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Noise Pop Music Festival

Noise Pop Music Festival Announces More Bands,
Film Festival, Indie Night School

The Noise Pop Music Festival has announced more bands for the 2006 event, including Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt, Neil Halstead and more.

There's also a film festival with interesting titles like The M-80 Project, a 1979 no/new wave Festival from Minneapolis' Walker Art Center; Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley; and Directions: Death Cab For Cutie, a San Francisco premiere of the Death Cab for Cutie DVD with a video for every song on their 2005 album Plans.

New York's Indie Night School will travel westward to host daytime sessions that feature music writers explaining how to get your band noticed when there's a million other bands out there that sound just like yours.

So far Tonya Glanz (Killing My Lobster) and Shawn Reynaldo (KALX Berkley) have been added to a growing list of on the spot bloggers on their new Noise Pop Blog. They'll be uploading simultaneous virtual experiences for everyone who can't be there.

They're teaming up with the mobile art show Feira Urbana to create a Noise and Pop Shop, that will feature art, a record fair, and a Noise Pop Poster show.


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