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Spacelab Media Player - MP3 Downloads Archive - 2012
MP3 Music Downloads for Indie Music, Indie Rock, Electronica and Electronic Music

Atoms For Peace Have Released A Hidden Song Download On Their Web Site (MP3)
Atoms For Peace have released a new song for download via their web site at atomsforpeace.info, and it's called 'What The Eyeballs Did.'
Listen to Sunglasses - “Cold Shoulder” (MP3)
There's an almost 60's California pop vibe here, Panda Bear influence mixed through the Mush Records haze before being filtered into and end product. I'm not sure how Mush Records does it, but there is a genuine MR sonic aesthetic that seems to happen with each of its acts.
Listen to Pissed Jeans - “Bathroom Laughter” (MP3)
It's no Tad, but it can fill the void for today.
Download the New Death Grips Album IN FULL (MP3)
Death Grips are going rogue ... they appear to have released their new album NO LOVE DEEP WEB ahead of next year's official Epic Records release date. | MP3
Listen to Thavius Beck - “Feel Me / Fear Me” (MP3)
It's a blowout of hard-hitting beats, a heavy duty Monday morning song to get you going for the week and the get-up-and-go track of the day. Glitched out electronic music beats are fused with southern California hip hop to offer up music that doesn't get mired in just one aesthetic or genre.
Listen to Black Marble - “Static” (MP3)
This is gonna be the soundtrack for Fall ... dark, lo-fi synthwave sounds. The song “Static” is a post-punk take on industrial music -- from the likes of the Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen jet set.
Listen to The Album Leaf - “Descent” (MP3)
Jimmy LaValle is back with a new EP this week, check out a track from it with "Descent." | MP3
Listen to METZ - “Wet Blanket” (MP3)
Toronto minimalist post-punk band METZ signed to Seattle's Sub Pop Records earlier this year, and will release a full-length self-titled album on the label on Oct. 9. Check out the MP3 of the song 'Wet Blanket.' | MP3
Listen to Two Fingers (Amon Tobin) - “Stunt Rhythms” (MP3)
Big beats and bombastic break beats. | MP3
Listen to Police Teeth - “Bellingham Media Blackout” (MP3)
Police Teeth. Where have these guys been hiding? Seattle apparently, and the song "Bellingham Media Blackout" is the kind of blues-tinged punk come post-punk that sets your teeth on edge. | MP3
Listen to Matt and Kim - “Now” (MP3)
The new Matt and Kim album Lightning is due to arrive on Oct. 2 via FADER, today we get to preview the song "Now," there's also a download of the song via Facebook. | MP3 AND VIDEO
MP3: Liars "Point Your Pistols To The Sigh"
Following on the release of the excellent album WIXIW this year, Liars have released a new song today via the Adult Swim Singles Series. | MP3
Listen to Yellow Ostrich - “Strange Land” (MP3)
It's indie pop with looped background vocals, at times rhythmic and lurching and other times a standard pop song. The song builds nicely before kicking it over the top at the end. | MP3
Listen to Bjork - “Hidden Place”
(Blackbird Blackbird Bootleg) (stream/MP3)
Mikey Maramag, a.k.a. Blackbird Blackbird, has remixed the Bjork song "Hidden Place" in advance of his Boracay Planet EP, which is due out on Lavish Habits on Oct. 6.
Listen to Sun Airway's “Close” Remix by
Beat Connection (MP3)
Beat Connection has remixed the Sun Airway song "Close," in an almost six minute track of chilled out bliss set over down tempo beats. | MP3
Listen to Wild Nothing - “Nocturne” (MP3)
How is it that the 80's have come back again? The 20 year recycling of trends might suggest the early 90's might be an apropos influence, when grunge ruled and everyone wanted to sound like the Nirvana-Soundgarden-Pearl Jam cocktail that the music industry marketing departments were serving up to the masses. And yet, we have a surge in the kind of post-new wave, post chillwave, post-80's synth pop happening all over this Summer. | MP3
Listen to Moon Duo - “Sleepwalker” (MP3)
Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and Sanae Yamada are back with a new track from an album to be released this Fall on Sacred Bones Records. It's the chill indie pop track of the day. | MP3
Listen to Sun Airway Mixtape #3 with Dirty Projectors, Boards of Canada, David Bowie, Four Tet & More (MP3)
The new Sun Airway album Soft Fall makes a hard landing in October on Dead Oceans, and in the run up to the album release Sun Airway mastermind Jon Barthmus has created a 25 minute mixtape. | STREAM
Listen to Clark - Iradelphic Sessions 3 -
“Soft Eruptor” (MP3)
Chapter three of the excellent Iradelphic Sessions from electronic music creative guy Clark, a.k.a. Chris Clark. It's more contemplative than the previous two, which were Flying Lotus/Cosmogramma style full-on sonic indulgences. | MP3
MP3: Chelsea Light Moving - “Frank O’Hara Hit”
Here we go with song number three from the fantastic and challenging listenability of Chelsea Light Moving. The song is called Frank O’Hara Hit, and the recurring trend with all three Chelsea Light Moving tracks so far (see Burroughs and Groovy and Linda) is returning to the very guitar roots that made Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth so exciting. | MP3
Afghan Whigs Release "Lovecrimes," Add Tour Dates
As if Frank Ocean wasn't garnering enough attention as of late for the release of his critically lauded new album Channel Orange and his stunning performance on Jimmy Fallon last week, The Afghan Whigs have released their own robust version of his "Lovecrimes." | MP3
MP3: Chelsea Light Moving -
“Groovy & Linda” (MP3)
Thurston Moore and Samara Lubelski's new music project Chelsea Light Moving have a new song called “Groovy & Linda” out today off of their upcoming (taking shape now) album release. The song portrays the idealism of late 60s NYC East Village hippie idealism and Groovy and Linda as a sort of Bonnie and Clyde of the scene. | MP3
Listen to Why? - “Sod in the Seed” (MP3)
New music from the new Why? EP. | MP3
Listen to Clark - “MFB Skank”
From Iradelphic Sessions (MP3)
Clark is offering the second installment of his Iradelphic Sessions, a series of outtakes from the recording time from his Iradelphic album that never made it to the final release. | MP3
Listen to Clark - Iradelphic Sessions 1 - “As The Circle Closes” (stream / MP3)
The new Clark album Iradelphic has been out for a while now, and the new Iradelphic Sessions have emerged as an ongoing series of music from the recording sessions. | STREAM
Listen to Ty Segall Band - "I Bought My Eyes" (MP3)
The new song from Ty Segall Band with "I Bought My Eyes," off of the forthcoming album Slaughterhouse. The lo-fi garage punk onslaught is enough to reaffirm your musical soul for at least the rest of the day. | MP3
Listen to A Place To Bury Strangers - "You Are The One" (stream / MP3)
Check out the first new track from A Place To Bury Strangers' upcoming album Worship with the song "You Are the One. It features their patented "jet engine textures" aesthetic and was produced by the band. | STREAM
Listen to John Maus - “No Title (Molly)” (MP3 / stream)
New music from John Maus with an unreleased song titled "No Title (Molly)" from the upcoming Smuggler's Way magazine from Domino Records. | MP3 / STREAM
Listen to Dntel "Bright Night" from Aimlessness (stream / MP3)
"Bright Night" is the first full-on song released from the album, and it's an almost new school jazzy take on electronic music. It has plenty of blips and stop-and-start action, but with a layer of something more energetic and sophisticated on top of it. | STREAM
Listen to Exitmusic - “Passage” (MP3)
"Passage" is the first single from the debut album by a duo who call themselves Exitmusic. Singer Aleska Palladino (HBO's Boardwalk Empire) and her guitar playing hubby Devon Church have crafted a dramatic five-minute mini epic with this song. | MP3
Listen to Grave Babies - “Nightmare” (MP3)
Slightly lo-fi and distorted, with a post-Misfits fetish to boot. Grave Babies are a Seattle-based band the Hardly Art label, and will release their Gothdammit EP on Apr. 17. | MP3
Listen to Neon Indian - “Hex Girlfriend” -
Twin Shadow Remix (MP3)
Neon Indian is jumping in the fray of Record Store Day with a 10" release for the song "Hex Girlfriend," which features the b-sid of the same song remixed Twin Shadow. | MP3
Listen to Spiritualized - “Hey Jane” (MP3)
Check out the new song "Hey Jane" from Spiritualized, off of the their upcoming Sweet Heart Sweet Light album due out this Spring.
Listen to Black Marble - "Pretender" (MP3)
The band Black Marble releases their EP Weight Against the Door  on 12" vinyl this week, and the two songs "On My Head" and "Pretender" show their dark and gritty take on synthwave, reminiscent of Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and even early industrial music. Happy dark Monday! | MP3
Listen to White Rabbits - “Temporary” (MP3)
The song is a nice blend of indie pop with an almost 80's new wave feel to the John Taylor-ish bass lines and pop synths. This strikes a balance between more indie rock-ish distorted guitar sounds. White Rabbits: come for the 80's stylings, stay for the modern indie rock sounds. | MP3
Listen to Cursive - “Wowowow” (MP3)
Cursive will release their new album I Am Gemini this month, and today we get to hear a track from the album with “Wowowow.” The album was written by Cursive frontman Tim Kasher completely in order ... he wrote them in the order they appear on the album. | MP3
Listen to Bowerbirds "Tuck the Darkness In"
There's a new Bowerbirds MP3 out today, part of their upcoming release The Clearing which is out on Mar. 6 via Dead Oceans. The indie folk is band is set to tour in March and April, mostly in large American cities. What you can expect from Bowerbirds is a melting pot of indie rock musical textures and folk styling. | MP3
Download The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Movie Soundtrack in Free EP from Trent Reznor
After a months of anticipation, we finally get to hear more music from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie. This time its a free six song EP from the film soundtrack. | MP3 | VIDEO
Listen to Gonjasufi - "Nikels and Dimes"
Electronic music recorded and mixed it on his own in Gonjasufi's studio in the Mojave Desert. It's an exploration of the fine line between anger and passion, psychedelic and hip hop. | MP3
Listen to Merge Records Free Winter Sampler MP3
As the cold weather passes into Thanksgiving and then to all of the December holidays, Merge Records is offering a free Winter Sampler. | MP3
Listen to of Montreal - "Wintered Debts"
Of Montreal have a new MP3 for "Wintered Debts," a song that's part of a new upcoming of Montreal album Paralytic Stalks. | MP3
Listen to Leila / Mt. Sims on New MP3
"(disappointed cloud) anyway"
Check out the musical experimentation from Leila, for the song "(disappointed cloud) anyway," off of the upcoming collaborative release from Leila and Mt. Sims.
MP3: Listen to Dntel - “(This Is) The Dream
of Evan and Chan”
One of the original purveyors of glitch / electronic indie pop, and it sounds as fresh today as it did back then.|  STREAM
MP3: The Beets – “Friends Of Friends”
The Beets sound reincarnates some of the best lo-fi acoustic sounds from Lou Barlow's bedroom recording experiments set against a kind of 60's pop leanings. It's hard not to like this song -- it's short, fast/uptempo and earnest-sounding. | MP3
MP3: Parts and Labor - "No Nostalgia
Parts and Labor will go on an indefinite hiatus just as they're celebrating their tenth anniversary. They've planned a series of shows and released a final song to go out in a blaze of glory, with the aptly titled "No Nostalgia."
MP3: Gauntlet Hair - "Top Bunk"
There's a vague Animal Collective meets Sun Airway vibe here ... and I think I like it |  MP3
MP3: The War On Drugs - “Come to the City”
The War on Drugs is back with a new single out for the song "Come To The City." |  MP3
MP3: Dum Dum Girls - "Coming Down"
Dum Dum Girls have announced their new album Only in Dreams, due out on Sub Pop Records on Sept. 27.
MP3: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - "Senator"
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are releasing a new album on Aug. 23 titled Mirror Traffic. "The Senator" is the first single to be released from the album.
MP3: Black Lips - "New Direction"
The song is classic Black Lips, but has a much cleaner recording sound than songs from their previous album 200 Million Thousand.
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