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REVIEW: Dub Thompson - 9 Songs

REVIEW: Dub Thompson - 9 Songs


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A review of the Dub Thompson album 9 Songs.


Dub Thompson consists of 19 year-old Max and Evan, a duo that brings a mix of raw cut and low-fi indie rock influenced by Kraftwerk, Big Black, Can and The Fall. 9 songs is a basement-tape kind of recording, showing how you don’t have to have a fancy recording to get your music out. Their style makes a stand and catches your attention.


9 Songs is made up of 8 songs which bring an unusual mix of rock, experimental ideas and spacey moments which create a slab of rough and unpolished tracks. Dub Thompson combines a mix of fast-paced vibes & dirty attitudes with mellow charismatic thoughts hanging in mid-air. The feelings of old vinyl and ripping tones coming from a small amplifier really do tread on your feet.

The opening track “Hayward” stands out the most, being a track that shows the audience what the band is about. Dirty, grizzly low-fi tones and raw uncompromised vocals submerge in an echoey room, you can feel the uptempo and edginess on this track. The album has its moments of greatness, however there are times where the band fail to push themselves to create something that’s ear catching.

“Mono” is another highlight that makes a statement, gritty guitar and bass sounds with violent and ferocious riffage is the first thing that caught my attention. They combine this with drums that work hard to carry the track along and a mix of mellow and bold experimental sections.

9 Songs is a great first shot despite having a few tracks that are lacking, though you can clearly see Dub Thompson are putting in the effort to grow and become what they’re destined to be.
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