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Twitter And SoundCloud Are Giving Us ... The Audio Card
It's the new Twix bar of the online world.
Twitter And SoundCloud Are Giving Us ... The Audio Card
It's the new Twix bar of the online world.
YouTube's Streaming Music Service: Details Emerge
Must be seen to be believed.
How Spotify Is Copying Pandora Radio

Spotify is taking a cue from Pandora Radio.

Rhapsody Music Is Expanding With Ex.FM and Schematic Labs

They just bought Ex.FM, a music discovery app.

Rhapsody Music Found Out How To Grow

Find out what their secret is.


Would YOU want to buy Vevo? Don't all step forward at once.

FRESH GEAR: Normal Will 3D Print Custom Earbuds For Awesome Sound
They'll custom fit your ears by taking photos of your ear with their mobile app.

Spotify For iPhone and iPad Gets A Fresh Update

Spotify for iOS was just updated with new play queue and sorting options.

Google Play Music Update For iOS

It Includes gapless playback and playlist downloads,

Rhapsody And Napster Are Now On Google's Chromecast

Google's Chromecast adapter keeps adding support for streaming music services.

Amazon Launched Fire TV With A Lot Of Streaming Music Options + Video + Gaming

Amazon just launched Fire TV, a new way to combine the Cloud Music Player, Amazon Prime video, streaming music and a lot of other music and video services.
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