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Rhapsody Music Found Out How To Grow
Find out what their secret is.

Who Wants To Buy Vevo?


Google Play Music Update For iOS


Amazon Launched Fire TV With A Lot Of Streaming Music Options + Video + Gaming

Rhapsody Music Found Out How To Grow

Find out what their secret is.


Would YOU want to buy Vevo? Don't all step forward at once.

FRESH GEAR: Normal Will 3D Print Custom Earbuds For Awesome Sound
They'll custom fit your ears by taking photos of your ear with their mobile app.

Spotify For iPhone and iPad Gets A Fresh Update

Spotify for iOS was just updated with new play queue and sorting options.

Google Play Music Update For iOS

It Includes gapless playback and playlist downloads,

Rhapsody And Napster Are Now On Google's Chromecast

Google's Chromecast adapter keeps adding support for streaming music services.

Amazon Launched Fire TV With A Lot Of Streaming Music Options + Video + Gaming

Amazon just launched Fire TV, a new way to combine the Cloud Music Player, Amazon Prime video, streaming music and a lot of other music and video services.

Spotify Update Includes Redesign And Collections Feature

Spotify redesigned its web, desktop and mobile apps with a darker theme and a feature for users to build collections.

Beats Music Lets You Build Apps

A new Beats Music features lets you build apps like Spotify does.
Spotify Just Started a $5 Subscription
Find out how you can gets you some.

Apple Is In Talks For A Streaming Music Service & An Android App

Apple is looking into launching a streaming music service. What seems more interesting about it this time is that they're also considering launching it as an Android app to go alongside all of its own Apple product offerings.

Vevo Is Opening To Anyone Making a Music Video Or Sharing App

It's time to make a music video app! Vevo just opened up their platform.

Google Music Is Rising

They've already sold millions of Chromecast adapters. Find out more.
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Beatsmusic Just Bought Topspin!

But what will they do with it? And what can they do for you?


Pandora Radio VS iTunes Radio: Pandora Wins
By almost 5 to 1!
Is SoundCloud The YouTube of Music?
A new video with SoundCloud founder Eric Wahlforss answers the question.
Beats Music Valentine's Day Playlists
For Soul/R&B, Rock, Indie, Pop, R&B, Latin, Country and more.
Spotify Valentine's Day Playlists
Spotify has Valentine's Day Playlists for both couples and singles.
Rdio Valentine's Day Playlists
Check out the Rdio Valentine's Day Playlists.
Google Play Music Adds Visualizations
Just in time for Valentine's Day ...
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