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REVIEW: The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi

REVIEW: The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi


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A review of the The Raveonettes album Pe'ahi.


The Raveonettes have been silent for quite a while, but they finally broke the absence of noise with a brand new album that caught everybody by surprise: Pe'ahi.


The band, in fact, released this album without any anticipation whatsoever, simply putting the songs out there for people to enjoy! The sound is as direct and immediate as the release policy: gritty, dark and heavy guitars as if an old surf movie from the 60s was suddenly turned into a zombie apocalypse type of flick!


The connections with surf music are strong - the album title itself is a reference to one of the hotspots of Hawaiian surf. Ironically, the album is far removed from the typical Hawaiian summer vibes, replaced by a dark overall mood. The contrast was supposedly inspired by a traumatic near-death experience of the singer, who nearly drowned when on the island!


The sonic landscape makes for a really unique vibe: this album feels like an old, dusty, amazing attic find: great old, worn out sounds with lots of extra darkness acquired over the years of gathering dust in a basement…oh, those good old records; they keep remind us that the best music is made of tiny imperfections.


The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi Full Album Stream

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