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Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin to Compile Analord Vinyl
into CD Release
Aphex Twin has a knack for being very unconventional. With the joys of branding completely thrown out the window, he amazes the public by defying the theory of name recognition with all of the different aliases he uses. The artist formerly known by such names as Caustic Window, Polygon Window, Gak, and umm, his real name Richard D James, is continuing to write his own history in his own words.

Last year he released a lengthy and drawn out series of LP's on vinyl under the name of Analord. In order to buy it from his own Rephlex Records label, you had to place an order for the entire set, complete with a binder to keep them all in. He was entirely of sound mind and body when he did this, although again, it defies conventional wisdom.

He chose vinyl (presumably) because all of the songs were created based on analogue sounds. CD's sound great forever, but vinyl sounds fantastic in the beginning and then degrades. So to keep the analogue sounds up to high fidelity standards, vinyl would have been the only way to go. CD's just don't have the same dynamic range.

He charged $75, gave you the last installment first, then went back to release the other nine records in order. Instead of people shying away from such a big order, they came on in droves, with the set selling more than 100,000 copies.

But now even mere mortals can have at some of the music, not just the legion Aphex die-hards who bought the binder. He's releasing a CD version, paired down to 10 tracks, for safe and modest consumption. It'll be released in early April in the U.S. and Europe.

Aphex Twin: Chosen Lords Track List
01 Fenix Funk 5
02 Reunion 2
03 Pitcard
04 Crying In Your Face
05 Klopjob
06 Boxing Day
07 Batine Acid
08 Cilonen
09 PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
10 XMD5A


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