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Lansing Drieden

Lansing-Drieden Set to Release The Dividing Line, Plus A Million Other Projects


By: Spacelab Research Staff
The creative beast known as Lansing-Drieden has decided to turn their output to music again, making 2006 a musical year. Apparently music is only one part of they do (because artists don't just do one thing anymore), as they also are into video, sculpture, drawing and writing.

Check out the way they describe themselves on their web site, it almost comes off sounding like a manifesto:

"Lansing-Dreiden is a company that sees no distinction between art and commerce —or anything else. Hence, the output of the organization may manifest itself in various forms, from video to music to product design to the construction of narratives. All Lansing-Dreiden projects are fragmentary, mere stones in a path whose end lies in a space where the very definition of “path” paths."

As for 2006, they are "pathing" towards a new album release, titled The Dividing Island. It will be the first full length release since 2004's The Incomplete Triangle, a dreamy, baroque, and sometimes sharp collection of music.

As for other Lansing-Drieden projects in 2006, well, the song remains the same: they're still publishing Death Notice, their literary magazine; L-D Section II, their musical side project, is in rehearsals; plus more gallery shows of visual art are set for the Fall. Don't you feel lazy now?


Lansing Drieden : The Dividing Island Track List
01 Dividing Island
02 Cement To Stone
03 A Line You Can Cross
04 One For All
05 Two Extremes
06 Our Next Breath
07 A Part of the Promise
08 Our Hour
09 Symbol of Symmetry
10 Dethroning the Optimyth


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