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Barsuk Records

Barsuk goes for broke and signs 4 bands: Mates of State, Starlight Mints, and Viva Voce, & Rocky Voltato

It's got to be like waking up in the morning after a night of heavy drinking and thinking in shock and horror to yourself... what did I DO last night? Foggy memories, will I regret anything, did I do something I'll completely regret?

Fortunately for Barsuk, the buying binge they went on lately will probably end up heavily in their favor. They've signed cuddly married couple Mates of State, Starlight Mints, Viva Voce, and previous signee Rocky Voltato to the Barsuk label.

Mates of State will be releasing their Barsuk debut Bring It Back in late March of 2006. Starlight Mints will follow in April with a full-length album. Rocky Voltato will release an album in January. And Viva Voce is a blur right now, with no details on future plans. Barsuk is promising MP3 downloads in the near future for all of these bands.

Mates of State: Bring It Back Track List
01 Think Long
02 Fraud In The 80's
03 Like U Crazy
04 Beautiful Dreamer
05 What It Means
06 For The Actor
07 Nature And The Wreck
08 So Many Ways
09 Punchlines
10 Running Out


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