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Cansei De Ser Sexy
Photo: Tony DeMarco

Sub Pop Signs Cansei De Ser Sexy

By: Spacelab Research Staff
Showing that they can play on the international jet set, Sub Pop Records have just signed Sau Paulo, Brazil's Cansei De Ser Sexy for 2 releases this summer. First, they'll drop a a full-on album on July 11th titled Cansei de Ser Sexy.

Described by Sub Pop as "a thick, pulsating thing full of haphazard synths, call-and-response baile party spooz rhythm, and hot, unbridled FUN TIMES sans postured snottiness," the band seems to be a handful of Brazilian good times and unpredictable directions.

Cansei De Ser Sexy's bouncy, danceable, and keyboard-based music is outside of the usual foray of Sub Pop's roster of indie-pop and experimental bands. They represent a sense of wild hedonism with their music, but in a loveable, pop-culture kind of way.

So is this a new trend for Sub Pop? Not so says the label. It's more of a one-off occurence. The band sent their demo to Sub Pop's main A&R rep, who liked it, and a signing followed. The album will be a rerelease of their South American release from last year, repackaged for the states with some additional tracks. Same but different see? There's also a 12" single in the works with some remixes due out after July.

Cansei De Ser Sexy is the Porteguese translation of a phrase once uttered by Beyonce Knowles. It means "I'm tired of being sexy." You know, we all are sometimes. A further evolution of that became CSS, because it's easier to say. Same but different, see?

CSS: Cansei De Ser Sexy Track List
01 CSS Suxxx
02 Patins
03 Alala
04 Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
05 Art Bitch
06 Fuckoff Is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show
07 Meeting Paris Hilton
08 Off the Hook
09 Alcohol
10 Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
11 This Month, Day 10


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