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Sao Paulo Underground

Sao Paulo Underground Signs to Aesthetics Records

Portland-based Aesthetics Records has signed on Sao Paulo Underground to release the upcoming album Sauna, Um, Dois, Tres in the U.S. in May. Brazil-based Submarine Records will handle the Brazil release, and Japanese label Headz will be the Asian counterpart.

Sao Paulo Underground is a combination of Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Isotope 217) and Mauricio Takara. Maricio set up Chicago Undergound's tour of Brazil last year, where the two of them became friends. Eventually they started working together, combining ideas of mass of frequency with rythym programming.

"Mauricio's computer rythmic sense played well against my more ambient computer constructions and our playing together with these elements along with his powerful and subtle drum work made me play my horn in a different way than usual, which brought out some interesting results,"
Rob said.

He also added that they're working on video pieces with Sellina Trepp and Shea Ako.

Rob's currently living in Brazil, where he spends his time recording electric eels and storm systems of the Amazon. When he's not busy doing that, he puts on multimedia spectacles like his recent work for the Abbeye Royale de Fontevraud in France, or his August 2005 Concert in Chicago's Millenium Park with his Exploding Star Orchestra.

Mauricio Takara is more known for his percussion and programming forays in Brazil, but together the two will form a dynamic duo of improv and electronics.

Sao Paulo Underground are planning to tour Europe in April, Brazil in June, and the U.S. in September. Rob's other project, Mandarin Movie, will be taking part in DanauFestival in Austria (April), and the Festival Musique Actuelle in Canada (May).


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