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REVIEW: Twilight III – Beneath Trident’s Tomb

REVIEW: Twilight III – Beneath Trident’s Tomb


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If you've been gravitating around the world of alternative rock, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Sonic Youth more than a few times. The seminal group, led by Thurston Moore and indie rock amazon warrior Kim Gordon took the rough edges and instinctive approach of the 80s hardcore scene (think Adolescents, Black Flag…) and turned into something more. Their song structures were open, their melodies were experimental and they soaked influences as diverse as free-jazz, garage and post-rock.

With such an eclectic mindset, it’s no wonder why the band managed to influence generations of musicians, who grew up listening to the band's ethereal soundscapes and clunky jazzmaster guitar assaults.

Fast-forward a few decades (2013) later to find the band on a hiatus, due to Thurston and Kim's relationship issues. This isn’t a gossip tabloid, so I won't get into that. The point is, after experimenting with a solo record and with some more Sonic Youth stuff, Thurston Moore took the chance to explore new musical territories with a brand new project: Twilight; a black metal band.

Yes, you got it right, black metal. Many snobs and indie elitists are kind of shocked, but if you think about it; the move isn’t that awkward, considering Thurston's hardcore roots. Black Metal is perhaps the most visceral form of metal: No gimmicks, no blistering guitar solos - Just a burst of instinctive violence and doomsday aesthetics.

Twilight is a perfect black metal band on a conceptual level: the songs depict a feeling of angst and uncertainty that feels honest and unrehearsed. Sound wise, this is not strictly classic Black Metal, so if you are looking for something along the lines of Burzum, it might not be the album for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a brutal record, musically and emotionally, this project hits the spot. Interesting for Sonic Youth fans, refreshing for the metal scene!
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