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REVIEW: Plaid - Reachy Prints

REVIEW: Plaid - Reachy Prints


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A review of the Plaid album Reachy Prints.


Plaid stems from the musical collaboration between Andy Turner and Ed Handley, who started manipulating sounds, chopping beats and creating kaleidoscopic scenarios in the late 80s. The project  is all about lush electronic landscapes with a minimal, yet wide-sounding feel. The nine tracks featured on the act's latest studio effort Reachy Prints don't stray too far from one another in terms of instruments and arrangement.

The skeleton of each song is built around a solid and shape-shifting analog-sounding drum machine, often developing in staggered and off-beat patterns that complement the beautiful synth work. Glitches, white noise, ambient pads and trance chords are the most recurrent elements within the album, resulting in a cohesive sound. If you just put the album on and listen from start to finish with no interruptions, it might almost feel like the full album an extended piece of progressive electronic music.

This record represents another piece of the legacy left behind by one of the most influential production duos in the electronic music scene.


Plaid - "Hawkmoth" From Reachy Prints

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