The CD contains a small CD-ROM presentation that is really kind of weak and thin; but, you know, I can be kind of biased on these multimedia things  

They also have a DVD out right now called Corporate Ghost, the Videos: 1990 - 2002 that has every video done under the corprate record label umbrella- from art school looking projects to some of their coolest videos

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Aging indie rockers Sonic Youth release their 19th album - and have come full circle back to coolness

  Story by: Corey Tate  

I'm just gonna throw it out there that Sonic Youth has always been one of my favorite bands. If you think I'm not going to be objective in an album review of Sonic Nurse, you're wrong. I will probably be even more scrutinizing and hold them to a higher standard than most bands. With that in mind, here's the review...

Sonic Youth have been around for a long time. They have gone from being an underground band to a fledgling ultra-cool band to flirting with the mainstream to kind of getting weird and irrelevant. Until now. Sonic Youth has started reforging their sound, getting all experimental and noisy again. I have to tell you I was really getting worried during the previous two albums, as the music sounded unchallenged and kind of like they were settling down (gasp) into a rut. I know they had their whole trilogy story of the history of Manhattan going, but I thought that musically those albums were kind of middle of the road, and now it seems that they have turned 90 degrees again and are innovating and creating stuff that sounds different and exciting.

For the first time, they seem to be bringing together the jazzy side with the off-kilter chords side with the noisy side. The tracks are lively and fun to listen to. By the time I got to the third track, Dripping Dream, I could tell that they were deftly mixing Goo and Dirty era noise with the weird-sounding chords of Daydream Nation. But this doesn't sound like a recycling of the past, it sounds like everything mixed together better than before and brought forward in a new way. Then you get to track 4- Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream - and you get used to the idea that noise is back on the table. And Kim's singing experiments. She still sounds sexy. By the time this song reaches the end you are drenched in a caucophony of noise and chaos that builds into a frenzy and then echoes out into feedback.

I think one of the coolest things on this album is the melodies. SY is flirting with approachable, listenable melodies and mixing them with the off-kilter ones.

One of my favorite parts of the review is where we get to the Lee Renaldo song. Any SY fan will know what I mean - there is always one or two songs that Lee Renaldo sings on any given album. On Sonic Nurse it's Paper Cup Exit. I have always liked the songs that Lee sings. Maybe it's the diversion from Kim and Thurston - maybe he actually writes the songs or maybe it's something else. Regardless, Paper Cup Exit is one of my favorites on the album. By the time you roll to the chorus, you know it's a tight song that combines a sharp sound with Lee's trans-dimensional lyrics.

I can't wait for album #20.

Tracklist for Sonic Nurse:
01 Pattern Recognition
02 Unmade Bed
03 Dripping Dream
04 Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
05 Stones
06 Dude Ranch Nurse
07 New Hampshire
08 Paper Cup Exit
09 I Love You Golden Blue
10 Peace Attack



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