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  Kinski - Alpine Static  
Kinski - Alpine Static

Kinski is back with Alpine Static on Sub Pop Records. I’m amazed at how deftly these guys can go back and forth between beautiful slow music and chaotic noise. They go back and forth between upbeat and slow (or no) beat and they make it all sound music’s always supposed to have been that way.

And I don’t remember any lyrics. Were there any? I mean, I know they are primarily an instrumental band, but was there an obligitary song with or lyrics? Wow. I think they won me over without lyrics. Maybe that’s a good thing. You can kind of idealize what the song is about when it’s not wrapped in the context of lyrics. You can make the song into being about whatever you want it to be about. There are sometimes Sonic YouthDaydream Nation era moments, but they quickly transform into something more Kinski-like and not copycat-like. Where do these guys draw their inspiration from? I want to listen to their music collection, I think I would like it.

There’s even spaciness. Almost Hearts of Space-like spaciness, from the ambient record label. They are noisy, spacey, experimental, and I have hard time naming a band that sounds anything like them.

RATING: ***** 5 out of 5 stars

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Release Date: July 12, 2005

Recording Label:
Sub Pop Records

Kinski: Alpine Static track list:
1. Hot Stenographer
2. The Wives of Artie Shaw
3. Hiding Drugs in the Temple (Part 2)
4. The Party Which You Know Will Be Heavy
5. Passed Out on Your Lawn
6. All Your Kids Have Turned to Static
7. The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia
8. Edge Set
9. Waka Nusa

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