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The Earlies

The Earlies:
Live at The 400 Bar in Minneapolis


Written by: Corey Tate

At first I felt like I was late to the party with The Earlies. Here was this collection of musical internationalists that had joined together to create a set of music on their album These Were The Earlies. They've started getting exposure in the music press, and even played live on KEXP. They even have a song that's been on the charts in the U.K.

As it turns out, the party's just getting started. The audience at the 400 Bar was not big, maybe just under half capacity, but the people that came out were definitely there because they had heard The Earlies before and liked what they heard. So it's early on in the story of The Earlies.

Dedicated experimentalists make up this band, and it comes out even more in a live show than it does on the album. Lots of manic keyboard blips live side by side with indie rock guitar stylings. Package that with a minor nod toward indie pop and you start to describe where The Earlies come from. They also come from both Manchester, England and Texas.

They had anywhere from 7-10 people onstage, and some of them pulled out interesting equipment, like the keyboard as a wind instrument (see the photo slideshow link below). The energy was good. Their craft was well practiced.

"I like what the girl with the cello is doing," someone in the audience yelled out. It was the beginning of a lot of talk back and forth between the band and the audience. This become enough talk that at one point (when it reached an almost praise-like aura) the keyboardist said "after the show, perhaps we should all cuddle."

The band's current single, Morning Wonder, was definitely one of the high points. The song builds into a nice apex of energy and sound, and when played live, became a dynamic and living sonic representation of what The Earlies are about.

They band played for about an hour, and consistently attempted to reach beyond the sounds that mere mortals can make, choosing loftier ambitions of trying to transcend anything normal and ordinary. And that describes the band aptly. Lofty attempts at music that moves beyond the scope of being regular in favor of something new, fresh, and experimental.

RATING: ***** 4 out of 5 stars


 VIEW a slideshow of photos from the show

 VIEW the video for Morning Wonder on Galaxy TV

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The 400 Bar, Minneapolis

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