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Deadboy & the Elephantmen


deadboy & the Elephantmen:
We Are Night Sky

Written by: Corey Tate

deadboy & the Elephantmen. Spooky. Quietly corrupting. Darkly innovating. We Are Night Sky is a collection of multi-dimensional songs that rock back and forth in a pendulum swing from brash noise to deadly quietness.

They're a two piece guy on the guitar, girl on the drums outfit - but don't let that make you think that they're doing a White Stripes thing. Dax Riggs (Acid Bath, Agents Of Oblivion) does vocals and guitars while Tessie Brunet plays drums and does vocals.

At times it's a slow churning of sludgy, dry guitar distortion methodically plodding through a steady drumbeat. Sometimes it's Kurt Cobain Jesus Lizard guitar sounds. Sometimes it's just an acoustic guitar and a quiet duet with drummer Tessie Brunet.

Their music comes through on great tracks like How Long the Night Was, where a sly opening eventually gives way to the tight fuzzy sound that covers a lot of these songs. It comes across like some delta blues punk that could catch the ear of Mr. Cobain were he alive today and make Glenn Danzig realize what he's been trying to sound like all of these years.

There's a seething dryness to it. Sometimes the music is wrapped up in an envelope, providing a bubble around the sound, lyrics sounding like they're coming from an AM radio in the next room. Other times it bursts out with sparks of explosiveness, providing the really great moments
on the album.

RATING: ***** 4 out of 5 stars


 MP3: How Long the Night Was

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Recording Label:
Fat Possum Records

We Are Night Sky Track List:
01 Stop, I'm Already Dead
02 No Rainbow
03 How Long The Night Was
04 Ancient Man
05 Dressed In Smoke
06 Blood Music
07 Walking Stick
08 Kissed By Lightning
09 Misadventures Of Dope
10 Break It Off
11 Evil Friend
12 What The Stars Have Eaten