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Gorillaz to play 5 big shows in Manchester
In what is shaping up to be a warm-up to the later Manchester International Festival, the collaboritave group Gorillaz have announced a set of 5 consecutive live shows at the Manchester Opera House in the U.K.

These will be a more straight-forward gigs than previous Gorillaz shows, where the band played behind a semi-transparent screen. This time around, the group will perform as the actual members of the band, not animated characters, not in hiding, but actually out there, on the stage, for all to see. Some of the bands offshoot collaborators will be there too, Like Roots Manuva and Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays.

Damon Albarn liked the choice of locating the shows in Manchester rather than London, saying “Manchester is the centre of Britain. We’re only ever going to do this once, so it makes sense to do it somewhere in the middle of the country. London gets all the gigs. It’s time to do something a bit different and redress that balance.”

The shows will take place on November 1st – 5th at the Manchester Opera House.