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Prefuse 73


Prefuse 73:
Security Screenings

Written by: Corey Tate

Sometimes it's the one-off experiments that can be the most interesting. Without the pressure of creating a "real" album, artists can open themselves up to more sponteneity, experimentalism, and avenues they wouldn't normally take on a proper project.

And so it is for the new Prefuse 73 release, Security Screenings. Don't call it an album, that's coming and will be out later. Security Screenings is a thought boiled up by Scott Herron in response to the post 9/11 environment and where he is musically right now.

Apparently he had either a real bad time in the airports of the world while promoting his last album, or just had a lot of time in airports period. One minute you're in Woody Allen New York. The next you're in bluesy Chicago. Then it's off to Hip-hop LA.

It's a schizo-phrenetic, jumpy/smooth, anxious/relaxing set of tracks, rocking you back and forth, in and out of your comfort zone, challenging your ears and your attention span at every step. It's complex and mathematical in some parts, smooth and flowing in others. It never really settles in one place for too long.

It's eighteen songs, the longest one is 3:45 and the shortest is 28 seconds. Most only last 1-2 minutes. They're short, digestible, and disposable. If they can't snatch you from the jaws of complacency, then you might be beyond hope.

Security Screenings provides great tracks for using
your MP3 player on shuffle - each one is it's own little
gem of a short musical daydream. You get an interesting audio blurb of a surreal soundscape before you go back
to a conventional song in your playlist. Call it
diversity enhancement.

RATING: ***** 4.5 out of 5 stars


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Recording Label:
Warp Records

Prefuse 73: Security Screenings Track List:
01 The Letter: "P"
02 With Dirt and Two Texts-- Afternoon Version
03 Illiterate Interlude
04 Keeping Up With Your Quota
05 No Special Bed
06 Weight Watching
07 When the Grip Lets You Go
08 Always It's Gonna Be Like That
09 Creating Cyclical Headaches [ft. Four Tet]
10 Awakening to a...
11 With Dirt and Two Texts-- Later Version With Love
12 No Origin
13 One Star and Three Stripes
14 Mud in Your Breath
15 Breathe
16 Matrimonioids... (for: Elivin + Susana Estela)
17 We Leave You in a Cloud of Thick Smoke and Sleep Outro [ft. Babatunde Adebimpe]

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