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REVIEW: Spoon - They Want My Soul


By: Corey Tate
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August 12, 2014

A review of the Spoon album They Want My Soul.


Spoon is an Austin-based indie pop band that has seen reasonable success with its previous two releases. The band had been on Merge Records for the past decade, and made a move to Loma Vista for their current album They Want My Soul.

The album sees Spoon continually honing what's turned out to be their magic formula. It's classic Spoon -- one part indie pop, one part indie rock, one part Spoon magic. When the band uses this approach on a song, it shines big. The Spoon magic is their definable sound aesthetic. Once you’ve heard it you can re-recognize it in an instant, at this point they seems almost capable of manufacturing at will and creating indie pop gems.

“Rent I Pay” (the lead single and the lead song on the album), “Do You” and “They Want My Soul” all use this approach and create indie rock/pop gems. The rest of the album is more sublime and moody.

“Inside Out” takes an almost chilled out, Washed Out musical vibe and is slow and deliberate. “Rainy Taxi” sounds just like the song title - I can almost picture being in a taxi in New York on a gray, wet day.

They Want My Soul is a Spoon album that will satisfy Spoon fans. They seem to have the ability to concoct a few big hits that carry the album's more mainstream success, and  this allows Spoon to dive deeper on the rest of the album and evolve the Spoon songwriting style. There are no sell outs with this mainstreaming, they just have the power to write fantastic pop songs.


Spoon - They Want My Soul

Listen to a song by clicking on a title below:

Click to Play VIDEO: Spoon - Inside Out
Click to Play STREAM: Spoon - Do You
Click to Play VIDEO: Spoon - Rent I Pay


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