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REVIEW: Jack White – Lazaretto

REVIEW: Jack White – Lazaretto


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A review of the Jack White album Lazaretto.


Jack White is undoubtedly one of the most discussed figure in modern rock and roll. Some hate him on the grounds that his music is too dependable on his influences, while his fans love the way he’s able to translate the timeless grit, energy and visceral vibe of music, transcending genre definitions, ages and locations.


Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny Jack White’s influence on the state of contemporary alternative rock. Even after the demise of the White Stripes, Jack keeps himself busy with his solo material. Blunderbuss, his first album as a solo artist, offered a more introspective and intimate insight on his songwriting.

Lazaretto is definitely a more eclectic and lively work, to the point that Jack White’s creativity appears nearly indulgent in the best possible way. This is a playful record that doesn’t look back and doesn’t look forward, it just rocks out like an old Led Zeppelin jam, striking from the groovy title track to the fuzz blast of “High Ball Stepper” and the cheerful garage stomper “Just One Drink.”

This is one of the most diverse yet strangely familiar collections of songs from Jack White since his glory days with Meg!


Jack White – "Lazaretto"

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