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REVIEW: Brian Eno / Karl Hyde: High Life

REVIEW: Brian Eno / Karl Hyde - High Life


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A review of the Brian Eno / Karl Hyde album High Life.


Brian Eno and karl Hyde need no introduction, but I'll write a few lines anyway, just in case you've been living on a desert island for the past couple of decades or so!

The former is an absolute pioneer of electronic music and studio production, always pushing the sound on the edge and focusing on textures, ideas and possibilities. The latter is the mind behind electronic outfit Underworld, a very influential house outfit from the UK.

Following a successful debut album, the pair joined forces one more time for their 2014 release, High Life. The album is faithful to these artists' will to experiment and create something new, track by track. This album feels like a well orchestrated pastiche of sounds, ideas, instruments and influences, all seamlessly blending in together organically and incredibly naturally. It relies on a fundamentally electronic backdrop, but the duo plays with "old school" instruments (such as guitars and vocal harmonies) in order to create organic textures that transcend genre definitions and musical denominations.

This album is yet another piece of the puzzle that are the career of these two brilliant composers. Their works are so diverse that it's quite hard to grasp their scope, yet they manage to reconcile their creative personality beautifully and unpredictably on a nice collection of tracks.


Brian Eno / Karl Hyde - High Life

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