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LCD Soundsystem to Drop Intron As A
Download Only Release

iPod envy is a real and serious matter. And for anyone who hasn't been stuck in Antarctica for the past few years will tell you, the download-only album is the big new format for many musicians to drop music to their fans without high production costs. Where does that lead us then? More releases, more music, more downloads.

Sigh. Just when you were hoping to actually listen to all the tracks from your last iTunes buying spree, along comes the news of the new LCD Soundsystem rarities release.

LCD Soundsystem have decided to get shake the digital dust off of some rare tracks and offer them only through Internet download. There will be b-sides, remixes, and European imports all in tow, downloading to your computer in perfect digital harmony. It's due out March 14th.


LCD Soundsystem: Intron Track List
01 Yr City's a Sucker
02 Daft Punk Is Playing at My House (Soulwax Shibuya Mix)
03 Disco Infiltrator (FK's Infiltrated Vocal)
04 Disco Infiltrator (FK's Infiltrated Dub)
05 Slowdive (xfm session)
06 Tribulations (Tiga's Out of the Trance Closet Mix)
07 Tribulations (Lindstrom Mix)
08 On Repeat (xfm session)
09 Thrills (xfm session)
10 Too Much Love (Rub'n'Tug Mix)


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