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Oneida Announces Track List, Details for New Album

By: Spacelab Research Staff
Did you know that Brooklyn is the new Canada? Seriously, there's so much good music in Brooklyn that I think you have to be a musician before you can even move there. They check for amps and stuff at the border... if you don't have any you can't even move in.

Oneida is from Brooklyn. And they're musicians. And, they've announced the track list for their upcoming album, Happy New Year, due out on July 11th on Jagjaguwar Records.

It started out as a triple album... ambitious and epic, but reality set in and they decided to make it a single album release. Oneida will be releasing Happy New Year on their own imprint label at Jagjaguwar, called Brah Records, the same folks who brought you Parts and Labor.

There's also tour dates in the works, but they seem to be secret right now. The band will be playing at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival on May 13th. If you can't make it to that you'll have to wait for the secret tour to be announced. Until then, behold the track list:


Oneida: Happy New Year Track List:
01 Distress
02 Happy,  New Year
03 The Adversary
04 Up With People
05 Pointing Fingers
06 History's Great Navigators
07 Busy Little Bee
08 Reckoning
09 You Can Never Tell
10 The Misfit
11 Thank Your Parents

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