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March 19, 2014

The latest installment from Ghostpoet is the video for the song “Dial Tones,” from his album Some Say I So I Say Light. It follows the video for “Cold Win” as well as the MP3 for “Meltdown.” “Dial Tones” includes the vocals of Lucy Rose, although she doesn’t make an appearance until the end of the video. The girl in the video is Laure Stockly, and it was produced by Katie dolan.

Obaro Ejimiwe, AKA Ghostpoet, is reminiscent of the late 80's school of hip hop lyricists of New York, steeped in jazz culture while remaining open to influences from modern music as well. "Praising everything from psychedelic rock band Gentle Giant to Beth Gibbons' bleak folk album with Rustin Man via John Coltrane to Serge Gainsbourg, it's clear Ghostpoet gravitates towards one-of-a-kind auteurs as he pushes it all, mixing the abstract and the concrete with uncanny skill," reads the press release, showing his range of influences.


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