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Spacelab Media Player - Video Archive - 2012
Music videos for indie music, indie rock, and electronic music

Spacelab Weekend: The Replacements - Color Me Obsessed (Video)
The Replacements -- one of the most legendary acts to come out of Minneapolis. Documentary.
Watch Jack White on Conan O'Brien (video)
Jack White, Conan and the blues.
Watch M83 - “Wait” (video)
Winding out the trilogy of M83 videos done in collaboration with The Creators Project.
Watch Jel live in the Boiler Room Los Angeles (video)
For those that have never experienced Jel playing live, check him out live at the Boiler Room in Los Angeles -- the Anticon Records legend is a master of live drums and live sampling. Button pusher? Hell yes, but a live button pusher playing every device on the table as if it were a guitar or keyboard.
Watch A Day In The Life of Das Racist (video)
Now that Das Racist have officially ended the band, this is a good time to look back on who they were in this documentary and remember the good times.
Watch Dinosaur Jr Play Live In New York
With Sonic Youth Members (video)
That's not all ... find out who else showed up and watch videos of the performances.
Watch Flying Lotus - “Tiny Tortures” (video)
New video from the album Until The Quiet Comes, with Elijah Wood.
Watch How to destroy angels_ - “Ice Age” (video)
The video portrays the eerie-yet-smooth How to destroy angels_ vibe in a dark room with Mariqueen Maandig singing and acting haunting-yet-beautiful, while Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross and Rob Sheridan play out the music in a detached-yet-I'm so into the music vibe. This is THE How to destroy angels_ aesthetic - a pushing and pulling of opposing forces.
Watch Milo Greene on Jay Leno - (video)
Milo Greene perform their classic "1957" for the late night crowd.
Watch Dirty Laundry TV:
Maximo Park Interview (video)
They talk about being an onstage extrovert, what the band did during a three-year hiatus (READ: solo projects and wasting time) and drunken Bonnie Prince Billy monologues (you've been there, and you know it).
Watch Soundgarden on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)
They hit the outdoor stage to perform two songs.
Watch Blawan and Pariah Live In
The Boiler Room as Karenn (video)
The laptop computers are gone ... which leaves this question open: how much gear can you actually fit on the table for a live show?
Watch Frightened Rabbit - “Dead Now” (video)
The new Frightened Rabbit video for 'Dead Now' is very much alive with fresh sounds from their upcoming album, Pedestrian Verse, which is due out on Feb. 5. It will be the follow-up to their recently released State Hospital EP, and they're working with producer Leo Abrahams.
Watch Sigur Rós - “Varúð” (video)
The latest installment in the Valtari Film experiment and the second to the last one ... check it out and try any of the others in the series.
Watch Aimee Mann and James Mercer
on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)
The Shins front guy joins Aimee Mann on Jimmy Kimmel.
Watch Gaslamp Killer -
“Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun” (video)
Gaslamp Killer brings the electro-glitch new school funk in his new video for the song "Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun," and the video itself deserves props for both production values and storytelling.
Watch Ulrich Schnauss -
“A Long Way To Fall” (video)
Ulrich Schnauss continues his walk from being a post-shoegaze electronic experimentalist to a full-fledged sonic orchestrator with his new video for "A Long Way To Fall."
Watch Oneida - “A List of the
Burning Mountains (video)
Oneida drop the experimental music bomb wherever they go with surprises, audicity and bombastic sounds. The video for the song "A List of the Burning Mountains (Side 2)" is nothing short of that, bringing the ultimate meditation on noise and space.
Watch WHY? - “Paper Hearts” (video)
So many Yonis!
Watch Beach House - “Wild” (video)
Beach House get wild, and use a series of "intense, violent, sexual, and sad moments" in their new video for the song "Wild." The song is a little more direct than past abstract sounds from Beach House.
Watch Soundgarden on Live on David Letterman - "Been Away Too Long" + Full Concert (video)
It's a full pre-show concert + in-show appearance!
Watch Bjork - “Mutual Core” (video)
Bjork has released her new video for the song "Mutual Core," off of her new remix album called bastards. It includes work with Death Grips, Omar Souleyman, Hudson Mohawke, 16-bit and more.
Watch HTRK - “Fascinator -
Part Time Punks Session” (video)
The latest video from HTRK has non-narrative narrative, which is to over describe its abstract delivery borrows from the 1992 Japanese S&M film Topaz to deliver a vibe, more than a storyline. It works, in a long, drawn out way.
Watch Soundgarden on Jools Holland with “Been Away Too Long,” “Rusty Cage” and “Taree” (video)
With the release of their new album King Animal, it's gonna be Soundgarden week all over the web ... so here we go with Soundgarden's performances on Jools Holland, performing three different songs.
Listen to Vex Ruffin - “Same Thing Tomorrow” (MP3)
Vex Ruffin is a different cat of different sorts, he's more of a straight-up garage rock, indie rock kind of sound. He's also into much more experimental stuff ... Plus he *stalked* Peanut Butter Wolf with a demo, and PB Wolf called Vex and he thought it was a joke ... until it got real.
Watch FIDLAR - “Cheap Beer” (video)
It's election day! Get some cheap American beer and rock the vote with FIDLAR! The band takes their LA-influenced sound and doubles down with their modified surf-punk post-Repo Man soundtrack song "Cheap Beer," which seems to be another influence on the band.
Watch The Sea and The Cake - “On and On” (video)
The Sea and The Cake venture more into indie pop territory on this song, as opposed to the favoring of Brazillian, jazz and experimental leanings, partly due to the fact that Sam Prekop changed up his songwriting approach.
Watch Ty Segall on David Letterman - "You're The Doctor" (video)
AAAAHHHHH! It's Ty Segall on Letterman!
Watch Daphni - “Ahora” (video)
Watch Daphni - “Ahora” (video)
Dan Snaith of Caribou gets down in his Daphni project with the video for the song "Ahora." It was created by Jane Eastlight and before you think these are just color washes .... watch them sync with the music.
Watch Telepathe - “Destroyer” (video)
Telepathe go 1980's public access TV for their new video for the song "Destroyer."
Watch A Flying Lotus Interview on
Carson Daly (video)
An interview vignette on the man, the myth, the legend.
Watch Ultraista on David Letterman -
"Smalltalk" (video)
Sexy new music from Ultraista on David Letterman.
Watch How to destroy angels_ “Keep it together” (video)
Watch How to destroy angels_
“Keep it together” (video)
The first big visuals from How to destroy angels_ with their “Keep It Together” video. It's a full-on extension of the Nine Inch Nails dark aesthetic, but stripped bare and with a lot more dark corners in the studio, minimal and straight-up in it's approach.
Check Out The Flying Lotus Live Show Projections: Layer 3
Guaranteed to blow your mind.
Watch Laetitia Sadier - “Lightning Thunderbolt” (video)
New music and a video from Ms. Sadier.
Watch Broadcast - “The Equestrian Vortex” (video)
New music from Broadcast!
Watch Soundgarden “Non-State Actor” (video)
It's time to get down and dirty.
Watch Sinkane - “Runnin'” (video)
Sinkane's new video for “Runnin’,” stages a political assassination attempt of a leader in a third world country.
Watch The Antlers – “Drift Dive” (video)
Crazy timing for sure ...
Watch Bob Mould on Conan O'Brien - “Keep Believing” (video)
Bob Mould played Conan O'Brien last night to perform hardcore on the song 'Keep Believing,' off of his new album Silver Age. Check out Conan when the song is over, he tells Bob to 'Try harder next time!' Bob Mould never goes part way, or all the way, he goes beyond.
The Walkmen Release Videos From New York Show Done By La Blogotheque
They did a live stream on Spotify of a show in New York this year, now they're releasing videos ...
Watch M83 - “Steve McQueen” (video)
It's the next single from M83, due out next month ...
Watch Two Fingers - “Vengeance Rhythm” (video)
It's being billed by the Amon Tobin camp as a "brutalist masterpiece," so feast your eyes and ears on the new Two Fingers video for the song and see for yourself.
Watch Aimee Mann on Jimmy Fallon - “Labrador” (video)
Aimee Mann was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, to play the song “Labrador” off of her album Smilers.
Watch Dirty Projectors - “While You're Here” (video)
They have a new EP on the way soon titled About To Die, check out the first video.
Watch The Raveonettes - “Curse The Night” (video)
The Raveonettes released a new video today for the song "Curse The Night," off of their latest album Observator.
Watch Paul Banks - “Young Again” (video)
Paul Banks from Interpol is out with a new album titled Banks and today he's released the video for the song 'Young Again.'
Watch Lee Ranaldo - “Stranded” (video)
Lee Ranaldo might have been part of Sonic Youth in a former life, but right now the Lee Ranaldo band is all over the world on a tour. They've just released the video for the song "Stranded," which was directed and shot by Kelly Jeffrey.
Watch A Place To Bury Strangers -
“And I'm Up” (video)
A Place To Bury Strangers have a new video out today for the song 'And I'm Up,' off of the album Worship. The video was directed by Karl Ackermann, who is the brother of APTBS lead singer and guitarist Oliver Ackerman. Lots of destruction here ... although set against the image of toys it seems almost light-hearted.
Watch Sigur Rós - “Varðeldur” (video)
The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment continues ...
Watch The Black Keys and RZA -
“The Baddest Man Alive” (video)
The Black Keys team up with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. on the song and video for “The Baddest Man Alive,” from the soundtrack for the film The Man With the Iron Fists.
Watch Ty Segall - "Thank God for Sinners"
On Conan O'Brien (video)
Ty Segall makes his late night TV debut, and he makes it on Conan.
Watch Gravenhurst - “Circadian” (video)
Post-rock / shoegaze act Gravenhurst are back with a new video for the song "Circadian," off of the album The Ghost in the Daylight.
Watch The Black Keys - Girl Is On My Mind at the 2012 Austin City Limits Festival (video)
They rocked over the weekend, check em' out in Austin.
Watch The xx - “Chained” (video)
The new video from The xx for the song 'Chained,' off of their album Coexist. Their video was done by the highly innovative Creators Project and directed by Young Replicant. Watch the video.
Watch M. Ward - “Me and My Shadow” (video)
The new video for the song “Me and My Shadow” from M. Ward, off of his album A Wasteland Companion. Video directed by Scott Jacobson. The album reflects the way of life M. Ward has pursued over the past few years between juggling projects like She & Him, The Monsters of Folk ... and of course M. Ward.
Watch Ben Gibbard on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - "Oh Woe" (video)
His new album Former Lives arrive next week, check out his performance on Jimmy Fallon.
Watch Jack White - “I'm Shakin” (video)
The video shows him rocking out with both his male and female bands, juxtaposed against a variety of scenes. There's even tow Jacks, a bipolarity breakdown.
Watch Sun Kill Moon on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - "The Moderately Talented Young Woman" (video)
Mark Kozelek and Sun Kill Moon work the Late Night crowd.
Watch The Raveonettes on David Letterman - "She Owns the Streets" (video)
The Raveonettes appeared on David Letterman Thursday night to perform the song "She Owns the Streets," off of their new album Observator. | VIDEO
Watch Spiritualized at Bestival - “Walkin With Jesus” (stream)
Bestival is a festival curated by Rob Da Bank from BBC Radio, and it recently went down on the Isle of Wight in the UK. Spiritualized was there and turned in a performance ... they're in this video playing the song "Walkin With Jesus." | VIDEO
Watch The Whigs on David Letterman - "Waiting" (video)
The Whigs appeared on David Letterman last night to perform the song "Knock Knock," off of their new album Enjoy the Company. | VIDEO
Watch Band of Horses on Conan O'Brien - “Knock Knock” (video)
Band of Horses played Conan O'Brien last night to perform the song "Knock Knock," off of their new album Mirage Rock. | VIDEO
Watch Dum Dum Girls - “Lord Knows” (video)
Dum Dum Girls have a new video for the song "Lord Knows," directed by Christin Turner, the video gets Pagan with four girls uniting in some kind ceremony or ritual centered around a fire. | VIDEO
Watch Animal Collective on Conan O'Brien - “Today's Supernatural” (video)
Animal Collective on Conan O'Brien playing the song “Today’s Supernatural” off their new album Centipede Hz. | VIDEO
VIDEO: Cursive Live at the
The Glass House Concert Hall
Check out Cursive live at The Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona from earlier this year.
VIDEO: Illum Sphere Live DJ Set on Boiler Room TV
You've heard him everywhere from the Radiohead TKOL remixes from last Summer to his own music, and now Illum Sphere played a live DJ set from Manchester Art Gallery for the Red Bull Music Academy.
Watch Afghan Whigs on Jimmy Kimmel -
"My Enemy" (video)
Afghan Whigs appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform the song "My Enemy." | VIDEO
Watch Sun Airway - “Close” (video)
Indie pop band Sun Airway have released the video today for the song "Close," off of their second album Soft Fall.
Watch Band of Horses on David Letterman -
"Knock Knock" (video)
Band of Horses appeared on David Letterman last night to perform the song "Knock Knock," off of their new album Mirage Rock.
Watch Wilco - “Sunloathe” (video)
The Whole Love hits keep rolling.
Watch Flying Lotus - “Putty Boy Strut” (video)
The new Flying Lotus album Until The Quiet Comes arrives on Oct. 2 on Warp Records, so in the run up to the release we're getting a new video from the album, with the song 'Putty Boy Strut.' It's done by British animator Cyriak. | VIDEO
Watch Tame Impala - “Elephant” (video)
Check out the new Tame Impala today for the song "Elephant." They had an interesting preview video back in July that teased out the same song, and they're both tripped out throwbacks to the 60's, but this full video is great with it's brightly colored lighting and array spins. | VIDEO
Watch Corin Tucker Band - “Neskowin” (video)
The Corin Tucker Band is back with a new video from their freshly released album Kill My Blues (which arrives today via Kill Rock Stars). | VIDEO
Watch Tanlines Interview on
Dirty Laundry TV (video)
New York band Tanlines hits Dirty Laundry TV for an interview with Karrie K. They talk about their new album Mixed Emotions, Julian Barratt of Mighty Boosh directing their video, working with Jimmy Douglas to mix and produce their album. | VIDEO
Watch Titus Andronicus - “In A Big City” (video)
The new Titus Andronicus album Local Business will go global on Oct 22 via XL Recordings, today we get to hear new music off of the album with "In A Big City. | VIDEO
Watch Band of Horses on David Letterman - (video)
They play a full live gig before they do the Letterman show proper on Wednesday night. | VIDEO
Watch Grizzly Bear on Jimmy Fallon - "Sleeping Ute" (video)
Grizzly Bear perfoming the song "Sleeping Ute" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, off of the album Shields. | VIDEO
Watch A Place to Bury Strangers – “Leaving Tomorrow” (video)
The new video from A Place to Bury Strangers for the song "Leaving Tomorrow" off of the album Worship. l The video concept was derived from the short story "Katsu Gee" by Momo Fujiwara. | VIDEO
Watch The Raveonettes -
“The Enemy” (video)
The Raveonettes have been to Hell and back ... or at least to LA and back. | VIDEO
Watch David Byrne and St Vincent on
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
They two hit Late Night to perform two songs. | VIDEO
Watch Ty Segall - “The Hill” (video)
Check out the new Ty Segall video for the song "The Hill." The song was released last month, and the video arrives today.
Watch Here We Go Magic -
“Hard To Be Close” (video)
Brooklyn indie pop band Here We Go Magic have released the new video for the song “Hard To Be Close,” off of their album A Different Ship. It was created by Nat Livingston Johnson & Gregory Mitnick of Peking, and includes Chuck Stern of NYC Public Access. | VIDEO
Listen to the New Deerhoof Album Breakup Song In Full, Watch the Video for “Fête d'Adieu” (video)
The new Deerhoof album Breakup Song is out this week, and today they've released a full album stream and a video for the song "Fête d'Adieu." | STREAM AND VIDEO
Watch Deadmau5 - “Professional Griefers”
ft. Gerard Way (video)
Haterbot is back. | VIDEO
Watch Yeasayer - “Longevity” (video)
Yeasayer's album Fragrant World is out now, and today we have the new video for the song "Longetivity." | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Ros - “Dauðalogn” (video)
The latest and greatest in the Sigur Ros Valtari Mystery Film Experiment is the video for 'Dauðalogn.' It was created by Henry Jun Wah Lea. | VIDEO
Watch Silversun Pickups on Conan (video)
Conan O'Brien offers up a performance from Silversun Pickups with the song 'The Pit.' | VIDEO
WOW: Skrillex Hits Small London
Club for Small Show (video)
Although he's increasingly known for his big electronic music festival appearances, Skrillex hit a small British club over the weekend with Flux Pavilion, both playing out at Shacklewell's Arms in East London. | VIDEO
Watch Radiohead - Morning Mr Magpie
on Austin City Limits (video)
Radiohead will start the new season of Austin City Limits on PBS Saturday, October 6th. This is the video for "Morning Mr Magpie." | VIDEO
Watch Adrian Sherwood -
Live from the Boiler Room (video)
The new Adrian Sherwood album Survival & Resistance is out now on Warp Records, and he just played the legendary Boiler Room last week. The full archived video is available now. | STREAM
VIDEO: Atari Teenage Riot Interview
Karrie K interviews Atari Teenage Riot; they talk about the ATR reunion and the Pixies. | VIDEO
Watch Sleigh Bells - “End of The Line” (video)
Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss are back for the end of Summer bike ride. | VIDEO
Watch The Flaming Lips and Amanda Palmer - “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (NSFW video)
The Flaming Lips double down on their Erykah Badu / Nayrok Badu video with a follow-up starring indie/Kickstarter/Dresden Dolls legend Amanda Palmer in a video for the song "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face." | VIDEO
Watch The Hives- “Wait A Minute” (video)
A new video today ahead of September's tour. | VIDEO
Watch Franz Nicolay - “Did Your Broken Heart Make You Who You Are?” (video)
Ex-Hold Steady gut Franz Nicolay has worked with Oktopus from the New Jersey industrial/hip-hop group dälek to create a new album called Do The Struggle, check out the first video. | VIDEO
Watch The xx - Angels: Live In Tokyo (video)
Dig the live performance. | VIDEO
Watch Bob Mould - “The Descent” (video)
The new officially official video for Bob Mould's "The Descent," off of the album Silver Age. | VIDEO
Watch The Walkmen on David Letterman- “Heartbreaker” (video)
The Walkmen performed “Heartbreaker” on The Tonight Show with David Letterman last night. | VIDEO
Watch Soundgarden - "Worse Dreams" from King Animal (video)
The new Soundgarden album now has an official name and a video preview: the new album is called King Animal and has a release date of November 13. Check out the song "Worse Dreams." | VIDEO
Watch Aesop Rock - “Cycles to Gehenna” (video)
The new Aesop Rock video for "Cycles To Gehenna" off of the album Skelethon, out on Rhymesayers. These beats is hard. | VIDEO
Watch Dinosaur Jr - “Watch the Corners” (video)
The new Dinosaur Jr video for the song "Watch the Corners," off of the upcoming I Bet On Sky album due out on Sept 18 via Jagjaguwar Records. | VIDEO
Watch Taken by Trees - "Dreams"
(Dub Remix) Video
Victoria Bergsman of Taken By Trees is getting ready to release her new album Other Worlds on Oct. 2, and today we have a video for her dub remix of the song "Dreams." | VIDEO
Watch Yeasayer on Jimmy Fallon -
“Longevity” (video)
Yeasayer performed “Longevity” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, off of the album Fragrant World. | VIDEO
Watch Dandy Warhols -
“Alternative Power to the People” (video)
The new Dandy Warhols video for the song "Alternative Power to the People" has been released, with images of the band layered on video meant to invoke a sense of power. The song has a chill kind of vibe to what can sometimes be a visceral and burning type of music from Dandy Warhols. | VIDEO
Watch Frightened Rabbit - “State Hospital” (video)
Frightened Rabbit have a bold new video for the song "State Hospital," which is from the State Hospital EP, due Sept. 25. | VIDEO
Watch The Flaming Lips on
The Colbert Report (video)
The Colbert Report offers up performances and an interview with The Flaming Lips from Colbchella. | VIDEO
Watch Animal Collective - “Today's Supernatural” (video)
Animal Collective gets Cirque Du Soleil in the desert, with flying drum arms and a dune buggy to boot. This could be the song that breaks Animal Collective into crossover territory. | VIDEO
Watch SERENGETI - “Amnesia” (video)
Serengeti drops Serengeti science on his video for "Amnesia" -- it's from his album C. A. R., which is out now on Anticon Records. It's a "Jel & Odd Nosdam production" according to Serengeti, so this is definitely an Anticon joint. | VIDEO
Watch "Ted Leo Defines Punk for Himself" (video)
It's a 22 minute Ted Leo interview on video, and he raps with Soft Focus in New York about his being a "fabulous singer, guitar player, composer with the group ... the Pharmacists." They talk about the collapse of capitalism, a return to punk roots and the Sammy Davis Jr. rule of leaving people wanting more. | VIDEO
Watch Grizzly Bear on The Colbert Report (video)
The Colbert Report offers up performances and an interview with Grizzly Bear from Colbchella. | VIDEO
Watch Grimes on Jimmy Fallon - “Genesis” (video)
Grimes performed “Genesis” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, off of the album Visions. | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Ros -“Vardeldur” (video)
Sigur Ros are back again with another video in their continuous flow of creative videos in the Valtari Film Experiment, their big Summer project, in which Sigur Ros ask people create music videos for songs from their latest album Valtari. | VIDEO
Spacelab Retrograde: Watch Radiohead live at Bonnaroo (video)
Seems like it was just yesterday ... relive the magic. | VIDEO
Watch Black Moth Super Rainbow - “Windshield Smasher” (video)
Get yer freak on. | VIDEO
Watch Tom Waits - “Hell Broke Luce” (video)
Tom Waits is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore. | VIDEO
Watch Calexico - “Splitter” Live (video)
Check out the new Calexico video for the song “Splitter,” with the band ( Joey Burns and John Convertino) playing the song live in some sort of garage / warehouse. The alt-country indie rock band sounds as great as ever on one of the songs from their new album Algiers. | VIDEO
Watch Washed Out - “A Dedication” (video)
The Washed Out album Within and Without may have been released last year on Sub Pop Records, but that doesn't mean it's been played out just yet. A new video today for the album's closer, "A Dedication," has Summer vacation written all over it. | VIDEO
Watch Passion Pit -
“Constant Conversations” (video)
The new Passion Pit video for the song "Constant Conversations," off of the album Gossamer. The video includes performances from Peter Bogdanovich, Analeigh Tipton, Taryn Manning and Roger Guenveur Smith. | VIDEO
Watch Jacques Greene - “Ready” (video)
The mysterious house producer from Montreal is short on bio details but big big on musical form, maybe it's better to let the music speak for itself. The “Ready” video uses a portrayal of time-lapse inspired video to take the view from 30,000 feet (so to speak) of a variety of scenes. | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Rós - “Varúð” (video)
The latest installment in the Sigur Ros “Valtari Mystery Film Experiment” is the video for “Varúð.” This is part of a group of music videos for the latest Sigur Ros album Valtari. hink its time to have a conversation about these albums. | VIDEO
Watch Liars - “Brats” (video)
The Liars video for "Brats" joins the growing list of videos from their classic album WIXIW. | VIDEO
VIDEO: Raveonettes - “She Owns the Streets”
Raveonettes announced their new album Observator back in June, today we get to see the video for "She Owns the Streets," which was directed by Peter Kaaden. | VIDEO
Watch Crystal Stilts - “Dark Eyes” (video)
Crystal Stilts bring their own brand of noisy, jangly and fuzzy indie pop/psych to a new video of the band performing "Dark Eyes" at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. | VIDEO
Watch Bob Mould - “Hoover Dam” at Noise Pop Festival (video)
Bob Mould and his band showed up at this year's Noise Pop film festival to play the classic Sugar album Copper Blue in full, here he is playing the song “Hoover Dam.” | VIDEO
Watch Damien Jurado - “Museum of Flight” (video)
It's the second video to be released from Marquopa and it shows the band in an on the road phase, traveling, soundchecking, wasting time and generally doing the on-the-road slow motion dance of filling the day with driving and in-between moments until the show arrives. | VIDEO
Watch Blitzen Trapper - “Girl In A Coat” (video)
The new video from Blitzen Trapper for the song “Girl In A Coat,” off their American Goldwing album. “Girl In A Coat” was directed by Daniel Elkayam and was the brainchild of Blitzen Trapper drummer Brian Koch, who said ... | VIDEO
Watch Guided By Voices - “Keep It In Motion” (video)
Guided by Voices released their second album of the year in June with Class Clown Spots a UFO, and today they've released the video for the song "Keep It In Motion" from that album. | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Ros - “Ég anda,” Second Version (video)
The latest phase of the Sigur Ros Mystery Film Experiment series is the second video for the song Ég anda. The video was created by Ramin Bahrani and is highly stylized, portraying a number of scenes that swing back and forth between rural scenes that could be from any era alongside modern and often metropolitan backdrops. | VIDEO
Watch Jack White - “Freedom at 21” (video)
The new Jack White video for Freedom at 21, directed by Hype Williams. Freedom at 21 is from his solo album Blunderbuss, and shows Jack White in an action movie type of video. It's a little bit like an over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster, it's hard to tell if its satire or they're seroius. What do you think? | VIDEO
Watch Fat Bob from Rough Trade Records "Slagging Off Old People and Replying to Comments" (video)
This video is a great way to waste time at work ... from Noisey comes the "record shop dude" that's seen it all. "Fat Bob" from Rough Trade Record Shop slags off Neil Young, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Tom Waits and Peaking Lights (as "crusty dub music") and "the YouTube." | VIDEO
Watch The Sufis - “Wake Up”
Nashville band The Sufis continue their Leary-like exploration of the unconscious mind and mid-to-late 60's psychedelic influences in their new video for "Wake Up." To paraphrase the catch phrase of the 60's generation: Turn on, tune in ... and Wake Up. | VIDEO
Watch The Dirty Three - “Rising Below” (video)
The latest video from the Dirty Three is for the song “Rising Below” from their excellent album Toward the Low Sun. | VIDEO
Radiohead Return Live After Toronto Stage Collapse, Pay Tribute, Play Treefingers
Radiohead played their first live show since breaking in the aftermath of their drum tech's death from the stage collapse at a Toronto show. The band paid tribute with the song "Reckoner" during one of the encores, as well as playing "Treefingers" live for the first time live. | VIDEO
Watch Tom Waits on Jimmy Fallon - “Raised Right Men” (video)
Tom Waits performed “Raised Right Men” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, off of the album Bad As Me. He also did an interview with Jimmy Fallon in which they talked about living in New York vs. Los Angeles. | VIDEO
Watch Richard Hawley -
“Down In The Woods” (video)
“Down In The Woods” was written as a reaction to the British government proposing to put ancient woodlands up for sales (hmmm ... a replacement for austerity?) and although the press release is making comparisons to the MC5 and The Stooges, it's hard to imagine Hawley getting that raw. Still, he's pissed, and wants everyone else to get angry too. | VIDEO
Watch The Sufis - “Sri Sai Flora” (video)
A band known for experimental and psychedelic tendencies, The Sufis take to doing things the way that most bands don't, and that's good for all of us. From their use of analog recording equipment and homemade effects to experiments in playing live with putting speakers in all four corners of a room, The Sufis know how to do it up right: do it differently than what everyone else is doing. | VIDEO
Watch The Walkmen - “The Love You Love” (video)
The latest from the Walkmen ... the video is for the song “The Love You Love” off of the album Heaven. It was directed by Sean Pecknold, who is the brother of course of Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes. | VIDEO
Watch John Cale - “Welcome
to the Nookie Wood” (video)
John Cale releases his new single "I WANNA TALK 2 U" today, and has put a new video online for that event. The video is called "Welcome to the Nookie Wood" and shows John Cale in the studio and in the street. | VIDEO
VIDEO: Blur - “Under the Westway” (video)
They played live last week, now check the official video. | VIDEO
Watch Matthew Dear - “Her Fantasy” (video)
The new video for “Her Fantasy” from Matthew Dear, of of the upcoming album Beams. | VIDEO
Watch Can - “Dead Pigeon Suite” (video)
One of the most innovative groups to come out of the Germany's Krautrock scene of the late 60s/early 70s, Can's music is the sweet spot where electronic tinkering, modern classical, and rock music collide. Check out a new video from the Lost Tapes release. | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Ros - “Rembihnútur” (video)
The next installment in the Sigur Ros film experiment series is the video for the song "Rembihnútur," as directed by Arni and Kinski. | VIDEO
Watch Spiritualized - “Little Girl” (video)
After the recent preview of the Spiritualized video for the song "Little Girl," comes the new full-length video. | VIDEO
Watch Death Grips - “Double Helix” (video)
The oh-so-hot right now video from Death Grips for their new song "Double Helix." It features a creative use of the rear view camera from a Honda Prius for one long and complete take of Stefan Burnett doing what he does best ... freaking out over freaked out beats. | VIDEO
Watch The Antlers - “Crest” (video)
After yesterday's offering from The Antlers with the song “Drift Dive” comes another day, with another song from their upcoming EP Undersea. | VIDEO
Watch The Offspring on Jimmy Kimmel -  “Days Go By,” and “Self Esteem” (video)
The Offspring performed the songs “Days Go By” and “Self Esteem” on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. | VIDEO
Watch Alabama Shakes on Jimmy Fallon
- “Be Mine” (video)
Alabama Shakes performed “Be Mine” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, off of the album Boys & Girls. | VIDEO
Watch Skrillex Biography (video)
The guy everyone loves to *hate* (but listens to anyway). A quick overview of Skrillex on what they're calling "The Biography and Origins of a Dubstep Producer" -- find out how his early influences of post-rock and raves played a role in his transformation from the band Blood Monkeys to Skrillex. | VIDEO
Watch Breton - “Jostle” (A Takeaway Show video)
Multimedia experimentalist band / production team Breton, performing in a restaurant in Paris for A Takeaway show. The song is “Jostle.” | VIDEO
Watch Beirut - “The Rip Tide” (video)
A new video from Beirut for “The Rip Tide,” off of their album of the same name. Although it’s Beirut music that's been out for a while, they're still offering us up gems from the band. The video was directed by Houmam Abdallah Zach Condon said this about what was involved in making “The Rip Tide” video as a way to project the song further than just its sounds. | VIDEO
Watch Metric on Jimmy Kimmel -  “Youth Without Youth,” and “Breathing Underwater” (video)
Metric performed the songs “Youth Without Youth,” and “Breathing Underwater” off their album Synthetica on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Friday night. | VIDEO
Watch Yeasayer - “Longevity” (video)
from Fragrant World
Yeasayer have just released a video for their song "Longevity," off of their upcoming album Fragrant World. The “Longevity” video was done by by Japanese-New York artist Yoshi Sodeoka, who is all about the dystopian clash of punk rock and electronic music. Sounds awesome. | VIDEO
Watch Squarepusher At Sonar Festival (video)
When Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher announced his idea for his latest album Ufabulum, it was a new spark in his approach to creating music. “I’ve started thinking about pure electronic music again. Something very melodic, very aggressive,” he said. How'd it turn out? Watch his performance (in HD) from Sonar. | VIDEO
Watch the Crocodiles Interview from
Dirty Laundry TV (video)
San Diego band Crocodiles, who's known for their noisey brand of lo-fi, shoegaze music (not to put labels on anything) interviewed by Karrie K from Dirty Laundry TV. They talk about Brandon being married to Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls, a run in with Iggy Pop's tour manager and groupies for Captain Sensible. | VIDEO
Listen to the New Divine Fits Song “My Love Is Real” and Check Out a Video Preview
There's a new stream for the song available from Divine Fits, the project of Britt Daniel (Spoon), Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks), for the song “My Love Is Real.” There's also a new preview video for the new album. | STREAM AND VIDEO
Watch Dirty Projectors on Jimmy Fallon - “Gun Has No Trigger” (video) Watch Dirty Projectors on Jimmy Fallon (video)
Dirty Projectors performed the song “Gun Has No Trigger” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. | VIDEO
Watch deadmau5 At Sonar Festival 2012 (video)
Watch deadmau5 At Sonar Festival 2012 (video)

deadmau5 performing at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. | VIDEO

Watch Glen Hansard on Jay Leno - “Love Don't Leave Me Waiting” (video)
Glen Hansard of The Frames performed 'Love Don't Leave Me Waiting' on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, off of the album Rhythm And Repose. | VIDEO
Watch Fiona Apple on Jimmy Fallon - “Anything We Want,” “Let Me Roll It” and Interview (video)
Fiona Apple performed the songs “Anything We Want” and “Let Me Roll It” as well as an Interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, off of the album The Idler Wheel. | VIDEO
Watch Amon Tobin Performing ISAM At Sonar Festival 2012 (video)
Watch Amon Tobin Performing ISAM At Sonar Festival (video)
He killed it in Barcelona over the weekend. | VIDEO
Watch The Mars Volta Live -
“The Malkin Jewel” Live (video)
The Mars Volta performing “The Malkin Jewel” live, off of the album Noctourniquet. | VIDEO
Watch The Austin Psych Fest Documentary (video)
The Austin Psych Fest documentary in all of its glory. The festival was held in a decommissioned steam power plant and included bands like  A Place To Bury Strangers, Crystal Stilts, The Black Angels, Sleepy Sun, Roky Erickson and more. | VIDEO
Watch Claude Von Stroke Interview
from DEMF (video)
Claude Von Stroke in an interview video, talking about where he came of age as a DJ in downtown Detroit. He was in town for DEMF, or the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now known as Movement). He reminisces about working with Jack White at a car wash, and the new hip-hop crossover influence in EDM and how it is influencing some of his beats. | VIDEO
Watch Sigur Ros - "Fjögur Píanó" (NSFW video)
The new NSFW Sigur Ros video for 'Fjögur Píanó' off of the album Valtari. This builds on their previous video release from a few weeks ago, but the video for "Fjogur Piano" goes in a COMPLETELY differnet direction ... namely that it stars Shia LaBeouf in explicit but artistic scenes. Written and directed by Alma Har'el. | VIDEO
Watch New Order At the Sonar Festival (video)
New Order performing at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain, over the weekend. Check out Blue Monday, Bizzare Love Triangle, Tempatation, Love Will Tear Us Apart and more. | VIDEO
Watch Mostly Robot At Sonar Festival (video)
Mostly Robot performing at the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The group consists of Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Jeremy Ellis, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee. | VIDEO
Watch Crystal Castles Play a New Song
at the Parklife Festival (video)
It clocks in at just under two minutes. The band has announced a new album is indeed in the works and for release this Summer, although an official release date is not known as of yet for the as-of-yet untitled album. | VIDEO
Watch Ultraista (Nigel Godrich) -
“Static Light” (video)
Radiohead producer and From the Basement director Nigel Godrich has a new musical project named Ultraista, and they've just surfaced a new song called "Static Light." This builds on a previous release of another Ultraista video released about a month ago. | VIDEO
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