch the Video for "Flutes"
Hot Chip have just unloaded a fresh set of dates for the Hot Chip tour that will be careening around the globe this Summer, making stops at places like the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, The Sonar Festival in Barcelona and Camp Bestival in Dorset.
T in The Park Updates 2012 Lineup
T in the Park is one of the largest festivals in the U.K., making itself the 2 day home for up to 60,000 people in the Scottish countryside. Moors. Fog. And lots of intoxicated festivalgoers. There are over 120 artists performing across 8 stages over 2 days in Balado, Kinross. They've added more acts to the 2012 show. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Amazon App Store For Android Birthday Deals, Free Amazon Kindle Fire
This is a good chance for you to get in on new apps for your Amazon Cloud Drive or Amazon Android apps. There’s even free Amazon Kindle Fire tablets for eight winners who enter by March 31.
Bloc Festival 2012 Adds Ritchie Hawtin, Steve Reich
New additions for the Bloc Festival lineup! Find out who's in.
Spotify Goes Live in Germany: Let the Spotify App Revolution Begin on the German Facebook
Spotify has gone live in Germany, making a launch for the streaming music site in a country filled with potential Spotify premium users. This will increase the global presence for Spotify, who seems hell bent on taking the world by storm and getting into every country it possibly can.
Detroit Electronic Music Festival Expands Lineup
DEMF has just announced 58 new acts for the DEMF 2012 lineup, including araabMUZIK, Brian Gillespie, Photek, SBTRKT, Tiger and Woods and more. See the full DEMF lineup.
Benicassim Festival Lineup Adds More, Tickets On Sale
The Benicassim Festival in Barcelona, Spain has named 12 new acts for the Beniccasim Festival 2012 lineup, including names like Ed Sheehan, Buzzcocks, Django Django and Chase & Status, among others.
Portishead Announce Tour
Just as Geoff Barrow is kicking on new projects and the new Portishead album is alive but crawling comes news of a small Portishead tour, consisting of five shows.
Bob Mould Signs to Merge for New Album
New music is on the way ...
Ed Davenport Album 'Counterchange' Due Next Week
Ed Davenport has a new album Counterchange with a release date of March 19 on NRK Music. It's the debut album for the heavy house music and techno producer.
New Guided By Voices Album Class Clown Spots a UFO Coming, Hear "Keep It In Motion" Now
Indie rock's prolific songwriters release their second album of the year. | STREAM
Not One But Many: The Hives Return with Lex Hives, Preview "Go Right Ahead" Now
New album, a Coachella appearance and a Record Store Day single from The Hives. Listen to a song from the album now. | STREAM
New Burial EP Coming From Japanese Import
There's a new limited edition Burial EP on the way, which packages up the Street Halo EP and Kindred EP into one full release.
Yeesss ... New Cornershop Album Urban Turban in May, Hear a Track Now
Indie band Cornershop have a new album called Urban Turban arriving this Spring. They're releasing it via their own Ample Play Records, check out the first single "Milkin' It." | STREAM
Bloom is Blooming: Beach House Announce New Album and Tour
The new album Bloom gets a release date, tour info and download.
New Portishead Album Moving Slowly ...
Portishead are definitely working on a new Portishead album. That's the word from Geoff Barrow, who said ...
New Silversun Pickups Album Neck of the Woods Announced
The songs on Neck of the Woods sound like a horror movie, according to guitarist and vocalist Brian Aubert.
The Chemical Brothers Set to Create
Film Score for Now You See Me
Fresh off of their Don't Think movie, the Chems get to build on their Hannah film score experience with another new film score.
Bjork Is Doing Up a Biophilia Remix Album With Hudson Mohawke, 16 Bit and More
Now that Bjork is in the midst of here epic Biophilia tour comes the news she's doing a Biophilia remix album with contributions from Matthew Herbert, Hudson Mohawke and a host of others.
The Creators Project in San Francisco Names Lineup with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Murphy, Squarepusher and More
The Creators Project festival/happening in San Francisco is a combination of great music, great art and great technology in the heart of a technology hot bed ... San Francisco.
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings for Mar. 6
Bradford Cox gets his Miles Davis on in Minneapolis by doing the rebirth of punk by playing "My Sharona" for an hour, Radiohead announced yet even MORE tour dates and played more new music (watch the videos), Jack White is heading to SXSW Music, and a new Best Coast album was announced.
Coachella 2012 Sideshows Lineup Announced With Locations and Tickets
You thought you had it rough with choosing what bands to see at what stage inside the Coachella Festival ... now who do you go see in the area AROUND Coachella in the week in between? And there are shows every night! #FirstWorldProblems
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings for Mar. 5
James Murphy / Beck / No Age Art Project, Deltron 3030 Get Their Own Cider Beer, HEALTH and the Max Payne video game.
Merge Records Rolls Out Record Store Day Releases from Arcade Fire, M. Ward, Destroyer and More
Find out more and preview tracks from Destroyer and Richard Buckner. | STREAM
Geoff Barrow (Portishead) Will Release Drive Soundtrack on Vinyl
Geoff Barrow from Portishead and Beak> will release his film Soundtrack for the movie Drive on vinyl for the first time starting May 21st, at his own Invada Records. Check out a preview. | STREAM
Amon Tobin ISAM Round Two: More Shows and Box Set
In case you missed Amon Tobin on the ISAM tour last year, you'll get another go this year. He's playing out at Coachella plus a new bunch of tour dates just announced for the Fall. PLUS ... his newly announced box set gets all meta on unreleased material in one giant release. Get an MP3 preview as well. | MP3
Radiohead Expand North American Tour,
Tickets on Sale on Mar. 8
Radiohead have expanded their North American tour again, this time with shows in May and June at in locations like New Jersey, Washington DC, the midwest plus Montreal and Toronto and more.
Snowbombing Festival Expands Lineup With Benga, Jaguar Skills
The Snowbombing Festival has doubled down with a new party from Fatboy Slim, lineup additions from Benga, Jaguar Skills and more.
Google Music Losing Users, Impacting Android Market and Music Apps
Adding fuel to the fire that was last week's piece about the Google Music beta suffering a less than spectacular launch comes another story about how the Google Music service seems to be dropping quickly.
Apple Working High Quality Streaming Media for iCloud and iTunes Match
Apple is developing an adaptive streaming media audio file format to create a smart or intelligent streaming media from iCloud, according to a report.
Liars Are Releasing A New Album, Check Out A Video Preview
It's expected in June and the band released a short video today.
Hot Chip Get New Album In Our Heads In June
It's completely legit and official and will be in your heads soon.
Grooveshark Wants to Have A Lawsuit Dropped Based on Lack of Evidence
The latest on the lawsuit that involves the web site Digital Music News.
So What IS the Story With MOG Music? MOG Sale or No Sale?
Whether or not MOG is for sale (which we'll never know until it's announced) might not be the bigger issue here. Streaming music sites run a plenty right now, and there might be too many of them, which means ... SHRINKAGE.
Spotify Premium vs Windowing: Would You Use The Spotify App If Music Was Held Back After Release?
The latest concept trend facing Spotify, MOG and other streaming music sites is "windowing," a concept that holds back new releases on streaming music sites and movies on sites like Netflix.
Facebook Timeline Changes Affect Regular Facebook and Mobile for Your Band Page
Changes are rolling out in Facebook over the next month that can impact the way you hype your band or independent film project via Facebook. Find out more.
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings from Feb. 29
Radiohead song to be included in a movie, Wilco / Billy Bragg / Woodie Guthrie Box Set, a new Jesus and Mary Chain Book, SXSW Film gets Big Star movie and performances from Mumford and Sons / Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros / Old Crow Medicine Show, Memoryhouse on The Slideshow Effect.
DJ Spooky Explains the WiFi Party and Post Playlist Era
"We live in the post-playlist era. The WiFi party is just a real-time reflection of what’s up." Find out more about what he said in the interview and watch him demo the DJ Spooky app.
Apple drops the bomb on the iPad 3 announcement for Mar. 7
The iPad 3 release date announcement is likely to be announced when Apple rolls out the news on the iPad 3 on Mar. 7 -- now an official date, ending the rumors.
Pitchfork Music Festival Announces Initial Lineup
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Hot Chip, AraabMUZIK, Grimes and The Field are all in, among others. Tickets go on sale Friday ... find out more.
Sneak Preview the New MOG Music Player App
Streaming music service MOG has taken its new music player out of (semi) hidden beta and will make it available to everyone next month, which is an improvement on the old MOG music player. Try it now.
Atari Teenage Riot Reboots With Riot In Japan
Don't call it a comeback, they've been here for years ... Atari Teeneage Riot (who, like Sonic Youth, have a name that bears nothing on their age) are rebooting. Alec Empire calls it a software update -- Atari Teenage Riot 3.0.
5 Easy Steps to a Successful Indie Tour
Taking your gig on the road this Spring and Summer? Before you get back in the van, check out five things that you'll need to do make it a smooth ride.
New MV & EE Album Space Homestead
in May, Preview a Track
It has all the makings of a back-porch-on-a-lazy-Summer-day-jam, harmonica and jangly acoustic guitar and all.
Sneak Preview the New MOG Music Player App
Streaming music service MOG has taken its new music player out of (semi) hidden beta and will make it available to everyone next month, which is an improvement on the old MOG music player. Try it now.
Radiohead Adds More Shows for Tour
Fresh shows for the building onslaught that is the Radiohead tour ...
The Stone Roses, Snow Patrol and Kasabian To Headline T In the Park Festival
The Stone Roses, Snow Patrol and Kasabian will headline the T In the Park Festival. Tickets will go on sale on Wed. Feb 29.
New Dntel Album Aimlessness Announced
Jimmy Tamborello returns with the first new Dntel album in almost five years.
Happy Mondays Added to Camp Bestival Lineup
The Camp Bestival appearance will be one of 11 Happy Mondays show set for this year.
Desmond The Songwriter to Release Debut Album Soon
Based in New Orleans, his voice is almost operatic, almost caberet and all heart.
The Shins Will Be on Saturday Night Live
The Shins are set to be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on March 10, along with host Jonah Hill. This follows quickly after the release of the new Shins album Port of Morrow (release date March 20) and kicks off a Shins tour that starts ...
Apple Launches Mastered for iTunes
Update for iTunes Music Store
The Apple iTunes Store has announced a new update -- a "Mastered for iTunes" section of music, with albums with higher sound quality in the AAC format ... this good for audiophiles and everyone else alike.
Bonnaroo Music Festival Tickets Are ON SALE
Get em while they're hot!
Rhapsody, Spotify and Rdio and 'Windowing" on Streaming Music Sites
A new trend might go meta with streaming music sites: "windowing." It's a concept used by Netflix for new movies, wherein the new movies are held offline until about a month after their release date ...
New Crystal Castles Album Confirmed for This Summer
It's not tiled yet ... what would you call it?
The iTunes Store Update: Redesign Coming to an App Near You
There's an iTunes Store update coming this year, one that would update the app with a redesign and allow for better use of the in the cloud iTunes Match service that uses iCloud.
Rufus Wainwright Announces Spring U.S. Tour
Fresh shows in support of the Out of the Game release.
New Metric Album Synthetica in June
"It sounds like the culmination of everything we have done. We've always had a sound in our heads that we hoped to realize and we finally heard it coming back out of the speakers this time."
That New At the Drive-In Reunion Album? Yeeah-No.
For anyone hoping that there was going to be a full At the Drive-In Reunion album, guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez thinks otherwise, and it seems the rest of the band does too.
Interview: Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks
She has the soul of a philanthropist, the ability to share credit where it is due with her band, the talent to become one of your favorite new artists, and has Souixsie Sioux's eyes.
Google TV Update: News of a Siri App
There's news of a Google TV patent that happened late last year that shows that a new Google TV Siri app (or Siri-like) is in the works, and could allow you to use an Android Phone or Android tablet to remotely set up your Google TV to turn on automatically as you arrive home to a specific channel.
The Jessie Rose Trip Signs to S-Curve/Universal
This trio from Manchester is a force to be reckoned with, especially with the honey-dripping vocals of Jessie Rose.
Gravenhurst Will Release New Album The Ghost in the Daylight in April, Hear A Song Now
Warp Records has announced a new album from post-rock / shoegaze act Gravenhurst with The Ghost in the Daylight. Check out the song "The Prize" off of the upcoming album.
New JacksonsWarehouse Single Released
JacksonsWarehouse, one of the key players in the rising underground Indie band scene from Essex, England has released their new single "In the Sky Tonight." For all of you Anglophiles, this band is pure Euro-Goodness.
Wilco and Billy Bragg Announce Epic
Mermaid Avenue
Wilco and Billy Bragg are working together an a Woody Guthrie tributue called Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, in which a four album set will mark the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birthday.
Eleanor Friedberger Gets Some
Residency Action with New Tour
Residency shows are apparently the new big thing, with everyone from Bjork to Eleanor Friedberger announcing a long run of shows in one city or place. It's the great residency revival of 2012 ... and Eleanor Friedberger plans to do one in ... Marfa, TX?
Chad Smith: Beyond the Red Hot Chili Peppers
This band is made up of players that don't play...I mean, these are extended jams that bulldoze through categorization and just go for the jugular.
The May Day Killer: Ramona Falls
Will Release Edgy New Album Prophet on May 1
Edgy ... the *edgy* word used to describe everything in the creative industry that can't be described with words, so we go ahead and try anyway by using words like edgy to describe the on-the-cusp and daring-but-relevant while being visceral-and-, well ... edgy type of project.
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings for Feb 15
Kraftwerk at MoMA, Hate VS Morrisey, Joan of Arc and The Passion of Joan of Arc, La Sera on the road and Woods Too.
Reading and Leeds Festival Ticket Plans Unveiled
Tickets will be available in the Spring at an as of yet unspecified date, under two ticket plans. Find out more. Reading | Leeds
Bestival Adds New Order and More to Lineup
Recent additions to Bestival include New Order, Thundercat, Gaslamp Killer, Friendly Fires, Death In Vegas, Doctor P, Pearson Sound and more. Find out more.
ATP I'll Be Your Mirror Festival in London Announces Lineup with Ultramagnetic MC's and The Make-Up
I'll Be Your Mirror London (curated by Mogwai) has added more acts the lineup ... get the skinny.
Detroit Electronic Music Festival Announces
Lineup, Tickets On Sale
The Detroit Electronic Music Festival has announced its lineup, with headliners Public Enemy, Jeff Mills and Lil Louis. Also called DEMF or Movement, the festival features electronic music in the the birthplace of techno ... Detroit. DEE-troit!
Apple TV Update on iCloud and Siri Features
from CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook offered an Apple TV update yesterday at the the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, saying that the Apple TV hobby is one that's always under review, with iCloud and Siri a major part of the Apple's media future. These are likely to be major Apple TV features in the future.
Interview: Briana & the Rhinestone Revolution
NOW! Records artist Briana Kidwell rocks. Understood? The end. I mean, why overindulge ourselves in unnecessary verbiage? The music just rocks. But here's the thing...there is so much going on in this brand of rock that it is very worth exploring on a higher level.
Damon Albarn: "I can't say why we're
rehearsing with Blur, can I?"
In the it's on again it's not happening back-and-forth dance that is the Blur reunion, Damon Albarn offered this in an interview, among many memorable Damon Albarn quotes ...
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings for Feb 15
Joanna Newsom will be on Portlandia, new release from Simian Mobile Disco, Arcade Fire will add to The Hunger Games, two New Releases from Pil this Spring and Belle & Sebastian curate an edition of the Late Night Tales compilation.
MySpace Adds A Million Due to MySpace Music Player and Panasonic TV (Justin Timberlake Helps, Too)
MySpace announced news that it added over a million new MySpace users in January, which they're saying comes from a fresh new Myspace Music Player. Add recent news of MySpace TV, as well as Justin Timberlake being in on the deal and you've got the story of the comeback kid.
YouTube Updates App With Better Channels
Google has updated its YouTube app for Google TV, to offer more YouTube channels and make Google TV a more seamless experience for finding music and videos. The app has a new feature called “Discover,” for finding YouTube channels by categories, and also a new look and functionality for YouTube channels pages.
Deconstructing Pop Music and
The Velvet Underground with Fenster
You should check out Fenster .. their Velvet Underground influence is here, (ultimately how could it not be with their members being from New York City and Berlin, I mean, come on!) but their creative personal license is valid. Let's say that they are more of a Velvet Underwater, check out what I mean ... | STREAM
New Best Coast Album In the Spring, with Fleetwood Mac and Metallica Influences
It's true. Find out how Metallica and Fleetwood Mac are influencing Bethany Cosentino on the new album.
The Dandy Warhols Announce This Machine
and Tour for April
Dandy Warhols have emerged from their hole at their studio/creative enclave, and didn't see their shadow. Winter's over! Now we get a new album and tour from the band!
New Moonface (Spencer Krug) Album Announced with Collaborations + MP3
There's a new album on the way from Spencer Krug and his Moonface project, the follow up to the spectacularly funky and experimental Organ Music not Vibraphone like I’d Hoped release from last year. The new album is called With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery. Find out more and check out new music from the album. | MP3
T in the Park Tickets Go On Sale February 29
Those of you waiting to get your hands on tickets for this year's T in the Park show don't have much longer to wait. T in the Park tickets will go on sale Wednesday Feb. 29 at 9am.
Reggae Artist Coraleena Ellis Signs to Universal Republic Records
If you like your music eclectic, the work of Coraleena Ellis belongs in your collection.
The Chemical Brothers Don't Think Movie Gets DVD and CD Release In March
Warm up the sound systems and digital projectors ... The Chemical Brothers Movie Don't Think that had a recent run through theatres is set to go to its next big platform ... the living room. It's due out on DVD and CD.
Gorillaz MP3 DoYaThing with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Andre 3000 (Outkast) Out This Month
The new collaboration between Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy ... it's a free MP3 and will include a 12-minute "explicit" version. Listen to the new announcement from Murdoc ... | STREAM
Collective Replay: Music News Happenings from Feb. 8
Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers, Fat Mike from NOFX and a fetish film Sountrack, Sleigh Bells and Maya Rudolph on Saturday Night Live and The Jesus and Mary Chain Tour, including SXSW.
Here We Go Magic Announce A Different Ship, Produced by Nigel Godrich + Hear "Make Up Your Mind"
Here we go with a new album from Here We Go Magic, an indie pop-indie rock band from Brooklyn, who have a new album coming in May titled A Different Ship. "Make Up Your Mind" is the lead single from the album, which you can listen to now while you make up your mind about whether or not you'll go all in and buy A Different Ship. | STREAM
Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven) Announces New Album All Attractions
Quirky, different, eclectic, hard to categorize...the music of Camper Van Beethoven had no boundaries ... Cracker were a total Modern Rock & College Music staple. Now band member Jonathan Segel is releasing a new solo album All Attraction in March. Find out more and preview the album. | STREAM
Shins Announce Tour and Release New Song “September”
The Shins will release a 7″ single of “Simple Song,” off of their Port Of Morrow album next week, and today they've released the new B-side from that single and more tour dates.
Bon Iver Announce Tour With Shows at Coachella and Sasquatch Music Festival
No sooner did Bon Iver wrap up their SNL appearance than did a fresh set of shows get announced. The new shows will happen in April, around their Coachella Music Festival appearance, and headlining slot in the Sasquatch Music Festival.
Brendan Benson Solo Album What Kind of World Will Be on His New Label Readymade Records
"It's the usual story with me - every album that I've recorded, I've had to find a new label... I just keep getting dropped!"
Hackney Weekend from BBC Radio 1 Announces Lineup
Jack White, Lana Del Rey, Deadmau5, David Guetta and more all in ... and it's a free event.
Rhapsody Launches Android Tablet App
Good news for people who like good news ... about music on Android. The Rhapsody app as a full-on full-screen experience has been released. This is no resized phone app, it's the full package.
Google Steps In On Redigi Case for  MP3 Reselling
The idea of "reselling" your old MP3 music is a novel idea to most of us ... how can it be "used" or "recycled" if it's a digital file? This is at the heart of the case, and it's going to have an affect on what it means when we buy music and what we actually "own" a digital file. OK, I'm done overusing "quotes" (for now).
Watch Bon Iver on Saturday Night Live
Bon Iver is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live tonight, and Channing Tatum is the host. Find out more and watch the promos.
The Plimsouls - Modern Rock Since 1978, New Release Beach Town Confidential and Tour
The Plimsouls have been around the block. With the chart topper "A Million Miles Away" they became a household name in the 1980's, and the core members are still going strong.  Not only are they releasing a live album with never-before heard live tracks, but Peter Case and Paul Collins are taking the show on the road.
Bloc Weekend Announces Initial Lineup
The Bloc Weekend has announced its initial festival lineup for 2012, the first year in which Bloc will be in its new location of London's Pleasure Gardens. They have some great names at the top of the list: Orbital, Flying Lotus ...
Atlas Sound Tour for North America Announced
Go to a show and float away. Find out the deets ... I mean dates.
Mute Launches Electronic Imprint Called  Liberation Technologies
Mute has long been hom to classic electronic sounds and massive experimentation. As Mute grows more epic and global, Liberation Technologies can liberate Mute to continue to release experimental electronic sounds alongside the bigger acts that the label carries today.
Archers of Loaf Announce Tour and
Festival Shows for Vee Vee
Archers of Loaf are touring in support of their new album Vee Vee in April and May, with a select set of shows in the U.S. and a date at the Primavera Sound Festival, as well as a stop at the Noise Pop Music Festival. Vee Vee is due for release on Feb. 21, and you can check out a stream of the song "Harnessed In Slums." | STREAM
Maps & Atlases Announce New Album
Beware and Be Grateful
Maps & Atlases are mapping out a new album with Beware and Be Grateful, due for release on Apr. 17 via Barsuk Records. It's the follow up to their Perch Patchwork release in 2010 and the video preview above suggests something deep and heavy.
Taking Another Look at The Foo Fighters - Back and Forth by James Moll
The term “Foo Fighter” was originally used to describe any unidentified flying objects, and unless you were a diehard Foo Fighters fan, you might not have noticed the lineup changes that made them hard to truly identify too. Before Back and Forth, I didn’t realize how much personnel this group went through ... but the story goes deeper, and this is a pretty well done piece.
Bjork to Appear on The Colbert Report Tonight to Talk Biophilia, iPad Apps and Tour
Björk will perform the song "Cosmogony" from her album Biophilia tonight on The Colbert Report. We'll feature the video on the site as it becomes available. Bjork will also speak with Stephen Colbert in an interview, much as Radiohead did a while back. Bjork will be talking Biophilia apps as they’re used on Android and iPad / iPhone, the Biophilia tour and whatever craziness Stephen Colbert throws at her.
Mogwai Announce North American Tour for 2012
Last year post-rock, wall of noise band Mogwai had trouble coming from Scotland to the U.S. to tour the states due to visa issues ... and they were forced to cancel not one but two tours. Now they're back, visas in tow, and ready to play some shows.
Primavera Sound Festival Lineup Adds Atlas Sound, Beirut, Black Lips and More
Barcelona's Primavera Sound Festival expanded its lineup today with Girls, Atlas Sound, Richard Hawley, Beirut, Black Lips, Sharon Van Etten ... | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Benicassim Festival Adds David Guetta to 2012 Lineup
DJ and producer David Guetta is the latest addition to the 2012 Benicassim Festival lineup, one that's growing by the week at this point after adding New Order, The Horrors, Crystal Castles (among others) last week. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Jack White Solo Album Blunderbuss Announced, Hear New Single “Love Interruption” Now
If you're Jack White, where do you go after doing the White Stripes, Racontuers, Dead Weather plus all of the the other things he's involved in with (and without) Third Man Records? The solo album of course! Preview a track now. | STREAM
Chemical Brothers "Don't Think" Movie Rolls Out In Theatres This Week
The new Chemical Brothers movie Don't Think builds on the Further tour from last year, laying out the live Chemical Brothers spectacle in what looks like a colorful explosion of sound.
Spotify Paid Subscribers Count Reaches 3 Million
If you're using the Spotify iPhone app or the Spotify Android app, you might be one of these people, as the most current Spotify paid subscribers count has reached 3 million people worldwide.
Electric Forest Music Festival Tickets Go On Sale Today
The music in the past has centered around two scenes, electronic music and jam bands. It's an combination of art, being socially conscious and music. And it's festival season is set to kick off today, as Electric Forest tickets will go on sale, with both general admission tickets and VIP tickets.
Noise Vox Weekly Wrap: Disney, Mickey Mouse & Joy Division; Lana Del Ray & Born to Die, Perfume Genius
What a week! Catch up quickly on the news in this video ... | VIDEO
Snowball Music Festival Lineup Adds Snoop Dogg, The Kooks, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Ghostland Observatory and More for 2012
The ultimate snow utopia ... Vail Valley in Colorado, is playing host to the second annual Snowball Festival. It's a U.S.-based mirror image of the Snowbombing Festival in Europe. You can ski during the day and see great music at night. Find out more.
Apple TV Features: Siri, iPad 3 Universal Remote,
iCloud Apps
An Apple TV update on rumors and news for the Apple TV set a.k.a. iTV, with Siri features and a touch screen remote from an iPad or iPhone for changing channels and navigation on your TV, Apple TV apps using iCloud and iTunes. Apple TV vs Google TV is sooo on, plus the formation of MySpace TV will all make 2012 a fun year.
New Spiritualized Album Sweet Heart Sweet Light Release Date Gets Pushed Out
The new Spiritualized album Sweet Heart Sweet Light is being pushed out a little bit, so that Jason Pierce can put the final mixing moves on the album? Finesse or fooling around? Pierce seems to stand firmly on one side of that take.
Jim O'Rourke to Curate ATP I'll Be Your Mirror Japan in April, Lineup and Tickets Soon
The I'll Be Your Mirror Music Festival in Japan is back for 2012 in a newly expanded two day format, curated by Jim O'Rourke.
Roxy Music Will Release The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982 Box Set in April
Roxy Music is going meta on top of meta with Roxy Music: The Complete Studio Recordings 1972-1982 in honor of the 40th anniversary of the phenomenon we like to call Roxy Music. Eight CDs, 4 DVDs and whole lotta Roxy Music lovin' goin' on.
Battles Announce Four-Part Remix Vinyl with The Field and Gui Boratto
Battles dropped their first big album as a power trio last year with Gloss Drop, and now they're starting release remixes from the album, starting with the tracks "Wall Street" remixed by Gui Boratto and "Sweetie and Shag" remixed by The Field. Find out more and listen to both of the remixes.
Benicassim Festival Adds New Order, Crystal Castles, The Horrors and More to Lineup
It's an international festival on the beach, and they just landed Crystal Castles and New Order (among others) to go with headlining act The Stone Roses. Find out more.
INTERVIEW: The B-52'S Are Still the Bomb After 35 Years
The B-52's have been both leaders and a presence on the New Wave/Modern Rock scene since 1976. Though the years have passed, this band has not lost their initial spark and their music is still as exciting and unique as ever.
Spotify Lawsuit Dropped on Streaming Music
You might not have known that there was a Spotify lawsuit going on ... one that would have killed Spotify in the U.S. The good news: it's been settled, and Spotify will live on ...
THE SUPER SAMPLER: Beastie Boys - “Paul’s Boutique”
Sampling can either be high art like an aural collage (think Bomb Squad or Prince Paul or Beck) or a badly sung karaoke new version of an old song (think Puff Daddy, Diddy, Puffy or Sean Combs).
Life on the Road: New M. Ward Album A Wasteland Companion Reflects Travels
The new material reflects the way of life M. Ward has pursued over the past few years between juggling projects like She and Him, The Monsters of Folk ... and of course M. Ward. As a result, he had to rethink what he could bring with him on the road in a scaled down mode vs. everything else he had going.
Sasquatch! 2012 Lineup Announcement in February: Rumors, Tickets, Dates and Headliners
Good news ... the Sasquatch! Music Festival is due to announce its lineup in early February, with an announcement party. Find out who leads the rumor list for Sasquatch! headliners and how to get tickets.
The Pirate Bay Isn't Down With SOPA and PIPA
The Pirate Bay wants you to know that it's not down with the SOPA and PIPA bills that freaked the Internet out last week ... but they have no fear of it taking the Pirate Bay down.
De La Soul Reimagined as First Serve - Take A Listen
Check out the reinvention of De La Soul as First Serve ... It's a great reimagining of some of the influences of De La Soul in a modern vibe. It's only 2/3 of De La Soul -- Dave Jolicoeur and Kelvin Mercer, better known as Plug 1 and Plug 2, but it's hard not to think of De La Soul when listening to this.
Google Magnified Artists for Indie Music on Android Market and Artists Hub
Google Music has launched a new music feature called Google Magnified Artists for independent artists in the Android Music Store and Artist Hub that gives them an opportunity to gain visibility on Youtube Music and Google+, with the intent of raising them out of the clutter of online noise of the Internet. Since it's hard to get noticed for indie bands, Google Magnified hopes to change that."
New Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead) Album
A new collaborative album is coming from Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and it includes the track "Popcorn Superhet Receiver" and a live performance. Find out more.
Clark to Release New album Iradelphic: Get MP3 of "Com Touch" Now
The electronic music / IDM musician travelled far and wide to record the sounds on Iradelphic, and you can hear the first song to be released from the album, “Com Touch.”
Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) Announces Tour for Between The Times and The Tides
It includes a show with include a show with Thurston Moore.
Megaupload Lawsuit Filed, File Sharing Site Charged with Copyright Infringement
Online storage / cyberlocker web site Megaupload has been hit with a lawsuit for operating an international criminal enterprise with Megaupload, profiting from copyright infringement and piracy; it comes at a time when copyright is a hot issue with the SOPA and PIPA bills moving through Congress and exploding in online protests. But that's not all ...
BLOC Weekend Announces New Home for 2012 Festival: London Pleasure Gardens
Anybody going to Bloc Weekend should be super-psyched about this ... because Bloc organizers are working with none other than the same people who put on the Shangri-La area of the Glastonbury Festival.
Big Chill Music Festival Is Cancelled for 2012
Another British music festival folds for the year of 2012 due to the combination of fighting the Olympics and lack of available artists during that time: The Big Chill festival will take the year of 2012 off.
The Cure Add YET EVEN MORE Festival Appearances
The Cure have added five more festival appearances to Monday's announcement of three other festival appearances.
Digital Music News Drawn Further In
Grooveshark VS Universal Music Group
Here's the response by Digital Music News publisher and founder Paul Resnikoff yesterday to being subpoenaed by Grooveshark in the Grooveshark VS Universal Music Group court case.
The Mars Volta will Release Noctourniquet in March
So the big question with the detail-oriented Mars Volta is: how deep will it go sonically and will it be good?
Orbital to Release New Album
with Zola Jesus, Flood
Orbital return with a new album titled Wonky in April, featuring work with Zola Jesus, Lady Leshurr and the infamous Flood as producer. Given the date, let's hope it's not a joke. Check out the new Orbital video for the song "Never" after the jump. | VIDEO
The Pirate Bay Launches Indie Promo Platform:
The Promo Bay
Just when you thought The Pirate Bay was down as a place for you to find new music, comes an alternative -- and it's being launched by the Pirate Bay itself. Called The Promo Bay, it gives independent musicians, film makers, authors and artists the ability to promote themselves.
SXSW Music Announces Schedule for 2012 Lineup
The South by Southwest Music Festival has announced the SXSW schedule for the 2012 music lineup, allowing you to choose the bands you want to see. Also included are the schedules for SXSW Film Festival and SXSW Interactive.
Sony Music Unlimited Streaming Music
App On iPad, iPhone Coming
The Sony Music Unlimited streaming music service will soon be available as an iPhone app and iPad app for iOS.
Glastonbury Festival Might Use
RFID Wristbands for Tracking in 2013
The festival wristband ... the long-held symbol of a day or weekend in the sun listening to music. Good times. But the music festival wristband of the past was simple compared to the electronic, RFID (radio frequency ID) wristbands we see today. It might be in use at next year's Glastonbury Festival, according to festival organizer Michael Eavis.
Gene Ween Announces Solo Album Dedicated to
San Francisco Beat scene Poet
Aaron Freeman might be better known to you as Gene Ween, from the experimentalist band Ween. He's releasing a solo album titled Marvelous Clouds, an ode to poet and songwriter Rod McKuen who came out of the San Francisco Beat scene.
New Grooveshark Mobile App:
Secret Beta for iPhone, Android
Grooveshark joins the list of HTML5 apps for streaming music sites, skipping the Apple App store and Android Market to launch a Grooveshark mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. They’re calling it the Grooveshark Sooper Secret Beta.
Former Tractile DJ Hobo Preps Iron Triangle for Release, Hear a Track Now
Joel Boychuk is one half of the musical act Tractile, but on Feb. 22 he'll release his own album under the moniker Hobo. The album is titled Iron Triangle, and features 12 new tracks that  It will be released by Minus (or M-nus), a label who plays home to both Ritchie Hawtin and his Plastikman alter ego.
Facebook Music Player Resurfaces
as “Listen With Friends”
In the run up to last year's big Facebook Music launch, which included streaming music sites like Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody; there was talk about how all of these would tie into a massive Facebook Music player that would allow a simultaneous listening experience to happen. For whatever reasons unkown to the masses, the Facebook Music player was scrapped before the f8 conference and never mentioned again. Until now.
The Decemberists Will Release Live Album
We All Raise Our Voices to the Air
Good news for The Decemberists nation: the live shows you have been going to can be relived with a new Decemberists live album titled We All Raise Our Voices to the Air. It covers a range of shows from last year on the North American tour.
MySpace To Offer MySpace TV to Get In On
Apple TV vs Google TV Fight
MySpace dropped one of the first official offerings this week at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas: They were getting itno the connected TV game with MySpace TV.
Sebastien Tellier to Release My God Is Blue
The all of the musical map man Sebastien Tellier will release Release My God Is Blue, this Spring, a new album of work from the french musician known for downtempo electronic music as much as he is for songwriting skills.
Bigger Than Spotify: Rhapsody, The Streaming Music Site With Over 1 Million Users In the U.S.
Although the first streaming music site mentioned by people these days might be Spotify, Rhapsody actually has the most users in the U.S. out of the big four streaming music sites of Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody.
Glastonbury Festival Headliners for 2013 Are Booked
Glastonbury is taking a year off this year, but the show rolls on for 2013, with the headliners already signed.
Snowbombing Festival Adds More to 2012 Lineup
The Snowbombing Festival has added more acts to its 2012 lineup, while also adding a new stage called The Reggae Shack. Find out more.
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Roll Out Small U.S. Tour
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks released their album Mirror Traffic last year, and will continue to play shows for it in 2012, with a short U.S. tour in February (safely confined to warmer southern region of the country, nice).
Shazam Player App Launched for iPad, iPhone and iPod
Shazam has launched a new app called the Shazam Player, with the ability to give you song lyrics in real time with a song. It also works with Facebook and Twitter so you can be social about what you're singing along to. Look for the iPad as the hot new Karaoke app by using the Shazam Player app!
Ultra Music Festival Sells Out of Tickets, Lineup Addition Soon
Ultra Music Festival tickets are now completely sold out for the 2012, and that means everything ... VIP tickets, early bird tickets, general admission tickets ... if you don’t have them at this point, you’re not going unless you buy them resale or unless the serendipitously “find” more tickets to put on sale between now and the festival.
Noise Pop Festival Adds Flaming Lips, Bob Mould
for Full Album Shows
The Noise Pop Music Festival was expanded today with some great new shows: The Flaming Lips will perform The Soft Bulletin in full and Bob Mould will play the classic from his band Sugar with Copper Blue, also in full. Other acts added to the lineup are...
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Roll Out Small U.S. Tour
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks released their album Mirror Traffic last year, and will continue to play shows for it in 2012, with a short U.S. tour in February (safely confined to warmer southern region of the country, nice).
Black Keys Announce Fresh Tour for
Late Spring for El Camino
With the release of their album El Camino in December, The Black Keys are extending the Black Keys tour into late spring with the arrival of new Black Keys tour dates. The shows are mostly in the south and along the west coast in the U.S., and some Canadian dates as well.
Memoryhouse Announce Tour,
Preview “The Kids Were Wrong”
Today the Memoryhouse tour dates were announced in support of The Slideshow Effect and you can chack out the lead single “The Kids Were Wrong”
White Rabbits Announce Milk Famous + Tour and MP3
Brooklyn-based band White Rabbits will release their new album Milk Famous on Mar.6 via TBD Records. It's the follow-up to It's Frightening, which was relased in 2009, and there's a new single available for download as an MP3: "Heavy Metal." Tour dates also, find out more.
Your Spotify Radio and Playlists
May Not Be Free and Unlimited Anymore
If you signed up for Spotify last Summer on its initial launch, your free and unlimted trial may soon be ending.
Reading & Leeds Festival 2012 Tickets
Will Have a Deposit Scheme
32 weeks and counting until the 2012 Reading Festival and the 2012 Leeds Festival, and tickets will go back on sale in the Spring, with a new addition this year -- you’ll have to put a deposit down on the tickets.
Slacker Radio Launches 3 New Artists stations: RJD2, The Parlotones and Blue October
Slacker Radio has launched three new custom radio stations, something they've been championing over the past year. This time it's RJD2, The Parlotones and Blue October.
La Sera Returns in March with "Sees the Light" + MP3
The new La Sera sound is more rough around the edges, less dream pop and echoey than the first album La Sera. This is due in part to songwriting and the the fact that Sees the Light was recorded by Rob Barbato (Darker My Love, the Fall). | MP3
The Coachella 2012 Lineup: Rumors, Tickets
and Headliners
The 2012 Coachella lineup is usually released in January, ending the massive run of rumors over Coachella 2012 headliners and reunions, and usually marking the beginning of the sale of Coachella tickets. Will Radiohead be at Coachella or is this just another Coachella rumor?
If I were a betting man...
Don’t just listen to the radio, you miss too much. Christopher Levine, author of "Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption" talks about wandering off the beaten path.
Bjork Biophilia Tour is Coming to New York
The Biophilia tour is coming to New York for a 10 show residency and a whole bunch of installations with The Creators Project. Find out more.
New Burial EP Kindred Due This Month
on Hyperdub, Hear a Sample Now
There’s a new Burial release in the pipeline, in the form of a new Burial EP titled Kindred. The track "Ashtray Wasp" was played on the Hyperdub show on Rinse, check it out. | MP3
Rdio CEO: Streaming Music Sites Will
Replace Music Downloads
Rdio CEO Drew Larner on whether streaming music sites like his will replace music downloads.
New Diplo EP Express Yourself to be Released Soon
Check out new sounds from Diplo. | STREAM
Grimes to Release New Album Visions Next Month
Grimes goes international in February and March, depending on what part of the world you live in. Find out more and here music from the upcoming album. | STREAM
Sub Pop to Release Fresh Electronic Sounds
from Spoek Mathambo in March
New Sub Pop artist Spoek Mathambo is getting ready to drop his first album for the label with Father Creeper on Mar. 13. It's South African street meets American R & B with some electronic music stylings and a nod to hip hop, dubstep, and anything else that Spoek Mathambo is finding interesting at a given moment. | STREAM
Apple Media Event: Apple TV to iPad to iCloud to iTunes -- Your Guess Is as Good as Mine
Is it the iPad 3!? The new Apple TV update!? Probably not ... the daily concensus on the Apple Media Event that's been scheduled is some sort of publishing or advertising deal ... but who knows. Find out more.
Detroit Electronic Music Festival Tickets
Go On Sale for 2012 Show
It's a 36 hour party spread across four stages with almost 100 artists performing in the location of Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. Tickets went back on sale on Dec. 30 for regular and VIP tickets. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
Ultra Music Festival 2012 Lineup Announced,
Tickets Available, Deadmau5 Dissess
The 2012 Ultra Music Festival lineup has arrived -- find out headliners, ticket info and why Deadmau5 probably won't be there. | FESTIVAL GUIDE
iPad 3 Features and Release Date: Siri,
Battery Life, and Face Recognition
Let's look at new Apple iPad 3 features and specs that went down over the holiday break: a new iPad 3 in two sizes, extended iPad 3 battery life, face recognition to go with Siri voice recognition ... also iTunes Match & iCloud inclusion with an A6 processor chip. An iPad 3 release date is possible in early 2012, but is still rumor and speculation.
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