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Mary Timony

Mary Timony Signs to Kill Rock Stars
Mary Timony has signed to Olympia-based indie label Kill Rock Stars for her next album. A perfect fit for her musical stylings, KRS will put out her new release in early 2007.

Mary and Devin (Devin Ocampo, of Medications) are currently working on material that will be laid down to studio tracks later this year and are hoping to release the album next Winter. The album will follow on the heels of Mary's release on Lookout Records last year, titled Ex Hex.

A well traveled and knowledgeable girl of the underground world, Mary Timony has had a bright and storied existence in her musical history. She was part of the 90's band Helium (filling in for a departed Mary Lou Lord) that was widely acclaimed for it's creative music. She has put out solo albums on both Matador and Lookout Records before her current deal with Kill Rock Stars.

She's also excited about her current relationship with Kill Rock Stars, telling Spacelab, "I am very excited to be releasing the next record on KRS. I have always really respected Slim and Maggie, and every one at the label, and loved the music that they have released. KRS has put out a lot of great records over the past decade and a half, and also has had a lot of bands with women in them on the label. I am very honored to be a part of it now."


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