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Pink Mountaintops


Pink Mountaintops: Axis of Evol


Written by: Corey Tate

Stephen Mcbean has been toiling in his home studio again. He's back with a new release for Pink Mountaintops, a project that mostly involves him writing songs and bringing in friends to help out as needed.

After the mild opener Comas, in which we hear Stephen sing with only his guitar in tow, we flow right into the second track Cold Criminals. Kind of loose and sounding like there's not much effort in it, the song slacks its way along, building in spirals of sound in the background. The Mothership has begun it's liftoff. We're not listening to slacker music, we find, we're just getting started.

This whole album flows along with a slow motion gaze into a mystical otherworld of spirituality and hypnotism. Pink Mountaintops could easily have been a house band for Andy Warhol's Factory (maybe they could play a show with the Duke Spirit?). It's droney keyboards and hazey aeshtetics keep plodding along at its own determined pace.

There's a split world conflict that goes between a post-hippie outlook and modern day existence. The music also has a conflict between light and dark, like the music lives in the dark but is always looking into the light. These are really interesting facets, because when you think you've got a grasp on where Stephen is coming from, he takes you for a ride in the other direction. He's complex.


RATING: ***** 4.2 out of 5 stars


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Pink Mountaintops : Axis of Evol Track List:
01 Comas
02 Cold Criminals
03 New Drug Queens
04 Slaves
05 Plastic Man, You're The Devil
06 Lord, Let Us Shine
07 How We Can Get Free