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RIAA Clamps Down on LAN-Based File-Sharing

By: Spacelab Research Staff
College kids of the world, beware. LAN Piracy is the new buzzword of the RIAA, and they've sized it up to be the next big thing in lawsuits. For anyone who has turned to applications like MyTunes or Direct Connect to trade music files, you should know that you're being watched by the Matrix. It's out there, and it's looking for you, Neo. It wants you to stop trading its music and go buy the album.

The RIAA and the MPAA have contacted 45 different universities to alert them to the situation. The plan is to work with the universities to help them police and enforce the college networks to find these elements and stop them. This is called an enforcement action.

To be absolutely clear, there is no plan for lawsuits at this time, but if you look at previous RIAA actions, you'll find that there is almost always a period of education and awarness campaigns to give fair warning to anything they deem intellectual property theft. Then they go in for the kill on anyone who still uses the methods of file trading they don't like. If you think that's unreasonable for a poor, undercashed college student, imagine the poor, undercashed musician on the other end of the situation who ends up working for free because of what you're doing.

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