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The vibrant culture of Houston has made the city a hub for various musical carnivals over time. Being the most populous city in the U.S. state of Texas, we’ve never seen any lack of audiences in such festivals. And, fortunately, Houston is going to see yet another enthralling music festival — In Bloom — in the coming 2018.


The inaugural event of the In Bloom festival, which is expected to delve into some of the most melodious music, is going to be at Eleanor Tinsley Park on March 24 and March 25 of 2018. So, if you're a music-lover, then keep an eye on websites like Dealslands to grab tickets while spending almost half!


Now, there are not many details available about this festival as it’s too early to predict anything specifically. It's believed that more information will be available after the finishing of the Glut of South by the bands of Southwest music festivals which will make it through Austin.


“In Bloom” is nothing but a rebranding of the festival which has been formerly known as Free Press Summer Festival or as it was called this last year, FPSF. Moreover, it seems that the new motif of the website is pointing to something that is yet more breezy than its predecessor FPSF.


According to a recent release, it seems that FPSF has become bigger to come up as the ‘In Bloom’ festival. It's being predicted that the whole festival will comprise of four stages of music and more than 50 musical acts.


So, some really amazing music is going to come soon! If you love playing music, then there are fair chances that you'll end up imitating the tunes after the concert. Also, when you can buy the premium quality musical instruments at an affordable rate from Argos, then there’s no worry!


The founding partner Jagi Katial of 'In Bloom' announced in a statement that on the 10th anniversary of this incredible festival, which has been made as an annual Houston tradition by their dedicated fans, they're excited to come up with the new name and a new time of the year.


This music festival is sponsored by Budweiser, and produced by Pegstar Concerts. Katial further added that “We are always looking to improve the experience for the fans, and after the last few years of challenges with Mother Nature, moving our dates to the Spring makes sense.” However, more announcements are being awaited.



If you just browse through the event’s website, then you can find pre-sale tickets available currently for sale. The general admission passes for two days will cost you $55 each.


So, it's strongly anticipated that the liveliness of Spring, along with some superb music by ‘In Bloom’ together are going to make the Houstonians more than happy!!



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