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Bob Mould live

Bob Mould:
Live at First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN


Written by: Corey Tate

Bob Mould live in Minneapolis. If ever there was a city to catch Bob Mould in, it's Minneapolis. He has the roots of his musical career in Minneapolis with the band Husker Du, and although he doesn’t live here any more, he has to love coming back here. The audience fully appreciated the fact that he had returned to the place where he got his start, in a club that gave him support throughout the years. Bob set upon Minneapolis with the reverence of a big fish who had escaped his smaller pond for bigger waters, but loved the fact that he had come back to the smaller pond for a big show.

He played many songs from both Sugar and Husker Du, not to mention all of his new work, and rocked on with all of the reverence of a player who knew the game and worked it. The crowd completely ate up every bit of music he fed them, hungry for more, anxious for the roots of the Husker Du days and completely excepting of the new material he was giving out.

He ripped through 90 minutes of material - loud, intense (he even jumped around a bit!), and very much demanding every ounce of attention of every person in the club. In a set of songs that ranged from Sugar to Husker Du to new material from his Album Body Of Song, Bob played with the ferocious intensity of a punk kid who grew up and kept playing on, now the wise veteran. He’s a punk Buddha. The scholarly elder who emerged from gutter punk status to rise up in the world and create a vital sound.

He's Bob Mould, you know? If ever there was a great icon in Minneapolis, it's Bob Mould. For a city as big as Minneapolis, we don’t have many musical icons that have stood the test of time. Everybody talks about Prince, but he plays a different kind of music. Then there’s Paul Westerberg (the Replacements), who has created a career for himself in songwriting, but he seems to have chosen a backburner position now as far as public perception goes. Once upon a time, there was Bob Stinson (also the Replacements), but he fell by the wayside long before his untimely death brought on by too many nights of excessive drinking.

So that brings us back to Bob Mould. He’s lasted. He didn’t get bogged down by drinking or drugs, he’s always created lots of music, and continues to do so. He never really has faded away. Bob has always written his own ticket, from Husker Du through the dark acoustic days of Black Sheets of Rain to the just in time for the alternative phenomenon days of his band Sugar. Now he he’s back on the solo ticket again, and he brought the electric guitar with him. And the volume. And that drummer guy from Fugazi.

Opening band Uncut from Canada also played a fairly solid set. They came out in low light, playing loud, and rocking through a set of punk influenced music with a small hardcore tinge to it. It was fresh and raw sounding, at times with the abrasive grit of sandpaper, at other times with the noisy deconstruction of Sonic Youth.

RATING: ***** 4 out of 5 stars

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