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REVIEW: The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

REVIEW: The New Pornographers  - Brill Bruisers


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A review of the New Pornographers album Brill Bruisers.


Canada is not really associated with a particular music scene: when you think about the musical map of the United States, for example, you can easily locate garage rock in Detroit, Americana in Nashville, jazz in New Orleans, blues in Chicago and so on. On the other hand, Canadian cities are well-known for their cultural and eclectic environment even though they lack that particular, unique musical identity.



In spite of that (or maybe because of that), it is impressive to notice how many innovative, diverse, fresh and talented artists manage to develop their brand of sound and bring their music on top of the world.

The New Pornographers seem to reflect this unique cultural landscape by blending diverse elements within their sound, yet keeping things simple and direct. Their latest studio album Brill Bruisers is the first release from the band since 2010's Together. Even by looking at the colorful and playful album artwork, it is apparent that the band is going for a hassle-free, punchy and dynamic collection of songs with ties to garage rock and roll, beat pop and a bit of acid psychedelia.


The title track, Brill Bruisers, strikes with an almost Beatle-esque vibe to it, with choral sing-alongs and a “happy musical chaos” pervading the track; setting the mood for the entire album.


The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers

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