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Jonas talks on the duality of his band's music and their new album Visuals.

PREMIERE: Nowhere - “Follow”

I spent the better part of the past decade traveling from place to place, working on different music with fellow artists across country lines and cultural backgrounds. The idea behind this project is connected to my journey ...
    INTERVIEW: Jonathan Mendelsohn
Find your passion and follow it. Stay as relentlessly positive as possible. If you start doubting or negativity starts ...
    Prince Rama: Interview with Taraka Larson
Adrenaline junkie culture, pseudo-black metal communes in Estonia, Xtreme living and VHS time travel aura.

PREMIERE: DeModa - “Heavy Hearts”

A lot of people thought David Johnson was crazy for quitting his union day job to do music full time.
    INTERVIEW: L!ghtwork
Cory Doan is a very interesting man, a Grammy nominated true fan and ally of music as a craft and perhaps even spiritual calling.
    INTERVIEW: Dolly Denko
Dolly Denko is a fascinating delightful budding Australian pop artist who is causing wider and wider ripples with every new single.
Spacelab caught up with OMFG NYE artist KAYZO backstage after his performance at the show. Check out our exclusive interview!
    PHOTOS: Together As One
Together As One: A New Year's Party in Silverado, California with three stages, a multimedia midnight countdown, art displays & live performances.
    INTERVIEW: Eszter Balint
Eszter Balint's Airless Midnight is a beautiful record, as comfortable as the warmth of an old friend who you don't mind keeping company with.
    PHOTOS: Jungle Boogie Reunion
Rhythm and Dance hosted an event at the Sunset Room in Hacienda Heights, California called Jungle Boogie Reunion.
    Morgan Is Introducing His New Album, Know You're Wild By Walking Bombs
Hey everyone. Some people know me more as a music journalist, but I’m also a singer of 20+ years. Walking Bombs is ...
    INTERVIEW: Bridget Barkan
Bridget has toured the world with Scissor Sisters and opening for Lady Gaga, but this is more than just a lucky backup singer with a big break.
    INTERVIEW: Mindless Self Indulgence
MSI have been freakin' people out, flippin' off or ignoring haters and generally doing their thing for a long time now.
    PHOTOS: Indie Rock Dance Party In LA
The show was an indie rock party set in Los Angeles (Pomona), and featured music, live art and an open mic.
We pick the brain of the rapper about festivals vs small clubs, being a "guest" in hip hop and his newest crazy verbal cartoon stampede of a record.


Pete RG brings a rustic yet modern charm to everything he touches, and has been gifted with a voice that doesn't have to rely on gimmicks to make you feel moved ...
    INTERVIEW: Crystal Sister
A revelation of indie-rock-scene hip lo-fi, blended with some true pixie hi-fi sparkle and classic 80's or 70's references for the ultimate "cool" experience.

A Night of Neon Trees in NYC

So, even though Neon Trees took a break from touring and making a new album, they sold out their show ...


Fun but disconcerting and edgy punk that’s not afraid to get weird and chase the light at the end of the insomnia tunnel.

INTERVIEW: Sandy Davis of Pecas

Sandy Davis is the ray of sunshine/driving force of Upstate, NY dream pop act Pecas.

Opulent Temple Sacred Dance Party: Photo Gallery

Lot 613 in Los Angeles was transformed into a white oasis of art & beauty when the Opulent Temple held their ...


Taste Of Country: I Saw & Photographed The Best Country Stars In The World

Country was my first love growing up. My taste in music has changed since then ...

INTERVIEW: Sarah McQuaid

UK songstress Sarah McQuaid is the kind of god or godess-send folk infused album of musical honesty that is almost otherworldly, yet to deny the humanity ...

PHOTOS: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Live At (Le) Poisson Rouge in New York

Miss Magpi brought back these photos from the show.


Audio On The Bay Was An Incredible Experience On The Waterfront

They went #backtothebasics with acts like Showtek, Knife Party, Grandtheft ...

Bad Blood Blah: Why Super Villain Katy Perry Is Better Than Taylor Swift

Ok, let's start this off right. The best thing about Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video ...

Mysteryland Was Amazing: See It In Photos

I thought I wasn't going to enjoy Mysteryland primarily because I'm ...

Experience What Coachella Is Like

It's America's favorite music festival -- see what being at Coachella is like in photos.

Beyond Wonderland
Was Beyond Awesome

Jennifer Briseida went to the show and brought back these photos ...

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Davies
Talks 'Lapse Of Time'

Liverpool's finest new pop singer also happens to be the most exciting ...

Those Mockingbirds Interview

They're self-absorbed in all the right ways, an indictment to fake music and ...


Check Out Photos From
Fun Fun Fun Fest In Austin

James Oborne hit Austin and brought us awesome photos.


Indie Focus: Natascha Stern

Chilled out, downtempo, trip-hop influenced music.


Indie Focus: Vices I Admire

Aspects of punk, metal, pop and alternative music.


Dead Milkmen Interview

Check in on the Dead Milkmen to find out what it’s like to beat someone with a car antenna.

  Features | Indie Rock | Electronic Music | Alternative Music | Spacelab Features   Sloan Interview:

Sloan are a perfect model for a pop rock band with integrity.

  Features | Indie Rock | Electronic Music | Alternative Music | Spacelab Features  

Future Perfect:
Does Social Media Matter For Music?

Most of us spend lots of time doing it -- social media. But is it really working for anyone?

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