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Nine Black Alps: Shot Down

Nine Black Alps

A tight little EP of 5 tracks from Nine Black Alps. Like a fine wine they start out good and get better with more listening.

Cosmopolitan is the first song on the album (listen on Galaxy TV). A short 2 and a half minutes, this is definitely the best and brightest track on the EP. It's got all of the signature trademarks of Nine Black Alps -- quick energy condensed into a pop format of punk-tinged, but cleanly accessible to the masses music. It's got a hook, a good chorus, and could even make the jump to airplay on commercial radio or MTV.

Over the Ocean is an extension of the format, but it doesn't sound like a bland recreation of the last song. This one has a bit of drum-fill energy that transitions it from the chorus back to the verse. Three verses, three choruses, and we're out.

What might be the most interesting here is the last two tracks - they move off into a little different territory than the first two. Ilana Song starts with a BRMC-like bass riff, and from the beginning, it has an edge that is a little more gritty than the rest of the tracks. If the first three are airplay-ready, then this one seems more like the band kicking back a little more in its own sound. It's still got the verse-chorus treatment, but the energy is a little more loose and off the charts here.

Attraction changes gears completely with an acoustic guitar on rythym and slide guitar on lead. There are chorused vocals that almost sound harmonized. This song is more mellow after four uptempo tracks - this one definitely smoothes you out before the ride is over.

RATING: ***** 4 out of 5 stars


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Release Date:
July 3rd, 2005

Recording Label:
Tiny Evil

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