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MySpace Will Invade the UK With New Site
You almost have to wonder what took them so long to figure it out. MySpace, the super-explosive, super-popular blog/music/community site has finally decided that they need a UK version of their web site. The UK has long been known not only for its rabid interest in music and community, but also its use of the web.

Throw in the fact that MySpace was recently bought by NewsCorp and Rupert Murdoch (FOX News, anyone?), who owns such a huge chunk of the UK media that it's been rumored that he's a force of his own in UK politics based on his media saturation, and one has to wonder what took these corporate conservatives so long to get the big idea.

I can just imagine the corporate boardroom insight into this one, with no one under the age of 50 present, where they start to realize that MySpace might be the perfect place to leverage their presence in the UK. If they or the MySpace founders/sellouts had any instinct at all, they would have been moving in on the community-oriented and artistic-oriented UK a long time ago.

At a recent corporate schmoozefest of the National Association of Television Programme Executives in Las Vegas, Fox Interactive Media president Ross Levinson told the BBC, "Clearly the first place to go is music, so we will tap into the music scene." One can only imagine how they might have been salivating at the advertising revenue.

And now MySpace can enter a new age, one in which FOX News icons are deciding the fate of its existence...

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