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  Flaming Lips - The Fearless Freaks Soundtrack  
Four Tet - Everything Ecstatic

All in all a very interesting proposition. If you haven't heard yet, the Fearless Freaks Soundtrack is a free giveaway for all that attended the theatre screenings of the documentary. The fun doesn't stop there though, as the first track of the CD has an audio message from Wayne Coyne - "All who can are urged to copy it, and put it on the Internet, and do whatever you can with it. Please, please, do not pay hard earned money for it." So with that, this will be a short review, because class will be let out early - you all have some downloading to do.

If you have ever seen the band play live, this will bring back great memories of christmas lights, creativity, improvisation, chaos and the great fun that a Flaming Lips show can be. Nobody plays live like the Flaming Lips. This compilation represents that, from the halcyon days of the late eighties through 1996.

Some of the audio quality is bad, some of it good - it's live, what do you expect? Can't Stop the Spring has a Led Zeppelin cover at the beginning of it, with really thin audio quality, but the performance is cool, so that makes up for it. Space Age Love Song is a cover of the Flock of Seagulls song with better audio quality, and is a pretty good performance. Moth in the Incubator and When you Smile are great too... you really shouldn't be reading this anymore... click on the link below!! Download the album!!!


RATING: ***** 5 out of 5 stars (just for the idea alone)


 Listen to the Fearless Freaks Music Feature


Release Date:
June 2005

Flaming Lips: Fearless Freaks Soundtrack track list:
1. Wayne's Intro
2. With You
3. Can't Stop the Spring
4. Shine on Sweet Jesus
5. Space Age Love Song
6. Moth In the Incubator
7. When You Smile
8. Sleeping On the Roof