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Sunset Rubdown

Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug Announces Track List for Sunset Rubdown Project
Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes) wants you to know that he's more than just a pretty Wolf Parade face. In between all of the Wolf Parade activity that has happened over the past year, Spencer has found time to put together a bunch of home recordings under the band name Sunset Rubdown.

Spencer has brought together Jordan Robson Cramer, Mike Doerksen, and Camilla Wynn Ingr to make music that in the past has sounded more like lo-fi experimentation. The word on the street is that the upcoming release Shut Up I Am Dreaming ditches the lo-fi aesthetics in favor of a more broad and bombastic sound. Billed as "a force of nature" and "enormous," the album will be released on May 2nd on Absolutely Kosher Records.

Does this spell the end of Wolf Parade? Not bloody likely, as the Brits say, as Wolf Parade is more like the day job and Sunset Rubdown is what Spencer does for fun when he comes home from a long day at the Wolf Parade office.

Spencer will take Sunset Rubdown on tour this year with his other outside project, Frog Eyes. Both bands will tour in May, and Spencer will in fact play with both bands. The man's work is never done, and that may be a good thing for all of us.

Sunset Rubdown: Shut Up I Am Dreaming Track List
01 Stadiums and Shrines II
02 They Took a Vote and Said No
03 Us Ones In Between
04 I`m sorry I sang on your hands that have been in the grave
05 Snakes Got a Leg III
06 The Empty Threats of Little Lord
07 Swimming
08 The Men are Called Horsemen There
09 Q~Chord
10 Shut up I am dreaming of places where lovers have wings


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